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Reviewed French Apple Tart

Dec 24, 2013 on

I really enjoyed this but there was a lot of juice running over that made a mess the first time I made it. I have since learned to leave the pastry edges (not trim them) and fold them over onto the tart after the apples are added. It keeps the juices from getting underneath as much and making a mess.

Reviewed Key Lime Pie

Nov 17, 2013 on

Rating the filling (not crust or topping): the filling was super simple and excellent in flavor. Sharon Garsow, who posted the one star review may not have used key limes. I used key limes that started to ripen (turn yellow) from my new key lime tree. Sharon, did you mix your egg in fully? I used a bought crust, that I also toasted in the oven...

Reviewed Lemon Yogurt Cake

Apr 22, 2013 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Very good but no one here felt the glaze was necessary. With the glaze, it was too sweet to eat. Without out, it was a popular dessert. This is a lemon flavored pound cake consistency. "

Reviewed Scallops Provencal

Apr 22, 2013 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

We thought this was ok but not a winner. I have some suggestions. First, make sure to use the large scallops because with the little ones, it gets overwhelming dealing with so many. Second, pep all your ingredients ahead of time. Third, if you follow the directions as is, the shallots will barely have time to cook and you may feel like you're "

Reviewed Pork Meatballs

Apr 16, 2013 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Meatballs were ok overall. I was not quite sure how much salt to add to the meat. I, like others, was cautious with the red pepper flake (only ended up using 2/3 tsp) in the sauce. I really liked the sauce but my husband, being used to more tomato flavor, just though it was ok. I tasted it after cooking and decided to pure it. The sauce has a"

Reviewed Lobster Pot Pie

Mar 26, 2013 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

I didn't use the crust recipe, instead used purchased pie crust. Very good, although the flavor would be different based on the type of liquid (seafood stock, clam juice, etc.. I used seafood stock and white wine instead of the Pernod, which is a licorice alcohol. You can also make this with shrimp instead of lobster, or a mixture. I think the"

Reviewed Shortbread Cookies

Mar 2, 2013 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

My cookies spread in a pancake fashion. Should I be freezing them before baking? Flavor was good but they came out looking like blobs. "

Reviewed Spicy Lentil Soup

Feb 13, 2013 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

absolutely delicious. I will definitely make this again. I love it when simple ingredients end up coming together well. I prefer sour cream to yogurt and I used about 1 tsp of sugar in cooking. "

Reviewed Roasted Eggplant Spread

Jan 29, 2013 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

I made this 2 times, once with tomatoes added to the roasting vegetables because I did not have paste. The tomato skin peeled easily from the tomatoes once softened. I have learned not to over mix in the processor because it turns the veggies to a paste. If you don't have tomatoes or paste, add a bit of acid from a splash of lemon juice or lemo"

Reviewed Homemade Soft Pretzels

Jan 29, 2013 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

very good and soft. outside tasted like a pretzel and inside was like soft bread. "

Reviewed Red Beans and Rice

Jan 29, 2013 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

This is the first AB recipe I've given a bad rating. I don't know how someone can use dry beans and cook them in the time specified in an acidic sauce. I followed the directions exactly. My beans were not even close to done after 2 hours of extra cooking. I was worried about placing the beans in an acidic environment (which toughens them). Be"

Reviewed Red Beans and Rice

Jan 2, 2013 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Everyone loved it. I used less hot sauce to make it because I figured everyone could adjust the level of heat they wanted. Will make again. This was the first time I made red beans and rice and had a good result. "

Reviewed Moroccan Spiced Chickpea Soup

Dec 29, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Loved the flavors. Followed the recipe exactly except for the cayenne pepper. I only used a pinch. Will definitely make it again. "

Reviewed Bourbon Pecan Pie: aka Douglas' Dark Rum Pecan Pie

Nov 25, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Great flavor. Not super sweet. I used a graham cracker crust and that didn't work so well because the soupy filling saturated it. Next time, I will make a pie crust myself. The quality of the bourbon is very important as this flavor will be very obvious in the finished product. Next time, I will crumble the pecans because the large chunks mak"

Reviewed Sawmill Gravy

Oct 24, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Great flavor and easy directions. I will make this again. I used a wooden spoon and it took longer to mix in the milk and keep it smooth because I didn't want to scratch up my non-stick pan. I don't have cast iron; took a bit longer but well wroth it. What a great way to use up that flavor after cooking the sausage for breakfast."

Reviewed Dutch Baby

Sep 23, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

This was very well received as a breakfast dish. We topped it with preserves but it was delicious plain as well. I didn't have vanilla sugar so I put a bit of vanilla in the batter. Will definitely make again."

Reviewed Glazed Baby Beets

Apr 16, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

The vinaigrette has a great flavor. If you don't like beets to begin with, you may not like this recipe but it is not Alton's fault. I am not a huge fan of beets but I am trying to incorporate them in my diet. I think I would like to mix these with other vegetables after they stew in the marinade for a while. Maybe chopped fine over deviled eg"

Reviewed Clam Chowder

Apr 15, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

I think this was great, at least the soup part. I did not make the separate clams. If you only use canned clams, you should use more cans. I used 3 cans of clams. You may have to use less milk if you use more clam juice. I also used pork drippings instead of rendering fat out of pork and I think it probably didn't make much difference."

Reviewed Ambrosia

Apr 15, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Delicious. You can substitute other fruit if you don't like the ones listed. Personally, I like apples instead of canned cherries. The dressing is delicious and not too sweet. "

Reviewed Granola

Feb 21, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Very good. Came out crispy. It's a great recipe because you can mix in what you want. I didn't use cashews but I used a mix of walnuts and pecan. I also used a small pinch of cinnamon added to the wet ingredients but I could barely taste it when cooked. It comes out fairly loose and is good for cereal. It does not clump up. ""

Reviewed Three Bean and Beef Chili

Jan 23, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

A good base but needed more flavor when I tasted it. I added some paprika, sugar, and cinnamon. I also added the beans early and let it cook longer so that they would be very tender. ""

Reviewed Red Snapper en Papillote

Jan 15, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

We had this for dinner. I didn't have artichoke but I used chopped capers. I also didn't have fresh oregano so I left it out. My husband felt that the fish didn't shine through all the herbs. I liked all the herbs and preferred the fish to be more subtle. I rated it a 4 because it didn't wow us but that could just have been my cooking :) I'...

Reviewed Rice Pudding with Vanilla Bean, Orange and Rum

Dec 16, 2011 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

The flavor is very good, especially with more rum. I tried making it with short grain brown rice and it was way too much sauce for the 2/3 cup rice, causing it to not thicken properly. I thickened the mixture with 6 egg yolks and made a custard. The orange with the rum and creamy custard flavor was excellent. I also soaked raisins in rum and ...

Reviewed Broiled Curried-flower

Dec 15, 2011 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

I used lemon peel instead of orange peel. I had all the spices in ground form, which did not make for as strong of a flavor but it was a very good dish. I think that next time, I will use more spices if I only have pre-ground spices. Also, I like my cauliflower roasted outright so I didn't bother making thin wedges suspended over water. I cut...

Reviewed Pita Bread

Dec 12, 2011 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Quick and easy. I thought to make the dough the night before and store in the fridge but by morning, it was overflowing the bowl. So, I made it for breakfast instead of lunch. First I was worried because they stuck to my pizza stone but as they cook, they separate and fluff nicely. Also, I got interrupted and had to leave them in the divided ...

Reviewed The Chewy

Nov 26, 2011 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

awesome. i had to spread the dough into 3 batches for cooking and found that 10-12 minutes was perfect. the last batch was 10 minutes and it produced the best results. ""

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