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Reviewed Chocolate Hazelnut Phyllo Dessert Fit for Queens

Mar 13, 2014 in null on

This is good, but the drawback is you gotta eat it all soon.

Chef Mommie - now that you';re not afraid to work with phyllo dough, DO try making a baklava. It';s a sinfully rich pastry served in squares or diamond shapes that are VERY small, at most the size of half a pack of cigarettes. It';s phyllo prepared as it...

Reviewed Scalloped Potatoes

Mar 13, 2014 in null on

To Chef #965732: Try mixing the potatoes with a little of the sauce - do it by hand, to be sure each piece is coated. Then layer it per the directions. Also, you can use the shred tool of a food processor, too. A mandoline is nice to have, though. Wish I had one.

This hand-mixing helps in other recipes, too, like when you..

Reviewed Millie's Magnificent Fried Chicken

Mar 13, 2014 in null on

This is truly a fine recipe, but, but, but...

Fried chicken without the skin? I might use boneless, but NEVER skinless.

I really like the idea of pre-cooking the chicken meat somewhat. I';ve often had a problem with fried chicken that';s perfect, except it';s still pink inside. I usually nuke ...

New Topic Submitting recipes and/or advice and tips in Customer Support

Mar 7, 2014 on

"Years ago, this site had a prominent button on its recipe pages where members could offer recipes.

I came here today to look for interesting new recipes for liver, but I couldn't add one, nor could I submit some of my tips on cooking liver.

What has gone wrong here?"

Reviewed Spaghetti Alla Carbonara (Charcoal-Maker's Spaghetti)

Jan 27, 2014 in null on

I absolutely adore spaghetti carbonara. Delicious as classic spaghetti may be, one often needs a change of pace. And pasta salads and mac and cheese don';t fill the bill. A creamy sauce instead of marinara is perfect. And this carbonara is truly fine.

Being who I am, though, I can';t help but want certain additions. W...

Reviewed Potsie's Creamed Chicken and Biscuits Casserole

Jun 15, 2013 in null on

Delicious, and definitely a fine comfort food. Easy, versatile, even for company.

I improved it. Instead of cream of chicken soup, I used cream of mushroom, and sauteed some fresh shrooms with the other stuff, too. I didn';t also sautee celery, but it';d be good. I like the addition of peas and carrots, and would like...

Reviewed Guacamole

Jun 14, 2013 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

What's this? No garlic? I added a goodly amount of minced garlic - so should you.

Reviewed Authentic Chinese Fried Rice

Jun 10, 2013 in null on

Highly inferior recipe. When I lived near campus, a Chinese lady upstairs presented me with a HUGE box of instant rice. She said it was inedible, and also couldn';t be eaten with chopsticks!

I don';t know why anyone would use it. A 2-1 ratio of water to rice, brought to a boil, covered well and cooked, unmolested, on ...

Reviewed Portobello Mushrooms

Jun 5, 2013 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Delicious. But not good enough for this kid! I like to cook them this way but with minced garlic, onions, mushrooms, and red bells to fill the mushroom caps (some people remove the fins and stem, but I remove only stems that seem tough). The whole gets topped with a favorite shredded cheese. I prefer the yellow ones like jack or swiss. Now bake ti"

Reviewed Best Burger Ever

Jun 5, 2013 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

While the inclusion of the softer and more tender meats DID make a big difference (juicier and more tender), I see little else to make this recipe outstanding.

But if a burger that is pure meat is your goal, then this recipe fills the bill eloquently. Especially on the grill.

The coarser grind does mean that the...

Reviewed German-Style Crisp Potato Pancakes

Apr 23, 2013 in null on

This is an outstanding recipe. The addition of caraway adds a new dimension to the same-old same-old varieties. Most delightful.

I think the lady who got a mess when she made this was using a mixture that was too moist. If using leftover spuds that aren';t dry enough, add a Tb of flour at a time until the texture is thick...

New Topic Oven problem in Cooking Q & A

Feb 6, 2013 on

"I have a very old stove that I got from a landlord when I moved. I have no idea how old it is, but I've had it for 19 years now.

Using a hanging thermometer, it seems my oven doesn't quite make the grade to 300 F.

For most things, it's no big deal. I have to roast foods a lot longer, but cakes and pies turn out okay. Sometimes I do need more ..."

New Topic Shrooms, glorious shrooms! But what to do about bitterness? in Cooking Q & A

Jan 4, 2013 on

"I absolutely salivate for mushrooms! I use them often. There's one problem I've had for a long time. If you put enough mushrooms in any dish, a bitter aftertaste is guaranteed.

Now, I know that adding a weensy amount of sugar to the dish can combat bitterness - in cucumber salads, too. Several favorite veggies have bitterness that is an unpleasa..."

New Topic Is there an expert on Har Gow to answer my questions? in Asian Cooking

Dec 28, 2012 on

"I'm suffering some confusion about making Har Gow. To save you some time, refer to my question at:

I don't understand the need for two kinds of starch. Wouldn't cornstarch alone do the job? Or rice starch? I have both, but do not have wheat starch. The people over there seemed to think wheat..."

New Topic Question:Har Gow (Shrimp Dumplings) in Cooking Q & A

Dec 28, 2012 on

"Har Gow (Shrimp Dumplings)

I want to make har gow. I'm disabled, and can't spend much time in the kitchen, so I want to make this dish over several days. I want to freeze both the dough and the filling. Then I'll use some of it to make the little pouches and steam them - en..."

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