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Replied to Chocolate Fudge Recipe : Alton Brown : Food Network

Dec 2, 2014 on

Exactly, fudgelady11! I just commented on another person's post. Each thermometer may not be accurate; and like you, I'm a mile above sea level. My adjustment is 12� based on my altitude and my personal thermometer. Just boil water to see what temperature it boils at, then either subtract (for high-altitude) or add (for below sea level) the difference...

Replied to Chocolate Fudge Recipe : Alton Brown : Food Network

Dec 2, 2014 on

hiTest to see whether your thermometer is reading correctly. Another thing to take into account is how high the humidity is. If it's raining or snowing or very humid...candy doesn't set correctly.

Replied to chocolate fudge

Dec 2, 2014 on

If you are at high-altitude, you need to find out at what temperature water boils with your thermometer. Water boils at 212� at sea level. It will boil at a lower temperature above sea level and at a higher temperature below sea level. When I tested my thermometer, I found that water boiled at 200�. So when I am making candy, I subtract 12� from...

Replied to Peanut Brittle

Dec 6, 2013 on

So, my post wasn't constructive or helpful? If these corrections need to be made, why don't YOU fix the recipe FoodNetwork???

Replied to Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroons

Dec 6, 2013 on

Sorry Alton...I like these:

Replied to Toasty Coconut Macaroons

Dec 6, 2013 on

I always make Gale Gand's macaroons, which have melted chocolate on the bottom...mmmmmmmmmmm!

Replied to Meatloaf

Nov 9, 2013 on

What's with the Spelling Police???

Replied to Strawberry Jam

Nov 9, 2013 on

It's clear enough to me that (49-g) package means a 49 gram package. The recipe says to use 1 1/2 of those 49 gram packages. I guess by sending people to YOUR blog, you think YOU are better than Ree.

Reviewed Strawberry Jam

Nov 9, 2013 on

What I think is that, when compared to Ree's original recipe, the Food Network "ADMIN CUST SVC" took all of the Ree out of the recipe. So, how can you still call it Ree's recipe? Food Network left the video in, and you can clearly see that there were 7 1/2 cups of the mashed strawberries, more lemon juice based on THAT amount of strawberries, more...

Reviewed Cinnamon Buns

Dec 6, 2010 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Sorry, I haven't tried these yet.

I just wanted to state that advertising in a recipe review is NOT cool. That's what I think.

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