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Reviewed Tuna Mushroom Casserole

Nov 20, 2014 in on

Been a while since I made this, but it was awesome. Even my wife who isn';t a lover of hot tuna, really enjoyed it. Di';s stuff is so been all top notch."

Shared Recipe Avocado White Bean Hummus

Apr 9, 2014 on

"Created for my wife who is not a fan of Garbanzo beans. This is super easy to make and quite tasty."

Reviewed Easy Peezy Pizza Dough (Bread Machine Pizza Dough)

Mar 27, 2014 in on

This has been my go to recipe for a long time. Have a stand mixer now, I still make it this way. I bloom the yeast and sugar together for ten minutes, then add to the flour. Knead for several minutes and let rise for an hour. Punch down and another 30 and it';s ready to go. Even makes a decent loaf of bread."

Reviewed Lumpia - Simple and Easy

Mar 20, 2014 in on

I am a Lumpia newbie. The only wrappers I could find were spring roll wrappers. Not ideal, but I made it work. Not as hard as I thought it would be.

Had a co-worker that used to make this for Christmas every year. Great stuff, thanks for sharing."

Saved Recipe Lumpia - Simple and Easy by George Clement

Mar 20, 2014 on

Reviewed Easy Scalloped Potatoes

Nov 2, 2013 in on

This is a great go to recipe. I screwed up and added foil to the top as I put a ham steak on the top when I baked it. My fault. The taste was spot on. Thanks for sharing. Easy to assemble."

Reviewed Should Be Illegal Oven BBQ Ribs

Mar 22, 2013 in on

The only sugar I use is the honey and then add about 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Too sweet for my tastes. I also took all the drippings, reduced it to a thick sauce, then painted it back on. Yum. Not our first time making these, won';t be our last.

You can also use this for 5 pounds of wings, but you have to do...

Saved Recipe Quincy's Yeast Rolls by BizIntelligenceMonkey

Nov 15, 2012 on

Added Recipe Photo to Blueberry Cheesecake Bars (Shortbreat Crust)

Aug 5, 2012 on

Shared Recipe Mac and Cheese Salad

Aug 4, 2012 on

"Recently bought a container from a local chain grocery store. I made this according to what I taste in the salad. Not a huge Mac N Cheese guy, or macaroni salad either. This is very good. The fresh spinach is a nice addition."

Shared Recipe Blueberry Cheesecake Bars (Shortbreat Crust)

Aug 4, 2012 on

"I can't remember where I got this, but it rocks. One happy accident which I didn't do this time, is to mix the pie filling or preserves into the cheesecake batter. Makes it more stable for transport and handling."

Saved Recipe Sore-and-strep-throat-away Gargle by DeSouter

Jun 24, 2012 on

Saved Recipe Chicken Liver Dog Biscuits by PainterCook

Jun 8, 2012 on

New Topic Kitchenaid pastamaker (old style) two part question in Kitchen Gadgets & Appliances

Mar 2, 2012 on


One of my wife's friends didn't like it, so we got it for the postage to send it to us. I tried to make a batch last night with mediocre results at best.

The dough was too sticky, not sure what I did wrong. It didn't separate as it came out of the extruder. Any tips and recipes to f..."

Reviewed Chewy Chocolate Cookies

Feb 16, 2012 in on

Followed the recipe exactly. Even after spraying the foil, I could not get the cookies to release without ruining the shape. Wound up throwing out 3/4 of the recipe."

Saved Recipe Easy Girl Scout Thin Mints by okpat1

Feb 10, 2012 on

Reviewed Rosemary Walnuts

Dec 24, 2011 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Easy and very tasty. I backed off just a bit on the cayenne just in case. Not as hot as you'd think for 1/2 tsp per batch. I could see these being very addictive. ""

Saved Recipe Asparagus Casserole by linda shoaf

Nov 20, 2011 on

New Topic Share link wierd in Customer Support

Nov 12, 2011 on

"Whenever I come into the site now, before it looks at my account, it comes up with an odd share site. I have to stop the page and sign in."

Saved Recipe Grandpa Cooley's Angry Deviled Eggs by NELady

Oct 20, 2011 on

Saved Recipe Sweet Cornbread by Mike Garcia

Oct 5, 2011 on

Added Recipe Photo to Any Fruit Cobbler-In a Hurry

Oct 5, 2011 on

Reviewed Any Fruit Cobbler-In a Hurry

Oct 5, 2011 in on

I peeled and chopped some apples and pears. Add the sugar, water and cinnamon to the pot and boiled the fruit until it was a little softer. Added the fruit, batter, and sprinkled a bit of cornstarch on top before pouring the now hot water mix over. As you can see from the photo, it came out great. Taste was perfect. Thanks for sharing."

Saved Recipe Any Fruit Cobbler-In a Hurry by oilpatchjo

Oct 5, 2011 on

Added Recipe Photo to Jalapeno Cheesecake (Savory)

Oct 5, 2011 on

Added Recipe Photo to Jalapeno Cheesecake (Savory)

Oct 5, 2011 on

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