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Reviewed lemon and basil eggs over foccacia

Jan 15, 2015 on

Did not use the lemon but other wise delicious! Very very easy and everyone loved it.

Reviewed wild mushroom soup with arugula and crispy serrano ham

Jan 15, 2015 on

My Grandmother was craving mushroom soup but can not have cream. I made this for her for lunch today and she was just tickled pink. She loved it and so did I. I left the ham out as she was just wanting mushrooms. Next time I make this just for myself the Ham is going in. She prefers kale to arugula, so I added arugula to mine and yummy. Her...

Reviewed tomato soup with parmesan croutons

Jan 13, 2015 on

Croutons only review. I had extra baguettes that I didn't want to go to waste and she said they freeze beautifully. If there are any left to freeze. I will do this with from now on. Will try the soup on a different day. BEST CROUTONS EVER! My mother and I munched on them as I cooked them with wine. Will do this at a party!!

Reviewed warm mushroom salad

Jan 13, 2015 on

Lunch today with my mother! She loved it and so did I!!!! I did end up adding balsamic but I tried a bite first with just the sherry vinegar. It needed it. The sun dried tomatoes make the entire thing perfect. You need that sweet bite. Will be a normal thing in my week. So easy. I let the mushrooms come to room temp, my mom is not really of fan...

Replied to penne with brown butter, arugula, and pine nuts

Jan 13, 2015 on

Used sundried tomatoes, didn't have fresh on hand.

Replied to penne with brown butter, arugula, and pine nuts

Jan 13, 2015 on

Used sundried tomatoes, didn't have fresh on hand.

Reviewed penne with brown butter, arugula, and pine nuts

Jan 13, 2015 on

Yummy! I was actually watching the show in the background while cooking lunch today and made a small portion of this to add to my lunch with my Mom. We devoured it, this might be my new Midnight Pasta!!

Reviewed sausage, potato and kale soup

Jan 12, 2015 on

iMade this tonight two ways. First way I followed the recipe to a tee and it was absolutely YUMMY! Second version I followed the recipe exactly but did not add the any milk or cream as my Grandmother is lactose intolerant. I also omitted the red pepper flakes as she doesn't do spicy. I just added more chicken broth to make up for the milk and cream.....

Reviewed spaghetti aglio e olio

Jan 7, 2015 on

Had NO idea what I was going to have for dinner tonight and saw this episode today. This was brilliant!!!

Reviewed peas and carrots

Jan 6, 2015 on

e oI was really excited about this recipe and it just didn't work for me. Its good but it just tastes like peas. A bit like fancy baby food. I took the advice of another review and added garlic and lemon juice as well as a little extra tarragon as I like the flavor. The garlic gave it a little heat but it still just didn't tickle my taste buds....

Reviewed smoked sausage in bbq sauce

Dec 29, 2014 on

I used the little weenies because they were BOGO, used jar bought bbq sauce and pickled jallies just like she said, I did, however, cook for a longer period of time. Christmas ever party, I made them a day before and cooked for an hour, day of party I cooked for another hour to hour and a half. Longer cooking time for an appetizer that disappeared...

Reviewed dad's spare ribs

Dec 29, 2014 on

Christmas eve favorite this year, give yourself more to let it reduce it takes longer. I added honey to taste, more than she did but the meat is off the bone yummy. Basically use her cooking method and then put any sauce on top if you are afraid of her flavors. They are fantastic!

Replied to jalapeno poppers

Dec 29, 2014 on

Really? Um yea most of us know that already. Its called t.v. not real life.

Reviewed jalapeno poppers

Dec 29, 2014 on

Christmas eve party and they were GONE! IMEDIATELY! 40. Did not change a thing in her recipe! Perfection.

Reviewed shrimp-pineapple skewers

Dec 29, 2014 on

OKAY! Problem solved!!!!!! The first thing the marinade is perfect, just make more because its so Yummy! I took the advice of another review and pre-cooked my bacon but a little bigger than cut in half because it shrinks in cooking. Let cool. This is the solved problem, got a pineapple and cored and cut the slices and had my Hubby put it on the...

Reviewed lentil sausage soup

Dec 10, 2014 on

I think this might be the 3rd or 4th time I have made this and every time is just delicious! This time I halfed the recipe and totally messed up on my measurements and less carrots more celery and it was just as delicious! Basically if this is your first time cooking this Devine soup, you really can't mess it up if you just stick to the basic ingredients!...

Reviewed red wine beef stew with potatoes and green beans

Oct 30, 2014 on

Not my first me now my last. Delicious! I add carrots instead of green beans as my husband is not fond of them. This recipe is always a sure fire way to get my son to come visit from college. Only problem is I never get any leftovers, he steals them.

Reviewed turkey meatballs with a minted yogurt dipping sauce

Oct 10, 2014 on

Very tasty. I did not use these with a dipping sauce I added them to a nice clear homemade broth. Nice delicate soup for my grandmother. Will try these again when a recipe calls for meatballs.

Reviewed poblano posole

Oct 8, 2014 on

Absolutely delicious! I make Posole all the time but never this quickly with such flavors that developed in such a short time. I grilled my corn and peppers on the bbq, faster, I did not add the lime juice. I added a extra corn cob because I had one. I will be making another batch tomorrow without the hominy as I tend to use it as a Poblano tomatillos...

Reviewed chiles rellenos

Oct 2, 2014 on

I watched this show and knew I needed to make that sauce. The sauce is amazing and flavorful! I put it over grilled chicken with some melted jack cheese and it was perfect. When I have more time Ill try the rellenos.

Reviewed the ultimate braised brisket

Oct 1, 2014 on

ttThe recipe doesn't say add a half box of beef stock but if you watch the show he does add beef stock, so I was lucky that I saved the show. I was absolutely delicious! I would not change a thing based on my palate. Those non rosemary lovers, change it to two stalks! I also made the parsnip puree as well and I am addicted! I cooked mine a bit ...

Reviewed parsnip puree

Oct 1, 2014 on

First, watched this on t.v. so don't add a stick of butter, he only adds a tab or two. Because I watched the show I did not make that mistake so I only have to say FRIGGIN AWESOME! It will always be on my table along with the mashed potatoes! I really loved this!

Reviewed tarragon potato salad

Sep 24, 2014 on

So made this today while visiting with my mom in the kitchen, poof it was read and we ate so much, even while it was warm, we were still too full for dinner. Really delicious! Followed the recipe exactly except the salt, I always over salt so I let guests salt to taste.

Reviewed moroccan chicken tajine

Sep 22, 2014 on

Okay I followed this recipe 99%! I purchased my Moroccan lemons from Whole Foods in the olive section. I also didn't salt as much as she did, only 1 teaspoon. Figured anyone can add their own salt to taste. I was beyond mind blowing delicious! Going to make this for company for sure!!

Reviewed turkey, kale and brown rice soup

Sep 22, 2014 on

I have to say my grandmother loved this and that's saying a lot!! 2 things I did different.....I had wild rice so I used that instead of brown and so my grandma could make sure she wasn't eating too much meat, I made little turkey meatballs. I used my own chicken stock so I let everyone salt to their taste buds! It will forever be a comfort food...

Reviewed avocado hummus with crispy pita chips

Sep 16, 2014 on

BBQ hit! Most thought it was guacamole and dug in, all hummus haters and they loved it, men and kids too! Really easy! Second time I made it I was in a rush and just purchased pita chips in the store. Even when the chips run out, trust me they will find something to finish off this dip!

Reviewed mexican macaroni salad

Sep 16, 2014 on

The only bad thing about this recipe is there are never any leftovers because its the first thing to go! The second time I made it I added my own homemade salsa and red bell pepper and cilantro. However the first time I followed the recipe exactly and it is so GOOD!! If you are going to a BBQ, leave a container at home so you will have leftover...

Reviewed roasted potato leek soup

Sep 16, 2014 on

Comfort food at it best! Never used cr�me fraiche before and it was worth a trip to the grocery store to get it! So yummy.

Reviewed chicken and arugula pita pockets

Aug 14, 2014 on

Just in my perfect little heaven right now. Perfect lunch for just little ole me! Followed recipe exactly! Must have again!

Reviewed Shortcut Sausage Meatballs

Aug 14, 2014 in Recipes on Cooking Channel

I make a really good meatball but this is just a great idea! I just went for it and made this tonight! Last minute company and it was just fantastic!! I not only plan on making this again but for sure will be sharing with my college son. He will be impressing his girlfriend!"

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