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Replied to gazpacho

3 days ago on

I just spent a month in Spain, and I agree. There the gazpacho is pureed until it appears creamy. Then the garnishes are added on top, onion, tomato, cucumber, and, there, small croutons.

Reviewed pan seared veal chop with rosemary

6 days ago on

Simple and wonderful! I love a recipe that's so easy you know what to have on hand without looking it up, and can make it from memory in a few tries!

Reviewed turkey and white bean chili

9 days ago on

Excellent! I did make a few changes. I boiled the beans 3 min and left sitting 3 hrs, then cooked them 1 1/2 hrs. Cooked in part chix broth part water with 2 cloves garlic and a little salt. Reduced salt in later part of recipe. Used 1 jalapeno - about 1 T. Forgot the cream at the end. Really flavorful! Will use canned beans next time to save time...

Reviewed breakfast casserole

Sep 7, 2014 on

Great, versatile recipe! I was just looking for respective quantities of ingredients to fashion a casserole out of what I had. I cut recipe in half as there were only 2 of us and used 8 x 8 pan. I used part skim milk & part cream, 4 eggs, 4 oz mixture of 4 left-over cheeses I had on hand, 8 oz diced ham, and some diced green chilis I had left...

Replied to Sausage with Garlic Lentils Recipe : Rachael Ray : Food Network

Sep 6, 2014 on

I agree. Why throw out the onion? Maybe it takes too much time to chop it for the show's limitations, but for real life, I did it and sauteed it in some of the oil I had going early like you, and it was great! I used 2 c stock, but it was too much. I'd go for 1 3/4 c next time.

Reviewed sausage with garlic lentils

Sep 6, 2014 on

Definitely tasty! Lentils never were in such good company! I used green lentils and cooked the onion, which I chopped, a few minutes in a bit of the oil from the garlic infusion. I added the lentils and used 2 c unsalted chicken stock per reviewer's suggestion. The lentils took longer to cook to the right degree, about 30 min. Even so, they did not...

Reviewed classic spaghetti carbonara

Sep 2, 2014 on

I had this at a good restaurant in Rome. This recipe seems very authentic to me. It is good! However, to share for anyone with tastes like mine: I would use Basilla Plus Spaghetti. I would double to quadruple the bacon. I would increase the Parm. And, I would serve extra eggs for each serving, fried, soft yolk, on top. My son and...

Replied to spicy pop pulled pork

Sep 2, 2014 on

I agree this recipe should not be downgraded for what she did. But I like hearing how cooks change things, in case I want to try what they did!

Replied to spicy pop pulled pork

Sep 2, 2014 on

Use only as much peppers as you like heat, but put all the adobo it -- wonderful flavor!

Replied to Twice Cooked Turkey Meatloaf Recipe : Claire Robinson : Food Network

Aug 30, 2014 on

I agree. I think it needs to come out sooner than 165. I took it out shortly before, but never put it back in. I had uncovered it 15 min before, to urge it along (it took more than the stated time in my oven, which may not be exact).

Reviewed twice cooked turkey meatloaf

Aug 30, 2014 on

I had to depart from the recipe. I thought I would reduce it and bought 1 1/2 lbs white and dark grd turkey. I got a jar of marinated tomatoes, but when I pureed it, it was way too little. So I added what I had - a jar of roasted red pepper bruchetta and pureed that. Then, I had so much puree, I needed to increase the meat, so I added 1/2 lb of mild...

Reviewed spicy pop pulled pork

Aug 29, 2014 on

The best thing about this is that it's quick and easy to get the pork going. We are only 3 people, so I used 4 lb pork shoulder, had butcher cut off outside fat, salt and pepper, 1 can of Dr. Pepper, 2 T brown sugar, 7 oz chipotle peppers, but only 3 1/2 peppers in that and then all of the flavorful adobo in the can. 4 hrs at 325, as rushed. Removed...

Reviewed orzo salad

Aug 26, 2014 on

This was very delicious as written (though I used only 1/2 cup of the vinaigrette and was glad I'd started with just that). I added about 1/2 cup of crumbled goat cheese, which I had on hand, and it really added a bit of a pop to the flavor. But it was fabulous without it, too.

Replied to Spanish Style Paella Recipe : Michael Chiarello : Food Network

Jul 3, 2014 on

I am in Madrid at the moment and just took a cooking class where we learned to make paella, and one of the thing the teacher stressed was the altitude and how it affects proportions of broth to rice. He said here, 3 x broth to rice, 2 X for sea level. His was perfect. But I made it on my own and it was too much broth. He had us cook it in an open...

Reviewed penne alla betsy

Jun 3, 2014 on

Wonderful! My husband, who is not too fond of seafood, loved it and requested me to "put it on your list." He likes everything with more meat in it -- so I used 1 1/2 lbs shrimp, about 10 oz penne, 2 cans tomato sauce, 1 of which was roasted garlic flavor, 3/4 c wine, well-reduced, 3/4 c cream, 1/2 c fat free half and half, 3 cloves garlic, med onion...

Reviewed old vermont cocktail

May 3, 2014 on

I have made this a number of times. I love it. the quantity of lemon and orange juice is so small, I recommend making more, then putting them together, then saving and using in the next few days! I pour over a very large glass of ice. It's strong, and I prefer it that way. I like my drinks continuously very cold . . . .

Reviewed sweet and sour pork

Mar 19, 2014 on

This was fabulous! I used pork loin roast, since it was leaner. Next time I'll use 1 1/2 lb of pork. Then we'll have enough for 2 meals for the two of us. Also, not too difficult to put together!

Reviewed better buttermilk biscuits

Feb 26, 2014 on

Wonderful! I did make it with all butter. Froze the butter, grated it, then I had my perfect pea mixture. Mine browned and were beautiful and tender. I've been looking for this recipe for years! Talk about a keeper . . . .

Reviewed yorkshire pudding

Feb 26, 2014 on

These were wondeful. Be sure to use the large size muffin tins. I goofed and put the batter into all 12 rather than just ten, but they still rose to an inch to an inch and a half over the side. I bought suet from my butcher and melted it in the microwave. Then I cooked my puddings in my second oven while the meat was just finishing and then resting....

Reviewed yorkshire pudding

Feb 26, 2014 on

These were wondeful. Be sure to use the large size muffin tins. I goofed and put the batter into all 12 rather than just ten, but they still rose to an inch to an inch and a half over the side. I bought suet from my butcher and melted it in the microwave. Then I cooked my puddings in my second oven while the meat was just finishing and then resting....

Reviewed Truffled Brioche Grilled Cheese with Tomato Bisque

Dec 28, 2013 on

Ha, Ha, Beware! I have never yet rated a recipe before cooking it, but this is the worst recipe I've ever seen. Yield, 2 sandwiches and 1 cup soup???? The ingredients for the soup total 18 cups! And the bread slices are supposed to be 4 inches thick? That makes an 8 inch thick, plus, sandwich. Well, I think that's a tad over-sized. The ingredients...

Reviewed Pork Crown Roast with Stuffing

Dec 26, 2013 on

There were only 3 of us for Christmas day dinner, so I used a 4 rob frenched pork roast and put it on top of the rice. I think next time I would use fresh, whole rice and cook it till just done. The stuffing is great. No way it would serve the people eating a 16 rib roast. Needs to be increased! I also think 170 is too high. We like our meat...

Reviewed Turkey, Kale and Brown Rice Soup

Dec 17, 2013 on

This was wonderful, and will make it again and again! I like really flavorful broths and meaty soups, so enriched the broth by using 6 c Imagine unsalted chix cooking stock with 2 chix backs& necks, carrot, celery, onion & parsley, simmered for a couple of hours, then removed with slotted spoon and added the browned turkey-tomato-rice mixture...

Reviewed Seafood Potpie

Dec 13, 2013 on

First, I like fennel, but I felt it was overwhelming. But then, I cooked my lobster tails, shell on, in some of the clam juice plus water, and a bit of the left-over fennel, as I thought that would make a richer sauce. Ok. Next time I won't add the fennel as I cook, and also I would take the lobster out of the shell after a few minutes of cooking...

Reviewed Chicken Fried Steak with Gravy

Dec 10, 2013 on

OMG! A new staple for our house. I went to my butcher and he offered to make the cube steak from round or sirloin. I chose sirloin. He cut it and pounded it out, and it just melted in our mouths and was fork tender. I was surprised how much flavor the gravy had, too! Served it on our own mashed potatoes - boiled with 1 clove garlic, 1 green onion...

Reviewed Orecchiette with Turkey Sausage and Broccoli Rabe

Dec 8, 2013 on

This was wonderful! I had bought some rabe that was so fresh I couldn't resist it in the store even tho I'd never cooked it before. I used turkey breakfast sausage, as that was all my store had. I used 1 lb sausage, but cut the rest of the recipe in half, as there are only 2 of us, and my husband likes all meat-pasta or meat-casserole recipes very...

Reviewed Eggs Benedict

Dec 5, 2013 on

I have a much easier way to make Hollandaise. 3 egg yolks plus 3 T lemon juice. whisk together in a heavy, preferably enameled cast iron sauce pan. Take only 1 stick butter and start melting it in the egg & lemon mixture over your lowest heat. I use a fork on top of the stick to swirl it, standing it on end lengthwise. When fully melted, turn...

Reviewed Brined Herb-Crusted Turkey with Apple Cider Gravy

Nov 29, 2013 on

This was quite a bit of work, and I wonder about the brine, whether we should have used some heat with the ingredients first, and then cooled it. I only brined my tiny turkey (8.87 lb - just 2 of us this time) for one day in the brine as listed. I found it just a tad salty. I would cut the salt if I ever did it again.


Reviewed Fried Chicken

Nov 23, 2013 on

I have used these Food Network recipes for years, and I've never had as much trouble as with this one. The batter flavoring was fine. But although I used a cast iron fry pan with a lid, I could not continue frying the chicken. How can you monitor the temperature if you cover the pan? My thermometer hangs on the pan and you can't fit the lid on...

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