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Reviewed tomaxelle stuffed veal rolls

Jun 18, 2014 on

Veal local store didn't have...replaced with boneless chicken thighs.
Followed entire recipe. Terrific ends result...aroma, texture n taste!!!
Annie, Fremont, CA

Reviewed Veal Bacon Wrapped Monkfish

Jun 18, 2014 on

Veal bacon aside...MONK FISH lovers...try this recipe.
Pendding on where you live/local grocery stores etc. ...
Follow the available bacon , lobster stock, etc.
Cook for yourself. IF you / repeat and invite your best humans for dinner. T E R R I F I C!!!
Annie, Fremont, CA

Reviewed Red Chile Glazed Veal Chop

Jun 18, 2014 on

GLAZE recipe is terrific...regardless of the type of meat.
This specific veal recipe w glaze is terrific.
Glaze recipe is a keeper.
Annie, Fremont, CA

Reviewed veal and avocado

Jun 18, 2014 on

Because I read all past is another humans opinion re: avocado.
Take this entire recipe/final product...get ciabatta bread...put the veal/avacado on the bread...terrific sandwich.

Replied to Veal Rolls with Lemon and Mushrooms: Involtini di Vitello al Limone Recipe : Mario Batali : Food Network

Jun 18, 2014 on

Evals, ratings, comments...all personal tastebuds. From an elderly Italian immigrant family...this recipe uses lemon correctly.

Reviewed veal chop with puree of apple spatzle

Jun 18, 2014 on

APPLE SPAETZLE...spaetzle comments???
The entire dish/recipe is delicious.
Biggest FoodTV surprise was this version of spaetzle with apples...not just classical ingredients...21st century?
Anyone who traditionally likes spaetzle...try this recipe.
Annie, Fremont, CA

Reviewed veal shank paprikash

Jun 18, 2014 on recipe w non-veal meats...boneless chicken thighs and thick pork chops.
Followed recipe exactly but used a different meat AND cooked the selected meat accordingly.
Personal opinion...this recipe makes a delicious coated/roasted meat. Cold leftovers...if any...make great sandwiches.
Annie, Fremont, CA

Reviewed sara's veal scallopini

Jun 18, 2014 on

Thanks Julia for employeeing and educating Sara. This recipe Is reliable, easy and delicious!

Reviewed honey hoisin glazed wings

Jun 18, 2014 on

All of us who collect chicken wing recipes...
Made exact recipe per web page.
Made exact recipe...added roasting over bbq w wood chips.
Recipe generates great interest and positive response from bbq party folks.
Annie, Fremont, CA

Reviewed Papaya Slaw with Spicy Honey Vinaigrette Recipe : Food Network

Jun 18, 2014 on

Great bbq party slaw.
Exact recipe...added finely shredded Savoy cabbage...texture was great!
Recipe provides flavors.
Backyard bbq...chicken...burgers...THIS slaw...great!
Annie, Fremont, CA

Reviewed sunny's honey bbq oven short ribs

Jun 17, 2014 on

Pork ribs aside...great flavors from rub mix.
As typical...took exact rub mix and put on non-pork ...chicken wings then each on bbq per doneness of each type of food. Delicious. Grandkids request. A keeper.
Annie, Fremont, CA

Reviewed caesar club sandwich

Jun 16, 2014 on

Exact recipe...directions...etc...BUT used dark meat. Thanks Ina.
Annie, Fremont, CA

Reviewed lobster corn dogs

Jun 14, 2014 on

Didn't see show. Read recipe. Made it.
DELICIOUS flavor n texture!
Cost of lobster ...thought about making the recipe again...exactly as written...but substituting other less expensive seafoods ... imitation crab, firm fish, shrimp... and meats...pork tenderloin, chicken thighs, prime rib. Despite differences in cooking time,...

Reviewed cumin-chile pork kebabs

Jun 12, 2014 on

Followed recipe as printed...great dinner item...w rice/potatoes/veggie
Re-made exact recipe BUT put the marinated pork cubes on metal tray then in freezer for about 20 minutes.
Sliced each pork cube into thinner 1" pieces...threaded 5 per skewer...completed recipe per directions. TERRIFIC coctail party item!
Annie, Fremont,...

Reviewed espresso steak with baked zucchini and potatoes

Jun 12, 2014 on

The marinade is terrific...made this dish then exact recipe with chicken wings and then pork chops...delicious!
Ingredients combine to make a great n surprising marinade.
Annie, Fremont, CA

Reviewed grilled nectarines with mascarpone

Jun 11, 2014 on

Fun, Tasty and Nutritious...high school kids...c'est domage!!!
Recipe gives great directions. Taste is terrific and appropriate for lunch/dinner/dessert.
My kids re-made the recipe and made a non-dessert version...nectarines, spinach, butter and cheese.
Are kids crazy??? was delicious.
Annie, Fremont, CA

Reviewed roasted garlic schmeared chicken

Jun 10, 2014 on

Roasted Chicken, Butter, Garlic...schmeared...after eating this dish...time for unexpected death!
Delicious flavor and texture.
Annie, Fremont, CA

Reviewed tuna au poivre with roasted garlic and corn mashed potatoes

Jun 10, 2014 on

Tuna lovers...spend a few moments and think about cooking/serving tuna. Emeril has provided a sexy, creamy veggie recipe that is terrific. Make it and send feedback to FoodTV.
This recipe...tuna steaks, creamy potatoes, a bit of mustard and butter...delicious!
Annie, Fremont, CA

Reviewed creamed potatoes with spinach and roasted garlic

Jun 10, 2014 on

Calories aside, IF you enjoy creamy potatoes, this recipe is a keeper.
Annie, Fremont, CA

Reviewed roasted garlic

Jun 10, 2014 on

Simple to make. Delicious to taste buds.
Annie, Fremont, CA

Reviewed roasted garlic burger

Jun 10, 2014 on

2014...Californian disagrees w 2012 eval.
Terrific burger...lunch, dinner or snack. Enjoy.

Reviewed roasted garlic and caramelized onion jam

Jun 10, 2014 on

Delicious...burgers n hotdogs!

Reviewed new york steak with roasted garlic and ancho butter

Jun 10, 2014 on

Anyone who enjoys steak, enjoys mexican sauces...try this recipe.
I made this exact recipe at a local school ...fundraiser for $$$ summer camp.
Everyone promised I would be in their will!!!!!!
Delicious and a keeper.
Annie, Fremont, CA

Reviewed melissa d'arabian's white chili with quick-roasted garlic

Jun 10, 2014 on

Hopes she treats her kids better than these ingredients!!!

Reviewed wasabi and roasted garlic mashed potatoes

Jun 10, 2014 on

The recipe is great. Two grandkids don't like wasabi. Made a second bowl but eliminated the wasabi. As usual...I taste before serving...this is a terrific potato salad...w/without wasabi.
Annie, Fremont, CA

Reviewed pesto

Jun 10, 2014 on

Great recipe...ingredients...X Y Z . . . the nuts...have made recipe 27 times for business and home parties...used different nuts each time i.e. peanuts, pistachios, almonds, pecans.
Recipe makes deicious item. This is a keeper.
Annie, Fremont, CA

Reviewed berry bagel puffs

Jun 10, 2014 on

Try this recipe...fill w personal preference...incl. veggies. cheese, etc.
Bottom line...very nice flavor, tecture. Dough is nice.
Annie, Fremont, CA

Reviewed roasted garlic-asiago dip with homemade crackers

Jun 10, 2014 on

Wish Julia were here to taste this one!
As each other eval...personal opinion...delicious flavor and texture.
Elephant garlic...bought regular and roasted till sweet. Followed recipe.
Texture of crackers...a surprise! Different from crackers I buy at local food stores. Still...for 3rd time...delicious.

Reviewed grilled chicken lettuce wraps

Jun 10, 2014 on

Like smoky flavors? Like corn kernels - texture, flavor, sweetness? Try this recipe.
F Y I ... because we enjoy smoky flavor ... went to local store, bought small bag of wood chips, soaked, put on bbg coals. Got stronger smoky flavor than this recipe generates.
Regardless of personal opinion, this recipe makes a delicious dish!

Reviewed nacho dog

Jun 10, 2014 on

Anyone reading this eval...try and repoirt back.
The recipe is for a hot dog and two toppings. Make the toppings.
Now...put the toppings on hot dogs. Next...try steaks and pork chops. Send FoodTV info. Personal...the guacamole and salsa are terrific on bbq burgers, steaks ans pork chops. Thanks Bobby.
Annie, Fremont,...

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