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Saved Recipe Chicken Pot Pie Turnovers-Yum! by Sharon123

Nov 29, 2013 on

Saved Recipe Japanese Mum's Chicken by JustJanS

Nov 29, 2013 on

Reviewed Mirliton Soup

Nov 24, 2013 in on

Got a great deal on mirlitons but didn';t want to do the standard stuffed or a casserole. This soup was great! It didn';t say why color roux to make so I made a judgment call and stopped it at a deep caramel colored. Perfect choice! Very good and will be making this again very soon."

Saved Recipe Mirliton Soup by -Mary-

Nov 24, 2013 on

Saved Recipe Panera Broccoli Cheese Soup by chefnini

Nov 4, 2013 on

Saved Recipe Balsamic Chicken Thighs by mickie49

Jul 16, 2013 on

Saved Recipe Spinach Strawberry Salad by Charlotte J

Jun 4, 2013 on

Favorited Chef Deely

Jun 4, 2013 on

Reviewed Ice Cubes

Feb 15, 2013 in on

Would you consider this gluten free/dairy free/egg free/soy free? I think so!! Finally, something I can make without having reactions! Thanks!!"

Added Recipe Photo to Tator Tot Casserole

Jan 11, 2013 on

Saved Recipe Grits and Greens by breezermom

Jan 10, 2013 on

Shared Recipe Corn Pudding

Mar 18, 2012 on

"Great for family gatherings, potlucks, church fellowships. Even better when you have fresh from the garden corn instead of canned!"

Shared Recipe Old Fashioned Chocolate Pie

Mar 18, 2012 on

"Now THIS is a chocolate pie."

Shared Recipe Chocolate Chip Poundcake

Mar 18, 2012 on

"Even as a child, I was never a big cake eater. This disturbs many people, but I just don't care for most cakes. This one, however, was my one downfall and my mother would make it for my birthday every year instead of those yucky birthday cakes with icing (yuck!)."

Shared Recipe Sweet Potato Casserole With Praline Topping

Mar 18, 2012 on

"This dish is a staple at all my family's gatherings."

Shared Recipe Baked Spinach & Artichoke Casserole

Mar 18, 2012 on

"Great for taking to family dinners or holidays."

Shared Recipe Hot Chocolate Mix

Mar 18, 2012 on

"Unfortunately, I live in South Louisiana and we have maybe 3 or 4 days a year where it's cold enough for me to drink hot chocolate. On the other days of winter, I just turn on the A/C and pretend. My mother would make a big batch of this mix at the beginning of every winter. When I was old enough to buy my own groceries (in college), I bought a ..."

Shared Recipe Rolo Bars

Mar 18, 2012 on

"One of the first things I learned to make growing up. And now I only make these at Christmas as one of my special holiday treats."

Saved Recipe Scalloped Asparagus by loof

Mar 18, 2012 on

Favorited Chef Jetjouster

Mar 17, 2012 on

Saved Recipe Blood Orange Margarita by Jetjouster

Mar 17, 2012 on

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