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Reviewed BBQ Cottage Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

May 6, 2014 in on

Love the ease and simplicity! I had some quark on hand (European cottage cheese to use up) and this was perfect! Next time I can see myself adding roasted red capsicum or speck! Thanks Peter J! Made as part of the AUS/NZ May Recipe Swap!"

Reviewed Souped up Lentils

May 6, 2014 in on

This soup is terrific, TRUE!
LOVE is low fat, tasty too!
Didn';t add noodles, although had them on hand to add,
Hubby enjoyed this and made me feel glad! Thanks!
UPDATE: Made this again for the AUS/NZ May Recipe Swap!
Love the ease and simplicity! Hubby gave it the two thumbs up too!"

Reviewed Authentic Hummus

May 3, 2014 in on

This is by far THE best hummus recipe ever and of course it should be my dear friend Leggy Peggy';s recipe!
A definite keeper always as I LOVE the balance of flavors! Makes for a great snack or an appetizer at a party!"

Reviewed Poppy Seed and Yoghurt Dipping Sauce for Shrimp

Apr 28, 2014 in on

I was looking for a sauce to go with my prawns today! This recipe is unusually delicious!
Thanks Peter J for inspiring me! I added some ground pimenton as initially I thought was curry; then added the curry and did not affect the great taste! A keeper for me!"

New Topic Cooked or uncooked speck? Please help! in Cooking Q & A

Jan 11, 2014 on

"G'day! I have some large mushrooms to use up and wanted to fill them with yummy things like speck (in small pieces), grana cheese grated

Do I add the speck cooked or uncooked before I put it in the oven to bake

know I need to pre bake the mushrooms slightly for about 20 minutes

don't want the mushrooms mushy

can I include other veggies ..."

New Topic What to do with Chinese homemade soup base? in Cooking Q & A

Jan 10, 2014 on

"I have Googled; is 109.4F here today!

I have taken the marrow bones out of the broth...

what to do with the meat attached to the marrow?

Have strained the broth...

Was initially think of adding pan fried Gzoyas and simmer some red cabbage and veggies?

Thanks in advance for any you can imagine, my brain is fried today..."

Added Recipe Photo to Thermomix Tomato Paste - No Added Sugar

Oct 20, 2013 on

Added Recipe Photo to Hummus - Vegan and Made in the Thermomix

Oct 15, 2013 on

Added Recipe Photo to Hummus - Vegan and Made in the Thermomix

Oct 15, 2013 on

Reviewed Hummus - Vegan and Made in the Thermomix

Oct 15, 2013 in on

When you want a quick Thermomix dip for entertaining or on sandwiches and pizzas, easy to do!
Did I mention is VERY tasty! Is a keeper! Thank you!"

New Topic Kogelhopt with a twist in Food Photos Forum

Sep 28, 2013 on


Is an Eggless Savory dish from the Alsace Lorraine Region of France...

to be updated into the database soon and will update this post too! :wink:

Hope you all have been behaving yourselves in my absence too lol lol


New Topic Parmesean Salami Quesadilla in Food Photos Forum

Aug 23, 2013 on

"LOVE when a company's products DO what they say they are going to do

Made the NON CARB quesadilla with Parmesan (protein)

Did no oil too!

LOVE the Flavorstone pans!

WHOO HOO! Was VERY yum too!"

New Topic Congrats Just Jan S Chef of The Day! in Australian/New Zealand Cooking

Aug 11, 2013 on

"WHOO HOO!! Congrats! Well deserved!

Hope all are well in this forum too!"

New Topic Which browser do you view and food related sites in in Cooking Q & A

Aug 1, 2013 on

"Just curious

Thanks for indulging me today too!


Love to view all things food and really enjoyed sharing my Sinner and Saint Cake (as a tribute to my dad) today at too!"

Shared Recipe Lost and Found Dad’s Sinner and Saint Birthday Cake

Jul 30, 2013 on

"We are all inspired what we see and read, true!
I made this Fanouropita Cake (also spelled Phanouropita) with a bit of a twist too!

What's On The List

I have slightly altered the recipe to include sugar and icing sugar. Based on my food lifestyle, I use Xylitol and Sugarless Icing Mix"

New Topic Can you FEEL the Love in the Cake? lol in Food Photos Forum

Jul 19, 2013 on


As I promised "someone" I would post this here, true!
Here it is for you to view

Am uber pressed for time as tomorrow will be away, but here's the recipe in the interim and hopefully, it will make someone's day

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh noooooooooooooo, ran out of enough self-rai..."

Commented on Member of the Month: JackieOhNo!

Jul 4, 2013 in Community Toolbox on

Reviewed Scottish Lentil Soup

Jul 2, 2013 in on

OUTSTANDING as can be!
Made this for a Scottish castle theme party and EVERYONE raved about thank you from me!
REALLY great soup, economical too!
Freezes well...people were coming back for more...WHOO HOO!!!"

Added Recipe Photo to Scottish Lentil Soup

Jul 2, 2013 on

Added Recipe Photo to Scottish Baps - Soft Morning Bread Rolls

Jul 1, 2013 on

Reviewed Scottish Baps - Soft Morning Bread Rolls

Jul 1, 2013 in on

These were made for hubby';s VERY special Scottish Castle Themed Party...EVERYONE raved about them too! Thank you!"

New Topic Pesto, Pumpkin, Corn Stuffed Polental Balls with in Food Photos Forum

Jun 25, 2013 on

"Coconut Chilli Mayo and Roasted Red Tomatoes :)


Recipe coming soon :)

They were devoured with love!


Hope you have a great day too!"

New Topic Can I freeze stuffed polenta balls that have been cooked? in Cooking on a Budget: OAMC, Make Ahead, Freezing & More

Jun 24, 2013 on

"I made some today and they came out great...

veggie and cheese

Can I freeze these? If so, how would I do? How would I thaw than reheat without them getting mushy too

thank you"

New Topic Red Hot Lover Chilli Soup in Food Photos Forum

Jun 17, 2013 on

"G'day all! Coming up for air....

Made this as part of a project I am working on...recipe coming to the database soon, but was VERY excited how the photo turned out

The weather here has been shocking...could NOT get a good photo or shall I say CHRISTINE could not get a good photo inside...tried EVERYTHING

Brought the board outside ; overcas..."

Commented on Member of the Month: Red Apple Guy

Jun 5, 2013 in Community Toolbox on

Added Recipe Photo to Carrot Cashew Curry Soup

Jun 4, 2013 on

Reviewed Carrot Cashew Curry Soup

Jun 4, 2013 in on

What a FANTASTICALLY simple and VERY tasty soup this is, TRUE!
For when you are pressed for GREAT too!
Added roasted cashews on top and lime zest!
This recipe is simply the best!

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