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Reviewed beef pozole

Dec 28, 2014 on

This is an exceptionally good full bodied soup. I followed the recipe exactly and people were asking if they could take the leftovers home with them! I am making this again today and will serve with chalupas tonight for dinner.

Reviewed spring green risotto

Dec 19, 2014 on

This is my first attempt at risotto and I followed the recipe exactly. The results were outstanding and the family lined up for seconds. I watched her video on how strenuous the simmer must be and that too helped my successful endevour. Thanks Ina.

Reviewed roasted turkey roulade

Dec 1, 2014 on

We found this very tasty and a very nice change to the sameo-sameo roast turkey. I followed the recipe exactly. I think the fat content of the stuffing should be lowered and the next time I make this I will brown the sausage, drain it off, add a few Ts of butter and then add the onions and celery.

Reviewed farfalle with chicken, porcini mushroom and swiss chard

Oct 21, 2014 on

I have made this twice per the recipie and the whole fam loves it. Today was my third time and coincidentally, clean out the refrig. day. I didn't have chard so substituted a thawed out, squeezed dry package of spinach and I didn't have chicken but I found 4 slices of priscuitto which I tore up and added at the end. We like this even better than...

Reviewed Texas Style Chili Recipe : Food Network

Oct 8, 2014 on

This is a terrific chili recipie that I have made twice now with a few modifications. It is hatch pepper season here in TX so I roasted them instead of anahiems, and I cut down on the jalepenos because 3 fresh and 3 smoked (chipolte) is too much heat. I also tear up some corn tortillas and let them melt in as a thickener as you would in tortilla...

Replied to honey white bread

Oct 1, 2014 on

Mix all the wet ingredients with your hand mixes and then add 3 cups of flour and stir by hand. It will be gooey but fun to play in. Once that is pretty well squished in add 2 more cups of flour and squish and mix together with your hands. Now take some flour and put it in your counter, dump the dough ontop of it, and knead the dough. I always...

Reviewed risotto with bacon and kale

Sep 24, 2014 on

I followed the recipie exactly. This is a repugnant dish; oily, kale overpowers, carrot and parsnip undefineable in a rice goo. We threw it away.

Reviewed pear and cranberry crostata

Aug 23, 2014 on

The crust is very buttery and tender. I was afraid of moving onto the cooling wrack with spatulas as I was sure to break it but managed to pull the crostata on the parchment paper onto the wrack intact. After cooling there for 5 minutes I could pull the paper out from underneath without breaking it. Horray for clumsy me! I used firm red anjou...

Reviewed texas style chili

Aug 19, 2014 on

This is a great chili. I tear 2 corn tortillas into small pieces and let them cook with the chili at the simmering stage as a thickener, just like a tortilla soup. The local hatch peppers have just come into season and make this chili divine. We would enjoy this more if the temperature outside would go below 100 degrees but what the heck....Go...

Reviewed perfect pie crust

Aug 18, 2014 on

It really IS the perfect pie crust.

Reviewed fresh blueberry pie

Aug 4, 2014 on

This is an excellent recipie and my family polished off immediately. I also made it with Ina's pie crust which is our favorite. I followed both the filling and crust recipie's exactly....0 alterations.

Reviewed indian street corn salad

Aug 2, 2014 on

This grilled corn salad is very bright and a wonderful change for a summer side dish. I did substitute a grilled anaheim seeded pepper for the cayene but other that, followed the recipe exactly. Everyone was delighted and went back for more.

Reviewed summer garden pasta

Jul 14, 2014 on

I made a half recipie last night and was delighted. The tomatoes made enough sauce that next time I might use a pasta that is more straw like. A very nice summer meal. I served it with a side of spicy cold shrimp and some olive loaf slices with pesto. Yum.

Reviewed falafel

Jun 21, 2014 on

I followed the written recipie and also cross checked the video and followed all instructions to a T. The falafel was very tasty, but like Savories13, mine disintegrated in the oil. I experimented with a few and then baked the remaining ones in the oven. The Tahini was VERY bitter. I added honey and allspice which masked the bitterness mostly.

Reviewed flour tortillas

Jun 14, 2014 on

I live in Texas and have alot to comparisons for this recipie and it really is perfect. I don't have an electric griddle but used my non-stick frypan and achieved excellent good in fact that am considering getting a grill to cut down on stove top time.

Replied to Creamy Cheese Grits Recipe : Ree Drummond : Food Network

May 20, 2014 on

What about WHole Foods?

Reviewed asian braised pork shoulder

May 18, 2014 on

I followed the recipie exactly, except for using low sodium soy sauce and unsalted chicken stock. Everything is superb and I agree with other who say, "watch the salt". I am a lover of salt but this could go way over the top if you don't change to the low sodium brands. As to the sauces, including the oyster sauce......WONDERFUL.

Reviewed snap pea and cucumber salad

Apr 17, 2014 on

The combination of ingredients was terrific however the dressing was disappointing (too bland) . I did like others and added a bit of dijon. I will make the combo again and keep experimenting on the dressing.

Replied to cornmeal-fried onion rings

Apr 16, 2014 on

It works if you click "save" and then go into the recipie box; it will be in the upper left corner and they give you the option of moving it to the folder of your choice. I agree that the old set up was way easier!

Reviewed cornmeal-fried onion rings

Apr 16, 2014 on

Wow! I didn't think they'd come out THAT good!

Reviewed chicken piccata

Apr 15, 2014 on

This recipie, made with a good Pinot Grigio and ripe lemons is awesome. Be sure your lemons are big, juicy, and fresh; it only takes one and a half to make a third of a cup of juice without scraping down into the pith. We serve it in the spring with asperagus and snap peas and a little rice. YUM!

Reviewed curried chicken salad

Apr 6, 2014 on

I too worried about the amount of curry but it really mellowed out in the fridge over a couple of hours. Also, I used homemade loquat chutney, which is much stronger than Major Grey's, but it too blended wonderfully, We're having tonight on homemade sourdough olive loaf with lentil soup spiced with cumin, coriander and garam marsala. YUM.

Replied to lentil soup

Apr 6, 2014 on

why so negative laurli123? I too wondered what it was and it seemed like an interesting topic to many of us.

Reviewed beef bourguignon

Apr 5, 2014 on

This is a wonderful recipie. I used a Pinot Noir for the first time and a Chianti for the second. I liked the Chianti best. I learned the most from the deglazing process. This added SO much flavor and body. I have tried Julia Child's recipie, Ina Garten's, now yours and I like yours best.
Thanks Anne

Reviewed french onion soup

Mar 28, 2014 on

I tried this again tonight but did NOT salt the onions and used a huge pot so that the contact between the pot surface (no teflon or non stick stuff) and the onions was maximized. I also used my big btu gas burner on a medium low setting after the initial sweat. The results are awesom. You have to keep your eyes on the onions to make sure they...

Reviewed Ham Hock and Lentil Soup

Nov 10, 2013 on

Very tasty and easy. Thanks again Emeril. I followed the recipe almost exactly..(I isn't possible to get anything but dried tan lentils here) ....but ham hocks are always available. I had to cook the lentils for an additional 25 minutes and add a cup more stock. The end result was very comforting smoky ham and beans dish.

Reviewed Hearty Tomato Soup with Lemon and Rosemary

Oct 23, 2013 on

I have tried many different recipies for tomato soup since reading all the bad stuff that comes from the flip type can commerical varieties. Lets face it....we go to tomato soup as a quickie in the home pantry. Of the many wonerful chefs recipies,,this is one of the best. I bypassed the burns by sauting the cooked veggies and adding them into the...

Reviewed Apple Crostata

Sep 29, 2013 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

I followed the recipe exactly and had the same problem as Penny with the dough melting completely away from the apples. Very disappointing. It looked so pretty going into the oven but unappetizing coming out.

Reviewed French Onion Soup

Sep 28, 2013 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

I too had problems getting the onions to brown. Mine took 3 hours. 4 bay leaves is 3 too many and overpowers the soup. I used unsalted stock so I didn't have a salt issue."

Reviewed Three Bean Salad

Aug 12, 2013 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Easy enough but very, very bland."

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