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Reviewed Portobello "Pizza" Nicoise Recipe : Bobby Flay : Food Network

Jul 27, 2014 on

Loved this recipe. So many fresh tastes! Don't 'stress' over the anchovies. You won't taste them. But it's a must for the taste of the Mediterranean dressing. I am trying to make drastic changes to my 'diet' by grilling more fruits and vegetables and this show makes it easy to follow/continue the process. I am not following any real diet other than...

Reviewed marcona almonds with sea salt

Mar 2, 2014 on

YUM! Never thought of adding sea salt (that I love) on almonds. As I don't like much sweets, this was great great great for me. Loved it. Used really good sea salt. Also tried it with pink salt. Will try with smoked salt next.

Reviewed potato basil frittata squares

Mar 2, 2014 on

FABULOUS! How crazy is it that people lower the rating of these great FREE recipes by rating low for reasons like not liking the website or something as stupid as this. Please try this, typically Ina, it's fabulous. Thank you.

Reviewed Black Pepper and Sage Biscuits

Dec 28, 2013 on

Goodness is this recipe incorrectly written! Just watched the show. Ree stated: 6 cups flour + 2/3 cups powdered milk + 2 heaping tablespoons baking powder + 2 tablespoons sugar + 1 heaping tablespoon cream of tartar + 1 tablespoon salt and 1 tablespoon coarse black pepper and 2 teaspoons of ground sage. Whisk together the dry ingredients and add...

Replied to Avocado and Cilantro Mousse

Dec 13, 2013 on

Food network please remove this review. It's not about the recipe and it is lowering the star average that should related to the recipe and not the website and that person's inability to view the recipe!!!

Replied to Vanilla Extract

Dec 7, 2013 on

Food network: please delete this review! How do you rate a 1 star just because you have a question!!! That 1 star has lowered the overall rating for no reason apparent!!!

Reviewed Mystery Pecan Pie

Dec 1, 2013 on

This year as I didn't have much time I purchased a beautiful pecan pie at Costco. My family refused to eat it and demanded Paula's Mystery Pecan Pie instead. Won't make that mistake again! Nowadays most people don't want all that huge amount of very sweet bro sugar and corn syrup that's why Paula's is so perfect.

Reviewed Squash Casserole

Nov 11, 2013 on


Reviewed Pat's Famous Beef and Pork Chili

Feb 2, 2013 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

I switched the beer with red wine because the last time I made chili with beer, we didn't like the taste of the final product. RE: nekiavw's Jan 27 review, I followed the recipe to a T but before adding the wine, I skimmed the fat off the meat. You've got to cook the meat with the veggies or the taste of bacon and veggies won't season the meat w"

Reviewed Chicken and Smoked Sausage Etouffee

Nov 11, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Recipe not written the way Tyler cooked it on TV. First, he does NOT use beer in the recipe. He shows the beer to say "the food is cooked in the time it takes to drink a beer" and he drinks one. But none of it goes in the recipe. Second, he does not use bay leaves. NOW: let me tell you how incredible this recipe was that I made yesterday! The only"

Reviewed Popovers

Jul 11, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

MUST: use a popover pan. MUST: make sure the pan is very hot, heated in the oven before filling them. MUST: fill the pans all the way to the top.

SUGGESTION: After filling the pans with the batter, drop a few squares of cheese (like Swiss cheese) in each. And add lots of pepper to the batter for a change. Great with the...

Reviewed Tomato Pie

Jul 11, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Addition to my previous review: the original recipe I had made was from Paula's friend Susan Mason who brushed the pre-baked pie crust with 2 tablespoons of Dijon mustard (the smooth one, not the grainy mustard). That made a HUGE difference to the taste of the pie. It raised it to another level of perfection. Try it. "

Reviewed Tomato Pie

Jul 11, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

OMG. What a tasty pie! This French gal and her English friend living in Texas fell in love with this pie! Wow, what taste. I am making it again today because my husband is a fan as well. For those taking stars off because the ingredients are not healthy, come on! The pie tastes fabulous so review based on that, not the fact you forgot to realize"

Reviewed Golden Rugalach

Dec 21, 2011 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Loved this recipe... well a portion of it. I used the ingredients in Barefoot Contessa's rugelach recipe and the method on this recipe. All turned up PERFECT. What great taste. See my review on the other recipe.""

Reviewed Rugelach

Dec 21, 2011 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

OMG, just finished making these cookies and already ate 4 (I know, I know, right?!) I used Ina's ingredients but used dried cherries instead of raisins and hazelnuts instead walnuts. I then assembled them using the method in Food Network's recipe called "Golden Rugalach". It turned out PERFECT! Oh so good and so easy to make. Will make some ...

Reviewed Garlic and Lemon Oil

Aug 7, 2011 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

I love it. I use it on everything, especially French baguette slices before I place them in the oven to grill a little. Or I brush some on sticks of rosemary before placing them on top of good steaks on my grill outside or in oven. This does not make a huge amount and as Ina does, I too keep my good oils in the fridge, especially those infused...

Reviewed Coconut Cream Bread Pudding

May 22, 2011 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

This turned out great. Very tasty and creamy. Wish I could block stupid reviewers or delete reviews such as the ridiculous one from goodwin502003! How can you rate it a 1 star if you haven't tried the recipe, which as a result, lowers the average rating of this great recipe?! How ridiculous is that? Please try this recipe, especially as a des"

Reviewed Corny Coleslaw

May 6, 2011 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

This was excellent and great for summer days. A change to the regular cole slaw's. BUT FYI: the 1 cup of salt, it's to make a bunch in advance of Paula's HOUSE SEASONING. You make it in advance (or use your own seasoning of even Emeril's) and for this recipe you use only 1 tsp of the mix. Hope this helps and no one is using a cup of salt in t"

Reviewed Bourbon Peach Cobbler

Apr 23, 2011 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Just watched the show and made this wonderful cobbler. Missing from the recipe is 2/3 cup of heavy cream mixed in the dumpling dough. Very juicy, very tasty, great recipe in my book."

Reviewed Free Range Fruitcake

Dec 14, 2010 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Goodness, Gracious! How easy is this fruitcake to make. I doubled (more or less but more than less) the ingredients, followed the recipe to the letter, added the pan of water on the bottom rack of the oven to prevent cracking, punched some holes when it was done and gently poured some cognac over the pans. With the doubled recipe, I made 1-10 inch...

Reviewed Free Range Fruitcake

Dec 6, 2010 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

I cannot find my old recipe from the first time Alton made this fruitcake on TV and I missed the show last week-end. Does anyone know what Alton said about placing water in the oven while cooking the fruitcake? I believe the old recipe had the info but this one doesn't. Love this fruitcake though and getting ready to make some for gifts. Than...

Reviewed Grainy Mustard Mashed Potatoes

Nov 26, 2010 in Food Network Community Toolbox on Food Network

Incredibly wonderful. I didn't use the mustard but added an 8-oz cream cheese and OMG! I made it the day before, pour the whole thing in a buttered pyrex, covered with foil, placed in the fridge overnight. The next day, I placed on counter for a couple of hours to room-temp, placed in 350 oven for 20 minutes, removed the foil and cooked another...

Reviewed Roasted Turkey Gravy

Nov 24, 2010 in Food Network Community Toolbox on Food Network

OMG, this is the third year I make this gravy. Was never happy with gravy recipes until I found this one. It's really easy, tastes incredible and make the house smell so good. Perfect for me cause my husband fries his turkeys and so I never have turkey drippings. I buy my smoked turkey wings at Walmart and always get compliments from my guests...

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