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Reviewed oatmeal cookie pancakes

Jan 1, 2015 on

Loved them. Made them without bananas because I didn't have any and added a little extra milk for moisture. They were fluffy and flavorful and I will definitely make these again!

Reviewed pecan bars

Dec 28, 2014 on

These were delicious! Made them for Christmas, doubled the recipe and put them in a 9x13" dish. Sweet, salty, gooey and crunchy all in one yummy bite! It was hard to get them out of the foil but oh well! That's the only hard thing about this recipe.

Reviewed baked potatoes with sausage and arugula sauce

Dec 21, 2014 on

Excellent, I simply loved this dish. The sauce would be great in many situations but its especially husband friendly over a baked potato. I added more arugula and had to use cream cheese but it didn't seem to hurt the dish in the slightest lol. Will definitely use this one again!

Replied to Chia Seed Pudding Recipe : Giada De Laurentiis : Food Network

Oct 20, 2014 on

If you don't like chia seeds why did you try this recipe?

Replied to sausage and egg jeffmuffins

Aug 12, 2014 on

This recipe is less about the ingredients and preparation and more about giving people the idea for convenience.

Reviewed sausage-and-basil-stuffed tomatoes

Aug 11, 2014 on

I agree with the other posters, the sauce was pretty pointless as far as eating but the tomatoes were down right delicious. I really enjoyed the crispy nutty topping. Will make again, would recommend.

Reviewed cajun shrimp and rice

Aug 8, 2014 on

I used about a full tablespoon of cajun seasoning and added a few splashes of hot sauce at the end. That's all I changed and I really enjoyed this recipe. It's so quick too which is an added bonus. Will definitely make this one again!

Reviewed blackberry cheesecake squares

Aug 8, 2014 on

Fantastic! I never have gotten around to buying a springform pan but I wanted to make cheesecake so I used this recipe and they were so delicious. I really can't rate them high enough, from the buttery, nutty crust, to the creamy, decadent cake to the tangy, sweet berries on top, I'm in love!

Reviewed carrot salad

Aug 8, 2014 on

Great salad! The first time I made it the onion became quite over powering after it sat. The second time I made it I soaked the onions in water for 15 minutes first and that dulled the flavor. This is a keeper, I use it often.

Reviewed grilled corn and chipotle pepper salad

Jun 24, 2014 on

Great corn salad! I roasted my corn in the oven. I thought the suggested amount of salt would be too much but it was fine!

Reviewed chicken florentine pasta

May 28, 2014 on

Tasty and quick! I used farfalle and halved the whole recipe except the tomatoes and it was so yummy! Not too bad on the calories either and easy to customize. I'm thinking I'll add some pancetta next time.

Reviewed peach-blueberry pie

May 28, 2014 on

Very tasty! In my opinion it needed just a tad more sugar, but I could probably blame that on the fruit I used. I, too, doubled the corn starch and it was still a touch too runny but really, really delicious!

Reviewed crispy chicken fingers

May 28, 2014 on

These taste just fine, nothing special. I added plenty of different spices, I think they would be pretty boring without. The honey mustard had a little bit too much of a bite for me I'd probably do half dijon and half yellow next time.

Reviewed bbq turkey meatloaf

May 17, 2014 on

Made this as directed and me and my family really enjoyed it. I used a bottle of BBQ sauce that was on hand and a McCormick BBQ seasoning blend. I didn't include the Old Bay and it was still flavorful. The texture was very soft, almost too soft but I still think it deserve 5 stars.

Reviewed maple-oatmeal scones

May 17, 2014 on

So yummy. These had the perfect biscuit texture, just a little crumbly and they weren't too sweet. Definitely will add raisins next time.

Reviewed peanut butter and chocolate biscotti

May 10, 2014 on

This was my first time making biscotti and they turned out great! I was worried that they would be too sweet but they weren't and I even used semi-sweet mini chocolate chips (about a cup) instead of dark chocolate only because that's what I had. I think these would be even better with dark chocolate. You do have to be really careful when you're cutting...

Reviewed asian marinated pork chops

Apr 8, 2014 on

I liked these pork chops with the tweaks that I made. I agree with some of the other posters that the recipe as is would be lacking. I added soy sauce and I used a mandarine orange so there was less zest and juice. It was pretty tasty and I would probably use it again.

Reviewed sesame and peanut noodles

Apr 8, 2014 on

I was very hesitant to try this recipe. Something about it sounded appealing but I've had peanut sauces before that were just gross. This wasn't, it was delicious and I'm glad I made it. Not too salty, just the right amount of heat and excellent depth of flavor. I will use this recipe again for sure!

Reviewed pork chops with dijon glaze

Apr 4, 2014 on

The glaze is delicious. I had to make it without the sherry unfortunately and I just cooked my chops in a saute pan. Not too sweet, great complexity in the flavor, will definitely use again.

Reviewed mustard chicken salad

Mar 26, 2014 on

Excellent chicken salad, I just love mustard. Didn't have whole grain mustard on hand, however, so I used all dijon and I made it with different veggies. Also, I cut this recipe in half and still had enough for 4 servings!

Reviewed grilled marinated london broil

Mar 26, 2014 on

I loved this marinade, my beef was fantastic. Was able to marinade 8 hours and like the previous posted I reduced it down and brushed it on while cooking. Oh my gosh, so yummy! Definitely will use this again

Reviewed basic pepperoni pizza and four cheese pizza

Mar 26, 2014 on

I made the four cheese pizza with the tomato salad and it is just as delicious as it looked when I watched the show. I loved the idea of a fresh salad on a cheesy pizza and was not disappointed with the result! I made the tomato basil mixture early in the morning to let all the flavors sit and really soak in. And I've tried several pizza dough recipes...

Reviewed linguine with sausage and mushrooms

Mar 24, 2014 on

My family really liked this! It's quick, hearty and delicious. I used a 14 oz can of diced tomatoes because I had it on hand and it worked fine. I think the wine really does add something and should be used over stock. However, I don't think the celery contributes anything to this dish and next time I will leave it out. Definitely a keeper and will...

Reviewed chinese chicken salad

Mar 11, 2014 on

The dressing was delicious. I used different ingredients in the salad using things I already had. I cooked the chicken as suggested by the recipe and it worked well. Will definitely make this again!

Reviewed chinese chicken salad

Mar 11, 2014 on

The dressing was delicious. I used different ingredients in the salad using things I already had. I cooked the chicken as suggested by the recipe and it worked well. Will definitely make this again!

Reviewed cajun cornmeal crusted chicken

Feb 18, 2014 on

Loved this chicken! The crust is fantastic. Ate it with the mustard/mayo suggestion and it was delicious! Will definitely make this again.

Reviewed mustard and brown sugar bbq beef sandwiches

Feb 12, 2014 on

Oooo I loved this! Tangy and tasty! I used light brown sugar and a sirloin tip roast because it's what I had. Will definitely use this again!

Reviewed veal piccata with angel hair and parmigiana-reggiano

Feb 8, 2014 on

Made it with chicken and it was delicious!

Reviewed Berry Scones with Orange Honey Butter

Jan 17, 2014 on

I used store bought buttermilk and only made the scones. They were easy, quick and great tasting. I used strawberries and getting them incoporated into the dough was a little difficult but next time I think having them chopped smaller will help.

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