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Reviewed grits

4 days ago on

Served this under my pot roast with gravy. Yummy!

Reviewed Oven "Fries"

Oct 8, 2014 on

Made these with blue potatoes I picked up at the farmer's market. Yummy, and I didn't even have to fry! I used a glass pan, which I didn't grease first. I will make sure I don't do that next time, because they stick!

Reviewed smashed potato cake

Sep 28, 2014 on

Mmm. Very good. But you can't go wrong with potatoes, bacon & cheese.

Reviewed southern fried chicken

Sep 3, 2014 on

My go to fried chicken recipe! The crust isn't quite as thick as I like it, so I'm going to keep experimenting with it. Still, it is quite delicious!

Reviewed sweet potato fries with basil salt and garlic mayonnaise

Sep 1, 2014 on

I use leftover fries from a restaurant then followed the rest of the instructions. This was delicious!

Reviewed paula's chicken nuggets

Aug 15, 2014 on

Very tasty & very easy. I didn't have any dry ranch seasonings, so I used creole seasoning instead.

Reviewed black-eyed peas with bacon and pork

Aug 14, 2014 on

These are the best black-eyed peas I have ever had. Good enough to be vegetarian! I left out the pork & fried the bacon on the side so it would stay crispy. The only thing is I'm not a huge fan of cayenne. It adds a lot of heat with not much flavor. I think next time I will cut back on that & add some Texas Pete on the end instead.

Reviewed hash brown casserole

Aug 14, 2014 on

This is delicious! I forgot the nutmeg & parmesan, but it still turned out wonderful! I used leftover homemade loaf bread.

Reviewed baked garlic cheese grits

Aug 9, 2014 on

I subbed colby jack & meunster, because that's what I had on hand. The amount of garlic was just fine for me. Best grits recipe I've ever had!

Reviewed guacamole

Aug 9, 2014 on

I didn't have any onion, tomatoes, garlic, or lime. So I used everything else, and it still turned out great! Just needed a quick recipe to do something with my leftover avocado. Thanks!

Reviewed chicken in creamy tomato curry: chicken tikka masala

Aug 9, 2014 on

My go to chicken tikka masala recipe. I have even used organic tomato sauce instead (cheaper than organic tomatoes) and still turned out just as good. Thanks!

Reviewed naan: indian oven-baked flat bread

Aug 9, 2014 on

Very good & so easy! i didn't roll them, but I wish I had. The dough ended up being too thick.

Reviewed strawberry fizz

Jul 31, 2014 on

Mmm. What a refreshing & healthy new drink! I opened a bottle of Gerolsteiner, added two halved & hulled strawberries, & used raw agave instead of sugar. I didn't add the mint as garnish, as I'm not a huge fan of it, didn't have any anyways.

Reviewed mini burgers

Jul 29, 2014 on

This was really tasty. I don't think I liked the whole puffed pastry cheeseburger idea as much as I thought I would have, though.

Reviewed skillet chicken with rhubarb and onions

Jul 20, 2014 on

It was very tart. I used a bone-in chicken leg & cooked for much longer. I didn't like this. I think the only time I want to see a sour food is in candy.

Reviewed fresh corn fritters

Jul 14, 2014 on

So evilly crispy & buttery crunchy. Perfect for those days when you're having fatty food cravings.

Reviewed sour cream scones

Jul 10, 2014 on

Much better than Paula's other heavy cream only recipe I've used. These were about as moist as you can get for a scone. I added cocoa powder and walnuts to mine. I think next time I will try adding some chocolate chips as well.

Reviewed rice pilaf

Jun 26, 2014 on

Good! I had an upset tummy and I was looking for something light to eat. Very tasty.

Reviewed smoky pork burgers with apple and onion chutney

Jun 21, 2014 on

Oh my God. Soooooo goood! I'm going to use the leftover chutney to make a chicken salad mixed with some chopped, baked chicken.

Reviewed stracotto (pot roast) with porcini mushrooms

Jun 21, 2014 on

Delicious! I made it for my mom's birthday dinner. I didn't see how it went very well with the polenta, though.

Reviewed oven fried chicken

Jun 20, 2014 on

Not really a fried-chicken substitute, but delicious nonetheless. I can't say I tasted much of the mustard in it. I also wish I had taken the time to flatten out the chicken.

Reviewed homemade granola

Jun 14, 2014 on

Meh. It was an okay recipe. I didn't have any issue with crisping, because the mixture never became soggy in the first place. I was hoping for large chunks of granola, but I guess the photo doesn't show that either. As for cooking time, the trick is to use raw nuts & take the mixture out of the oven once your kitchen is filled with the wonderful...

Reviewed mama's acorn squash

Jun 9, 2014 on

This was my first time making/eating acorn squash. This was good, but not something that made me want to eat the leftovers. I don't think I will be making this again.

Replied to Hoppin John Recipe : Paula Deen : Food Network

Jun 9, 2014 on

I like how you mentioned the different meats that can be added to this. But this review is just plain stupid. Who effing cares how ya'll cook this in Savannah. Just shut up & say if you liked the recipe or not. Not how "authentic" it is.

Replied to Honey Mustard Dressing Recipe : Alton Brown : Food Network

Jun 6, 2014 on

Don't use rice vinegar!!! I didn't read carefully & used it by mistake & my dressing ended up being awful.

Reviewed homemade muesli with red berries

Jun 6, 2014 on

This was a little bit soggier than I expected. Still, I suppose it was supposed to be that way. This is a great way to have a cold cereal breakfast!

Reviewed orange, strawberry and date salad

Jun 6, 2014 on

Had to edit my review and give it five stars. This is my go-to salad recipe. I do tend to leave the dates out, however.

Reviewed sweet potato and beet chips with garlic rosemary salt

May 27, 2014 on

Delicious! I used only beets & I peeled them first, as I didn't want to scrub them extra hard since they had just came out of the garden. I did it the lazy way & sprinkled with salt, garlic & then dried rosemary. I wish I had some more...

Reviewed broiled tilapia with mustard-chive sauce

May 23, 2014 on

I used Bulgarian yogurt instead of Greek. It ended up being thinner I am sure, but I didn't taste any chalkiness that other reviewers mentioned. My lemon must have been very juicy, bc it ended up being too much lemon juice in the sauce. So I added more yogurt to compensate. This was over all very tasty.

Reviewed garlic beet greens

May 22, 2014 on

I comboed this with another recipe & added blackforest bacon left over from breakfast. It was delicious either way. You can't really go wrong with garlic & greens! (Also, I'm surprised seasoning with salt + pepper wasn't on here?)

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