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Replied to slow-cooker deep-dish pizza

3 hours ago on

I thought he left the lid off the whole time...Hope moe people respond

Reviewed broccoli and cauliflower gratin

7 days ago on

I have a recipe almost identical to this. Mine also includes 1/4 teaspoon of nutmeg. Once, at Christmas I included some small to medium size chopped pieces of red bell pepper to give it a festive pop of color.,& a little worked out well. Another variation I sometimes use is to sweat out 1 small to medium onion in the butter before...

Replied to Real Meatballs and Spaghetti Recipe : Ina Garten : Food Network

Jan 14, 2015 on

Another thing that can negatively change the sauce, is to cook the sauce in the wrong TYPE of pan. Tomatos and other acidic foods NEED a NON-reactive an enamel coated pan/ pot.But NOT aluminum & NOT iron. It can really make a big difference.

Replied to real meatballs and spaghetti

Jan 14, 2015 on

One thing I learned about salt while cooking for cardiac patients....ALOT of breads are LOADED with salt. Some have only 110 mg.of sodium PER SLICE. Others have more than 2x that amt. in EACH slice. So if your bread is amoung the higher ones, then definately reduce the salt in the meatballs.

I LOVE Ina's recipes, but I almost...

Reviewed pasta bolognese

Jan 14, 2015 on

I made this very close to the recipe & followed the directions carefully. The ONLY change was to greatly reduce the salt, as I cook for people on a sodium restricted diet. Even w/o the diet restriction , I recommend using MUCH LESS salt than shown in the show. I used 3/4 TEAspoon kosher in the veggie saute; 1/2 t. in the meat. Then waited...

Reviewed pasta bolognese

Jan 14, 2015 on

I made this very close to the recipe & followed the directions carefully. The ONLY change was to greatly reduce the salt, as I cook for people on a sodium restricted diet. Even w/o the diet restriction , I recommend using MUCH LESS salt than shown in the show. I used 3/4 TEAspoon kosher in the veggie saute; 1/2 t. in the meat. Then waited...

Replied to Pasta Bolognese Recipe : Anne Burrell : Food Network

Jan 9, 2015 on

Love the " seasoned eater comment " LOL. Nice review too. Hope you review more often.

Replied to shepherd's pie

Jan 9, 2015 on

Love the mashed potatoes in this recipe. One tip I found works every time : If you like your mashed CREAMY ; then make sure ALL lumps are mashed/ whipped BEFORE adding any butter or any liquid. Once any moisture is added, the chunks will never quite whip out....they just spin around. If you like a chunky mashed, then add moisture, before all potatoes...

Reviewed smashed sweet potatoes

Dec 26, 2014 on

Elegant and easy for sure! i always make them the day before. Then set them on the counter to come to room temp, and bake. I believe the flavor is much better if the potatoes are roasted in the oven....better by far than boiling, and one less pot to wash. For our taste, we cut the OJ in half, then add just 2T to 3T. more cream, but not fully replacing...

Replied to Smashed Sweet Potatoes Recipe : Ina Garten : Food Network

Dec 26, 2014 on

Sure! That is how I do this dish ALL the time. That way I can make it the day before.

Replied to Chocolate Mint Brownie Bites Recipe : Ree Drummond : Food Network

Dec 21, 2014 on

What a cool kid.....

Reviewed meatballs a la pizzaiola

Dec 19, 2014 on

Excellent 5 star as written. The ONLY change I made was to add 1 extra large egg, since a few people had problems with meatballs falling apart. I had NO problems with that. Some reviews mentioned that chees oozed out, so I bought the smoked mozzerella that was sealed in plastic, rather than the type stored in water. I dipped 2fingers in a bowl of...

Reviewed emeril's meat balls and red gravy

Dec 18, 2014 on

As always Emeril is the go to chef when you need tohave dependable results.This re ipe is perfect proof. Make a double batch and freeze it.....It is worth the wait, but why wait twice.

Replied to banana bread

Dec 11, 2014 on

BTW I have also made this with whole wheat flour in varied amounts. IMO wheat is healthier, but has a " eat this becaue it is good for you taste" So I limit whole wheat flour to no more than a 1/2 C. substitution.Instead I like all unbleached flour, no whole wheat flour,; then add chopped walnuts. That way I still get more fiber, some heart heathy...

Replied to Decadent Brownie Pops Recipe : Anne Thornton : Food Network

Dec 11, 2014 on

Is JUST A GUESS...BUT I have an icing recipe that spreads over the sides of a cake, then hardens. That recipe melts butter into choclate. It hardens when cooled/ chilled. Just like butter does. Start with 1T. Butter, to the icing.. if anyone else has ideas, please respond. Hopefully F.N. will help too

Replied to chicken and rice casserole

Dec 8, 2014 on

While I agree with some of your comments, You are defeating yourself by giving PAULAS' RECCIPE A low mark.It lowers her rating on this recipe. Rate the RECIPE an objective, & useful way..Then Tap the bubble and comment on F.N. & the site,and FN lack of judgment. That way Paulas' recipe andd reputation as aa recipe creator does not

Reviewed emeril's big bird with giblet gravy

Dec 2, 2014 on

The gravy in this recipe is literally perfect. If you can, plan ahead, and buy extra necks and giblets I would 100 % recommend doubling the gravy recipe. Otherwise do not change a thing in the gravy. I did not follow the turkey recipe exact. I did stuff the bird with everything EXCEPT the orange. Plus added 50% more onion celery & carrot and...

Replied to Perfect Roast Turkey Recipe : Ina Garten : Food Network

Nov 25, 2014 on

I did as Donna said AND I have also done a little of both BUT I do NOT double the lemon....In fact ( just for my taste) I only use 1/2 the lemon. Once I even used an apple, (fresh sage and thym)e instead of the lemon, , and that was great too.

Replied to perfect roast turkey

Nov 25, 2014 on

I think you can do it either way. The advantage of a rack is it makes getting the bird out of the pan easier and also the bird does not stick to the pan. It also helps some w/ draining. If you do not have a rack you can use about 3 --4 fat whole carrots ( OR,make fat foil logs) and place the turkey sitting on top of those. OR just give the center...

Replied to Blueberry-Banana Bread Recipe : Giada De Laurentiis : Food Network

Nov 23, 2014 on

Thx. It may be a good idea for FN to add high altitude recommendations as a side editors note in these types of recipes....but since that is not likely to happen, I hope you continue to post. I like in the North east, but travel sometimes. This kind of note helps alot.

Replied to blueberry-banana bread

Nov 23, 2014 on

How long do you bake muffins?

Replied to blueberry-banana bread

Nov 23, 2014 on

Thx for the reminder.

Reviewed banana bread

Nov 23, 2014 on

A few tips for ALL baked goods that will have a huge impact on YOUR rating : 1) ALWAYS fluff up the flour BEFORE measuring. This makes a difference in actual amt. of flour used.(probably why most European measurements use weight rather than cup measurements). It is more CONSISTANT 2) invest just a few dollars in an oven thermometer. Ovens can be...

Replied to Banana Bread with Pecans Recipe : Tyler Florence : Food Network

Nov 22, 2014 on

How long do you bake your mini muffins. ?

Reviewed perfect pot roast

Nov 20, 2014 on

So good as written. Similar to my mother in law's, only she added 1 can( undiluted cream of mushroom soup, 1 t. of gravy master,or kitchen boquet, 1 scant individual serving size can of LOW sodium V-8 (regular is way too salty, & no sodium V8 is nasty tasting).. For the wine, I find that Cabert Sauvignon, or Clarette works well. But Merlot is...

Replied to rich beef barley soup

Nov 19, 2014 on

OOOPS I forgot to mention this is even better when I add chopped portebella mushrooms and about a cup or so of red wine. A clarette or cabernet sauvignon seems to work best for me.ce I even added a few hot peppers( pablano and aneheim), b/ c my guests like spicy foods. That twist went over ery well also.For stock I like to use Emeril' beef stock,...

Reviewed rich beef barley soup

Nov 17, 2014 on

Naturally this is very good. However, I really believe 1small change is essential !! HULLED barley or SCOTCH,or pot barley are all far more preferred over pearl barley.The reason is : pearl barley is the least nutritous,offers NO whole grain benifit at all b/c the pearling process strips the grain. You can find quality barleys hullud ( alo called...

Reviewed beef stock

Nov 17, 2014 on

Naturally this is AMAZING Emeril is an AMAZING TOP KNOTCH CHEF..As written, is OMG....I sometimes add 1pk baby bellas cut up or rough chopped. It is slightly peppery, so I would use just a bit less, for my wimpy pallet. But my family LOVES this as is. It TOTALLY transformed my shepherd's pie recipe. When used in my veggie beef barley soup, it is...

Replied to Green Beans and Tomatoes Recipe : Ree Drummond : Food Network

Nov 17, 2014 on

Have not tried it yet. So I do not want to rate it.Hope you don't mind a piggy back note on your review. I have made an almost identical dish using 2 to 3 medium zucchili 1 small onion ,2 cans Italian Diced Tomatoes, ( NO Salt tomatoes, basil and garlic) plus 1 clove minced garlic. Cut the zucchili in thick ish chunks. Sauted only 15. Minutes...Topped...

Reviewed baked barley

Nov 14, 2014 on

For a richer, vitiamin A enriched side dish, try taking a 32oz carton of no sodium stock (chicken or beef) Add -2 carrots cut in thirds, 1 onion cut in fourths, 2stalks celery, 1small bay leaf, few sprigs of thyme 2-3 garlic cloves. Bring up to a boil.Reuce heat and simmer till reduced down to 2 C..Remove veggies( I toss them out b/c I have by then...

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