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Added Recipe Photo to Festive Sugar Plums - Old Fashioned Sweetmeats

Nov 27, 2014 on

Reviewed Festive Sugar Plums - Old Fashioned Sweetmeats

Nov 26, 2014 in on

I decided to make these sugar plums since I had a surplus of dried fruits for holiday baking. Didn';t have the ginger or cherries on hand but still had great results. I used a combination of dried apricots, dates, and a cranberry, cherry, and blueberry mix. Used Brandy and the zest of 3/4 of an orange. Since I didn';t have the recommended...

Added Recipe Photo to Festive Sugar Plums - Old Fashioned Sweetmeats

Nov 26, 2014 on

Reviewed My Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oct 3, 2014 in on

Simple and incredible! I';ve been baking for a long time, professionally as well, and this has become an instant favorite in my home. I had run out of brown sugar and had to make some from scratch (1 T molasses mixed into 1 C white sugar). I used half dark brown sugar from the store mixed with half homemade light brown sugar. I always add a d...

Reviewed Thai Cucumber Salad

Sep 29, 2014 in on

I made this salad to go in spring rolls with brown rice noodles, chopped roasted peanuts, spinach, and red cabbage. It was absolutely delightful all together. My only tinkering was to add some sesame oil, a touch of oyster sauce, and used a fresno chile instead of a jalapeno. It had a pleasant bite from the pepper and a nice acidic tang overall. ...

Reviewed Pork Satay With Peanut Lime Dipping Sauce

Sep 29, 2014 in on

I only used the dipping sauce from this recipe to go with spring rolls filled with a thai cucumber salad, brown rice noodles, chopped roasted peanuts, purple cabbage, and spinach. It went perfectly with my spring rolls! I ended up adding a little more peanut butter and chile sauce, also some oyster sauce, and the flavor was rich and tangy and even...

Reviewed Pickled Fresh Cucumbers

Jul 26, 2014 in on

I did tweak this a bit to suit our tastes, but overall love the concept of this recipe. I left out the sugar and added a large smashed clove of garlic, a few thin slices of white onion, and dill seed to the brine. Instead of parsley at the end, I packed a pint jar with layers of the drained cucumber slices and sprigs of fresh dill. I poured the b...

Reviewed Big Thicket Chicken and Dumplings

Jul 14, 2014 in on

I only made the dumpling part of this recipe and it was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a dumpling that didn';t crumble apart during cooking and these were just right. I only made half the recipe and still had a decent amount of dough left once I filled my pot of soup full of dumplings. I used the leftover dough to make some thick, c...

Reviewed Pizza Dough

Jul 9, 2014 in on

I made this simple dough today, exactly as the recipe stated. I didn';t have any issues with the salt effecting the yeast. I always add sugar and salt at the same time in doughs and keep my jar of red star rapid rise yeast in the fridge between uses. I highly recommend using this recipe if you are looking for a crisp crust with a very soft and...

Reviewed Traditional Tamales (Pork)

Jul 7, 2014 in on

I made these tamales today with beef instead of pork and they were wonderful. I did make a few small changes to the dough too. I used 1 cup rendered fat from some salt pork and left over beef fat instead of store bought lard and chopped up the pork cracklins from the salt pork and added them to the fat during the whipping stage, it adds a nice sa...

Shared Recipe Simple Beefy Bone Stock

May 19, 2014 on

"This recipe is wonderfully cheap and simple to prepare. It does take an overnight sit in the fridge for the best flavor, but if you are in a rush you can skip the chilling. Getting the stock cold does help when it comes to ease of removing fat though. Letting the meat and bones cool down in the stock seems to make a difference in the richness of th..."

Reviewed Dandelion Jelly

May 5, 2014 in on

This is an interesting little treat that makes good use of a sunny spring afternoon. It certainly took over an hour to pluck all the petals from the green parts, but wasn';t so bad. Even though I used only petals and was very careful not to get any greenery into the "tea", it still ended up more greenish than yellow. I used the tiniest drop of...

Reviewed Creamy, Cheesy Pasta Salad

May 3, 2014 in on

I wanted to put together a quick macaroni salad to go along with bbq country style pork ribs and vinegary coleslaw, and this was perfect. I omitted the peas and used a bit of onion powder instead of the fresh onion and thought it was delicious. It was easy to make with items kept on hand and seems flexible with the ingredients. It is creamy and t...

Added Recipe Photo to Pain Au Lait With Espresso, Cardamom, & Chocolate

Apr 14, 2014 on

Shared Recipe Pain Au Lait With Espresso, Cardamom, & Chocolate

Apr 14, 2014 on

"A decadent and sweet bread perfect for breakfast with coffee or tea. This recipe can take up to two days to complete, so please be aware if you are making it for a special occasion. I shaped my dough into 3 small loaves and snipped the tops with kitchen shears to achieve a spiked effect, after egg washing. It will be tempting to devour these right ..."

Reviewed Our Daily Bread in a Crock - Weekly Make and Bake Rustic Bread

Apr 13, 2014 in on

I love this recipe, it';s so adaptable. I cut the recipe in half and have made it twice, it was great both times. The dough bakes up chewy and deeply colored but moist and spongy inside. Today I made half of my half recipe into a savory swirled loaf. I flattened out the dough into a rectangle and spread 7/8 of the surface with soft butter, ro...

Saved Recipe Green Chile Chicken Tamales by Brieness79

Mar 23, 2014 on

Saved Recipe Stuffed Cabbage Rolls by MizzNezz

Mar 20, 2014 on

Reviewed Sourdough Pizza Crust

Mar 13, 2014 in on

I really enjoyed this dough and had great luck with it. I received a few cups of a sourdough starter from a friend today and used it tonight in a thin crust pizza and it was wonderful. After letting the dough rest over a warm oven about 25 minutes I stretched it over a parchment paper lined half sheet tray (appx 15x18 inches) by hand. The finish...

Saved Recipe Sourdough Pizza Crust by Sue Lau

Mar 13, 2014 on

Saved Recipe Gluten-Free Flour Blend by Queen Bead

Mar 12, 2014 on

Saved Recipe Gluten-Free Pancakes by Queen Bead

Mar 12, 2014 on

Reviewed Roasted Bone Marrow

Mar 10, 2014 in on

I just made this for myself as a special dinner treat from marrow soup bones I picked up at the grocery store. I did not end up making the parsley salad, just served with good sea salt and garlic-rubbed grilled Ciabatta bread. It was absolutely delicious, rich, and comforting. And for under $5 worth of ingredients, you can';t beat it. I needed...

Saved Recipe Roasted Bone Marrow by mlao77

Mar 10, 2014 on

Saved Recipe Vanilla Puff Pancake by Dewdropdeb

Mar 9, 2014 on

Saved Recipe Vanilla Puff Pancake by Dewdropdeb

Mar 9, 2014 on

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