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Reviewed creamy garlic mashed potatoes

Dec 8, 2014 on

I'm sorry, but this recipe didn't do much for me. Who doesn't put butter in mashed potatoes? It needed butter and I wasn't the fan of the parmesan either. If I'm going to put garlic in my mashed potatoes, I like to fry it with a little olive oil to bring out the flavor. I didn't taste the garlic at all and I put an additional clove than what the recipe...

Reviewed mini meatball heroes

Oct 24, 2014 on

I've made these many times. I didn't opt to actually make the sandwiches, but used her meatball recipe to put over pasta. Frying them in olive oil is the BEST thing to do with the meatballs. Be careful of the spitting oil as it can be a bit dangerous!

Reviewed pasta with pumpkin and sausage

Oct 24, 2014 on

Very good. I wouldn't imagine pumpkin, sausage and penne pasta, but it works. It not only works, it works well. Kudos to Rachel for finding another way to put more pumpkin into our lives. Make the spinach salad to go with it.

Reviewed sugar cookies

Oct 24, 2014 on

The best sugar cookie around. It isn't extremely sweet, which is often what most sugar cookies are like. Very light and flaky. Have a stack with a gargantuan latte.

Reviewed flour's famous banana bread

Oct 24, 2014 on


Reviewed Instant Pancake Mix

Oct 24, 2014 on

Easy. Easy. Easy. It is very nice that someone decided to give us a recipe for pancakes, so we don't have to rely on Krusteaz.

Reviewed baked meatballs

Oct 24, 2014 on

"This was a very tasty meatball!" (in a heavy Italian accent) I usually like to fry mine in olive oil, so I was looking for a lighter version. This was a very good recipe and I will make it again. If we could figure out how to bake them without using muffin tins that would be great. It is a good idea, but nasty to clean.

Reviewed southern biscuits

Oct 24, 2014 on

These biscuits are very good. I like the idea of brushing melted butter on the top of them once they come out of the oven. I also like to make fresh peach chutney to accompany them. I wanted to try and find a good biscuit (similar to KFC) does and this one didn't disappoint. Yes, I do like the KFC biscuits too.

Reviewed the chewy

Oct 24, 2014 on

Wonderful cookie and it is the best right out of the oven with a glass of whole milk. Not 1% or 2% and certainly not nonfat milk. I make these often and they are always gone within 24 hours.

Reviewed best ever green bean casserole

Oct 24, 2014 on

Very good dish, but couldn't get the onions right. They were soggy and not very appetizing. I will most likely use the French's Fried Onions to top this off next time. Sorry Alton.

Reviewed emeril's lasagna

Oct 24, 2014 on

Very good, but time consuming. This was an excellent lasagna. I made this for the holidays and I got rave reviews. Do yourself a favor and never use no-bake lasagna noodles. Just don't do it. Cook the noodles before assembling.

Reviewed baked macaroni and cheese

Oct 24, 2014 on

Good mac and cheese, but not sure about the onions. I am an onion fan, wasn't a fan of them in this dish. Next time I will saut� them to get a little color on them first, before adding them to the mixture to bake. I will also consider adding some cayenne pepper as well.

Reviewed Pumpkin Pie Recipe : Paula Deen : Food Network

Oct 24, 2014 on

When I first read this recipe, I thought that it may be too rich with the cream cheese. It wasn't and it was very silky. I like a "traditional" pumpkin pie and this one is a very good version. Some people like to buy the store bought crust to save time, but always make your own crust. Always!

Reviewed curried split pea soup

Oct 24, 2014 on

Lovely soup. I didn't use the curry though, because my husband isn't a big fan of curry. I wish I would of cooked some crisp bacon and added it to the soup. Everything is better with bacon! I'll do that next time.

Reviewed san fran-caesar with sour dough croutons

Oct 24, 2014 on

How can you go wrong with sourdough croutons? They are mighty good and extremely easy to make. Now if I could only figure out how to get the parmesan cheese to stay on the croutons. Maybe more butter? :)

Reviewed salmon fillet en papillote with julienne vegetable

Oct 24, 2014 on

Now, when I first heard of this and watched Alton's episode on Good Eats, I was skeptical. Vermouth? Oranges? Really? It is very good and healthy. When I don't want to smell up my house with that wonderful salmon smell, I love to make this. Surprisingly easy and tasty.

Reviewed marinara sauce

Oct 23, 2014 on

Making this sauce is a good way to sneak in celery and carrots into your family. I tend to like my marinara sauce a bit richer, but this one is very good for lazy summer days. It is a very good light version. I make extra and throw some in the freezer, so I can make fast meals.

Reviewed granola

Oct 23, 2014 on

Very good and super easy to make. It makes your house smell dang good as well. I wasn't into putting cashews in mine, as it tended to be a bit too nutty for me. I recommend being super careful when turning the granola over with a spatula, as it can easily go all over your kitchen floor and make a massive mess. I make this often.

Reviewed scones

Oct 23, 2014 on

These are wonderful scones and are nice and flakey. They are like little clouds and are very airy. Some scones can turn into hockey pucks that can break your teeth, but these are very soft. I didn't put any dried fruit in mine, but used cinnamon. I recommend eating right out of the oven while they are still warm. Very easy for the beginner chef.

Reviewed crunch top apple pie

Oct 23, 2014 on

Yummy pie. I recommend using the amount of applesauce the recipe calls for instead of the half that people are mentioning. I prefer my apple pies to be a bit wet and gooey. It is super good with vanilla bean ice cream.

Reviewed Mashed Potatoes

Jan 11, 2011 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

I made these for Thanksgiving and I was asked to make them again for Christmas. I didn't use as much cream as the recipe called for (I used 1 1/4 cups) and added about 1/4 cup of low fat milk. They were just as creamy and really good. I didn't use a ricer, but will try that next time.

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