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Reviewed Foil Pack Taco Chicken Dinner

Aug 20, 2014 in on

Sounded so good but was disappointed. We sliced the potatoes super thin as previously suggested cooked it longer and they were still not done. Chicken was bland. Would not recommend it."

Reviewed Crunchy Noodle Salad *Award Winning*

Jul 30, 2014 in on

Wonderful dish!! Easy to prepare and great to eat. Plus no cooking!! We had the leftovers for lunch the next day. And although the noodles had lost their crunch, it still had its great taste. Thanks !!"

Reviewed Hash Browns Omelet

Mar 7, 2014 in on

wonderful! wonderful!! one of the rare recipes that I won';t change at all! Fixed it for dinner with a small salad.. Delicious, delicious!! Its going into my favorites file and will be used many more times.. thanks for posting it.. I sure appreciate it!!"

Reviewed Leftover Mashed Potato Cakes

Dec 16, 2013 in on

I have been making potato cakes for 54 years, and did pretty good, if I must say so.. but these are the best! Thanks for posting this recipe.. its going in my special file for use many many times.."

Reviewed Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta

Oct 18, 2013 in on

I made this tonite because of the rave reviews, and I love Cajun. It was ok.. I did not fine anything exceptional about it. I even followed some of the tips given by other viewers. I won';t be making this again."

New Topic 40 shakes Cosmo in Cooking Q & A

Aug 13, 2013 on

"Some years ago my sis sent me a recipe for either a crantini or a Cosmo that you shake 40 times. I have other recipes but this is the one I want. Would anyone happen to have this one?"

Reviewed Red Pepper Relish

Jun 14, 2013 in on

I would like to praise and thank you for your comment and honesty concerning the sweetness of this recipe. I am pre-diabetic and need to watch my sugar. Besides, I don';t care for sweets. I';ve been wanting to fix a dish like this. Thanks for being honest."

New Topic southwestern cream cheese chicken casserole in Cooking Q & A

Apr 5, 2013 on

"I found a recipe for the above recipe, and it didn't take milk, cheddar cheese, flour, soup.. but it took chicken baked 25 min. then Philadelphia cheese mixed with queso something cheese, and made into a sauce and poured over it and baked some more. I cannot find the recipe again.. does anyone with to share one??? thanks.. i'd sure appreciate it."

Reviewed Pork Chops O'brien

Mar 8, 2013 in on

We loved this recipe! Had some leftovers, and I'm going to sprinkle extra french onion rings and some extra cheese on top when I warm it up tonite. thanks for posting a great recipe.. and you know, if you wanted too, you could leave off the pork chops and it would make a great side dish!"

Reviewed Fantastic Taco Casserole

Mar 6, 2013 in on

I have only one comment.. yuck!"

Reviewed Knife-And-Fork Breakfast Burrito

Mar 5, 2013 in on

Loved this dish! made it for dinner, and served with a twice baked potato. we added mexican chorizo, and onions. We prepared the chorizo first, with the onions.. then continued with the recipe.
We had never tried queso fresco before, and doing research on it didn't help.. some said it was tangy and salty like feta cheese, and others said it w...

New Topic recipe using sargento's 6 cheese in Recipe Requests - General

Dec 20, 2012 on

"I've been to their site, but its terribly hard to manipulate the site, and find exactly what you want. I thought maybe some of you had tried the pkg of 6 cheese in recipes and would be willing to share. Thanks."

New Topic grilling cod with stovetop grill in Cooking Q & A

Dec 16, 2012 on

"We always have a problem grilling frozen cod. It seems to contain far too much moisture, is hard to sear, and also get done before it overcooked. I read a tip someplace on how to remove some of the moisture from frozen cod so you don't have this problem. Trouble is, I can't remember it, or find it again. Does anyone know how to remove some of the m..."

New Topic using a can of sweet spicy peaches in Cooking Q & A

Dec 7, 2012 on

"I have a can of Margaret Holmes spiced peaches, and other then a jello salad, I can't find anything to do with them. Anyone have recipes using spiced peaches, preferrably in a main dish, but anything would be great... thanks."

Reviewed Lone Star Steakhouse Steak Sauce

Dec 3, 2012 in on

very disappointed in this recipe. way, way, too lemony."

Reviewed Simple Beef Stock a La Julia Child

Dec 1, 2012 in on

used this for making french onion soup tonight, and its the nastiest stuff we have ever had the misfortune to come across."

Reviewed Apple Cinnamon Sugared Muffins (From a CAKE MIX!)

Nov 22, 2012 in on

tried these for breakfast.. delicious.. after I add some walnuts to them they will be excellent!. We don't do sugar, and you can't find a yellow cake mix with pudding mix that is sugar free, (at least, not around here) so, I bought a yellow sugar free cake mix AND a sugarfree vanilla pudding mix and mixed them both in the recipe. I also used sple...

Reviewed Classic Fried Catfish

Oct 11, 2012 in on

What a wonderful wonderful recipe! I can't believe I am the first one to review it! If you like really good fried fish, this is a must.. you won't find any better.. out of this world thank you so very much for posting this."

New Topic eggs benedict with curds and lemon juice in Cooking Q & A

Sep 29, 2012 on

"Just got back from new england, and a cafe called freeport served eggs benedict which had curds and lemon juice in it, according to the server. I can't find a recipe that calls for curds.(what are they anyhow) Does anyone have such a recipe? I'd sure love to have a copy of it. Thanks."

Reviewed Chicken Alfredo - Low Carb

Sep 14, 2012 in on

I have low carbed before, but missed this terrific dish. Wonderful. Served it over dreamfields angel hair pasta, which I simply added butter, salt pepper, and basil to . Wonderful, wonderful!"

Reviewed Olive Garden Caprese Flatbread

Aug 29, 2012 in on

this is not like what we recently had at olive gardens. I made it exactly like the recipe, and it wasn't satisfactory.. I made it on some crispy sourdough bread, and it was better, but still not like I had at Olive gardens."

Reviewed Bruschetta Chicken

Aug 18, 2012 in on

no reviews?? Somebody is missing a great dish! This is fantastic! there should be more stars to give it. We went "mmmmm" with each and every bite. I wouldn't change a single thing about it. I am putting it at the top of my ' repeat again and again' list.. Thank you for a dish that I and my husband cannot praise enough. I can't believe so many pe...

New Topic layered macaroni and cheese in Cooking Q & A

Aug 12, 2012 on

"My mother in law used to make the best mac and cheese, and my husband wants me to make some like it. Its been years and years since I made it. I remember the ingredients, and the method, but the 'sauce' was too runny the last time I tried it. Here is what she did.. no eggs... I hate eggs in mac and cheese.. She cooked the macaroni, then she put la..."

Reviewed Kittencal's Italian Melt-In-Your-Mouth Meatballs

Aug 7, 2012 in on

thanks you! I made spaghetti and meatballs for 50 years, but I am 70 now, and don't cook like that anymore. I use to make wonderful meatballs, with no recipe. You know the old saying,"use it or lose it?" Your recipe fascinated me, because it sounded exactly the way MY recipes used to read. they were wonderful! thank you so much for helping an old...

Reviewed Spiked Strawberry-Lime Ice-Cream Pie

Jul 27, 2012 in on

This was really good, but I don't think it really needs the crust. All it adds is some crunch, not taste. Next time i will make it without . I am invisioning other combinations . It has great possibilities. I didn't want one big dessert so I divided it up in small ramikens, and after it was froze I put them in zip lock bags. I also made only half...

New Topic Recipe #385099 in Cooking Q & A

Jun 28, 2012 on

"I made this breadstick recipe, and it sounded so great. Suppose to turn out soft. I followed it exactly, and the sticks did not raise after I formed them and let them set like recipe said. (it's not my starter.. mine is 41 years old,so I know what I am doing) Nowhere did it mention added yeast. Was this an oversight? I have a rule of thumb.. first..."

Reviewed Baked Parmesan Garlic Chicken Wings

Jun 25, 2012 in on

We really did like the taste of these wings.. great flavor, but I found the "oil,' (or butter, or oil and butter) and the seasonings and parmesan did not leave a dry mix to put on the wings It wasn't wet either. and altho it tasted wonderful, I think there must be a better way of using the final step. It really was a challenge to get it to stick ...

Reviewed 3-2-1 Cake

Jun 10, 2012 in on

I love this recipe also! It is so great for making 1 or 2 servings, and not have leftovers. I like mixing the lemon cake mix with the angel food mix, then when I make it, I put a tablespoon of lemon curd in the middle of the batter. Soon as it comes out of the oven I frost it with chocolate frosting so it will melt over the cake. Delicious! so ma...

Reviewed Oven Baked Chicken and Aubergine (Egg Plant) Parmigiana

May 12, 2012 in on

this was so good! I'll make it a million times in the future. I used the kalamata olives because they give the dish its unique flavor. I don't keep tomato puree available to just use such a small amount, so I happened to have some homemade spaghetti sauce in my freezer, so I used that. We'd never had egg plant before, and didn't care for it. But,...

New Topic healthier version of martha white's chocolate chocolate chip in Cooking Q & A

Apr 30, 2012 on

"I got a recipe for martha white's "Ultimate Ice Cream Sandwich" using her chocolate chocolate chip muffin mix, but would like to make my own version of the mix so I could make it healthier, and with splenda instead of sugar. Has anyone tried this, or have any suggestions?"

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