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Shared Recipe Pumpkin French Toast Waffles

9 hours ago on

"Ok so Christina Lane has this awesome food blog but there's some awesome recipes that I just have to try. Do go to the original link as there's more thank just recipes posted.

Original post:"

Shared Recipe Food Babe's Turmeric Cooler Juice

9 hours ago on

"Was looking for Turmeric recipes and came across this one. Now all I need is a juicer.

Here's the link to Food Babe's original post:"

Shared Recipe Apple Cider Caramels

11 hours ago on

"Christina Lane has this blog full of yummy recipes. I'm going to try this one tonight. Although I don't have little wrappers. Anyway when I see a recipe I want to try or like I added it here. You should click the link its more than just the recipe.

Here is the original post:"

Shared Recipe Gooey Butter Cake Cookies

1 day ago on

"Sounds yummy & totally different than the other similar recipes listed on here. Original recipe can be found here:"

Shared Recipe Buttermilk Substitute

Sep 29, 2014 on

"Tripped over this while looking to see if one could substitute regular milk for Buttermilk. I didn't exactly find the answer but this was a good solution. Now I just need white vinegar or Lemon juice. LOL"

Reviewed Banana-Oatmeal Bread

Sep 29, 2014 in on

LOL, I did change ingredients but mostly due to not having them. I used brown sugar instead of regular. Didn';t have butter milk or the ingredients to make my own buttermilk so used whole milk. Also didn';t have vegetable oil so I used peanut oil. So it kind of had a nutty flavor. I like one person';s idea of cooking the oats first. D...

Shared Recipe The Smoker King: Simple BBQ Mop

Sep 23, 2014 on

"The smoker king has lots of great recipes. This was the 1st MOP I've ever tried and was pleased with the results! (


1. This BBQ mop can be applied with a mop brush or by placing the finished produce in a spray bottle. (Let the mop cool before placing in a spray bottle.). The apple juice is a great addition to a..."

Reviewed Sriracha Popcorn

Sep 4, 2014 in on

OMG! So yummy! I only used 1/2 but it was so yummy thank you for posting it!"

Reviewed Sardine Deviled Eggs

May 30, 2014 in on

Last time I had Sardines I didn';t like them. For some reason I had a craving to buy some. In doing so found this & tried it. I forgot to add the mustard but it was still surprisingly good! Will do again."

Reviewed Tuna-Rice Balls

Apr 9, 2014 in on

Not bad didn';t care for the pickles. It may have been better had I used relish."

Shared Recipe Hardtack and Gravy

Dec 30, 2013 on

"Saw this on Survival News Online. Sounded good and there's no recipe like this on here so I'm placing it here not only to share but so I can find it easily."

Shared Recipe Simple Hardtack

Dec 30, 2013 on

"The other recipes on here have more ingredients this is a simple basic way to make it.

Perfect survival food. I recall when I was younger them having some on a plate at Plymouth Plantation and they said that even though it was hundreds of years old it was still ok to eat.

This recipe was found on Survival News Online.


Saved Recipe Savory Hardtack by Tarkio

Dec 30, 2013 on

Saved Recipe Savory Hardtack by Tarkio

Dec 30, 2013 on

Saved Recipe Hardtack by Molly53

Dec 30, 2013 on

Saved Recipe Hardtack by Molly53

Dec 30, 2013 on

Reviewed Fabulously Easy Yorkshire Pudding

Aug 5, 2013 in on

They kind of remind me of doughnuts. Loved it & so does my parrot."

Saved Recipe Yorkshire Pudding by Tasty Tidbits

Aug 5, 2013 on

Saved Recipe Pumpkin Juice by singtoangels

Aug 3, 2013 on

Saved Recipe Pumpkin Juice by singtoangels

Aug 3, 2013 on

Saved Recipe Harry Potter Butter Beer by mightymax84041

Aug 3, 2013 on

Saved Recipe Grandma's Egg Custard Pie by cookiedog

Jul 28, 2013 on

Saved Recipe Old-Fashioned Rice Custard by Gayle M

Jul 28, 2013 on

Saved Recipe Mexican Flan (Baked caramel Custard) by Bergy

Jul 28, 2013 on

Saved Recipe Rice Pudding by Cheryl E

Jul 28, 2013 on

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