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Reviewed homemade marshmallows

Dec 14, 2014 on

So good! So easy! Can't imagine buying marshmallows again! After I cut mine into cubes I tossed them with some powdered sugar and corn starch and they stored perfectly! Then I dipped them in chocolate and it made them that much better! There are so many marshmallow recipes out there and this is easy with great results! Winner!

Reviewed lemon ricotta cookies with lemon glaze

Dec 14, 2014 on

Wow! These are good!! Easy and good!! I want to through ricotta in every cookie I make now! I will admit that among all my other holiday cookies these fell short on the beauty factor but once I told people what they were and they tried them they couldn't stop raving about them. A year round keeper!

Reviewed homemade soft pretzels

Dec 6, 2014 on

I love pretzels! If you are reading this then you do too! Smart! I am a cook but baking is a bit more of a task for me so I was concerned this would be a miss but boy was it not!! These were easy and absolutely perfect! I followed the directions and the entire batch was chewy, salty, buttery goodness. To those who have issues with the yeast not foaming,...

Reviewed welsh rarebit

Dec 6, 2014 on

Holy cow, this is good!! I like fondue but I was looking for a cheese sauce with a bit more depth (yes, I said it!!!) and this fit the bill!! Cheese+beer+W sauce+cream= Heaven! This was smooth and creamy and had just the right bite. I paired it with Alton's homemade soft pretzels and I must say...perfection!!

Reviewed classic spaghetti carbonara

Nov 22, 2014 on

Wow! This was fantastic! I enjoy cooking...the complicated, all day in the kitchen, 50 things to buy at the store type of cooking and that's why I have never made a carbonara before. Low and behold a Friday night came when I had to come up with something fast so I decided to give Emeril's a try. Does Emeril ever disappoint? NO! This was so rich and...

Reviewed ham and cheese pan souffle

Aug 15, 2014 on

A great dish! To be honest I only made this to get rid of the excess of eggs I had in my fridge but it turned out fabulous! I followed the recipe to a T and though I was on the verge of swapping out cheddar for the Manchego I am so happy that I didn't as the Manchego gave it a depth that I think would've lacked with everyday cheddar. (I just remembered...

Reviewed curried potatoes and chickpeas

Jul 8, 2014 on

Wow! So good! Made it on a whim and it turned out even better than I expected! My husband is not a fan of chickpeas. He humored me in trying it, but then humored himself by finishing his entire plate! I made this with tandoori chicken and homemade naan and the yogurt sauce that went with this dish was a perfect accompaniment for the rest of them....

Reviewed Pasta Dough for Ravioli

Sep 22, 2013 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Go to for ravioli! I did add 2 tbs of cold water to get a proper ball to form in the mixer but that could have just been a lack of patience on my part. Never easier, never yummier! "

Reviewed Oven-Roasted Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Sep 1, 2013 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

This is very, very good!! So different from your typical pulled pork, but it still pleased the masses! The sauce (which I wouldn't call a barbecue sauce) is tangy and layered with flavors with a great bite to it! I think the sauce would be great on brats or with a soft pretzel too! The pork is perfect and I love how it's roasted, brings out all th"

Reviewed Thai Chicken with Carrot-Ginger Salad

Jul 12, 2013 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Super yummy! The chicken was spot on perfect! Chicken get soooo boring now a days but this was different and tasty...and the skin on chicken was a treat from the typical skinless, boneless. The carrot salad was also good though I think next time I will add a bit of sweetness, maybe a touch of honey and chop up a jalapeno as well for some kick. Kee"

Reviewed Sausage and Broccolini Risotto

Feb 28, 2013 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

I have a risotto recipe that I am madly in love with so it was hard for me to venture off but this was worth it!! Just delicious, creamy and rich...exactly what a risotto should be! I love the sweet italian sausage and may start using fontina cheese more now that I know how creamy and un-stringy it can be. The broccolini was a bit stringy but I th"

Reviewed Dragon's Breath Chili

Nov 13, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Holy geeze! This is good! Don't let the long list scare you (or the name for that matter). All you have to buy are some easy to find meats, a few peppers and a couple cans of tomatoes, the rest you probably already have. I have tried so many chili recipes and they all taste the same, this is above and beyond a typical chili. I will never make anot"

Reviewed Grilled Marinated Flank Steaks

Jul 5, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Keeper! Easy and very flavorful! I am not a huge steak marinade fan as they also end up being just extra work and don't end up being too flavorful but this was rich and tasty, the perfect match for an inexpensive cut of meat! I didn't read the reviews before but I did go generous on the wine (why not?!) and did use low sodium soy sauce as that's w"

Reviewed Strawberry-Soda Ice Cream

Jul 2, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

This is my new go-to ice cream recipe! I have made it all, custards, gelato, sorbets but this has everything in one easy package! Super creamy and fruity but super simple and I love that you don't have to worry about eggs, etc. The strawberry was great and I love the bits of fruit. I didn't have Big Red but regular cream soda worked great, if you "

Reviewed Cheese and Beer Soup with Garlic Croutons and Kielbasa Sausage

Mar 5, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Overall this was a good beer/cheese soup. Would be easy to make too salty as cheese is salty as it is so make sure you stock is low sodium. To keep it from getting too "floury" tasting, make sure you cook the flour well in the oil and veggies before adding in the liquid. This is a rich soup, nothing something you go to every week, but this is a...

Reviewed Orange Brownies

Mar 4, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Love this recipe! I made it just to change up from the typical chocolate brownies and was super impressed! They have a great dense brownie texture with a light citrus taste. I admit that I did cut back on the sugar a bit and it was plenty sweet. This will now be my go to for summer bars. I imagine that they would be easily exchanged with any t...

Reviewed Cinnamon-Chocolate Fudge

Dec 4, 2011 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

This is my go to recipe for fudge, so easy and so delicious! This year I also added 1/4 tsp of cayenne pepper to give it a little spicy kick at the end. A fun twist and tasty! ""

Reviewed Sunny Anderson's Steak Fajitas with Chimichurri and Drunken Peppers

Jul 5, 2011 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Great meal! Love your chimichurri. I used the extra for tuna salad which gave it a fresh kick! I had the meat tenderized which allowed for more flavor to penetrate the meat and thought the drunken peppers were a nice twist on the typical sauteed bell peppers and onions. Top to bottom, a keeper of a dish! "

Reviewed Arancine with Ragu

May 8, 2011 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

These were wonderful! I added cheese to mine as well and the little extra creamy treat was a nice addition. Also, I used panko bread crumbs. Keeper! "

Reviewed Braised Pork Tacos

May 3, 2011 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Great recipe! Don't skip over making the pickled red onions, I almost did as I shy away from them in general but they were excellent with the red cabbage over this flavorful fall apart tender pork! I found my pantry missing the white wine vinegar so I used half white vinegar, half red wine vinegar and it turned out perfect! This is one of the best"

Reviewed Old-Time Beef Stew

Dec 30, 2010 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

This is a great base for any way you want to take your stew. I always choose to cut my own stew meat from a nice roast, which ensured extra tender meat. You could add wine, vinegar, potatoes, root veggies, pretty much anything you have on hand and you would have a great dish. Thanks again Paula!

Reviewed Chicken and Dumplings

Dec 29, 2010 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

I have always wanted to make chicken and dumplings. This is the first and last recipe I will ever need! It was great! I did make my dumplings more plump and square rather than "noodle-like" and it still turned out very well. This will be a new addition in my rotation of family favorites. I will just pretend it doesnt have 10 tablespoons of butter...

Reviewed Fleur De Sel Caramels

Dec 1, 2010 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

I am certainly no candy expert, in fact I went into this recipe thinking my first time would be a failure. But I followed the instructions and they were perfect!! My friends are so impressed, as well as myself! One helpful hint may be to pick up the Dec. Food Network Mag that has pictured step by step instructions for this recipe. This is a new classic!...

Reviewed Cinnamon-Chocolate Fudge

Dec 1, 2010 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Great recipe!! Tastes much more difficult than it is! The cinnamon adds a great layer of flavor from your tpical fudge and the good salt sprinkled on top enhances everything! This is a new favorite!

Reviewed Tacos Carne Asada

Oct 29, 2010 in Food Network Community Toolbox on Food Network

This mojo sauce in this recipe is a new staple in my kitchen!! I love it and use it in everything from making quacamole to quesadillas and marinades!

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