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New Topic THAW FIRST OR NOT? in Cooking Q & A

Jun 27, 2013 on

"Good Morning one and all -- I made some baked steak fries and put what was left in the freezer. I am unsure as how to proceed in heating them up again. Do I thaw them first and try to go from there or do I try to do them like the frozen store bought French fries straight out of the bag? -- I'm thinking if I thaw them, they will just be kind of mus..."

New Topic Question:Shrimp/Prawn- Salad- for- Summer in Cooking Q & A

Jun 13, 2013 on

"Shrimp/Prawn Salad for Summer -- Good day! -- One reviewer said that she subbed mustard powder for the horseradish. Would that be in equal amounts do you think? My husband is not a huge fan of horseradish , but a TBLSP. of mustard powder seems like a lot to me -- even tho..."

New Topic Question:Beef- Shank- Stew- a- La- Crock- Pot in Cooking Q & A

Mar 20, 2013 on

"Beef Shank Stew a La Crock Pot I understand that Wondra flour is finer than regular flour. But could you just use regular flour anyway? Maybe sift it? I don't see myself using the whole container of Wondra much beyond this recipe. Thanks -- Pam"

New Topic Question:Crock- Pot- Pork- Chops- and- Mushrooms in Cooking Q & A

Jan 17, 2013 on

"Crock Pot Pork Chops and Mushrooms -- Hello fellow chefs! -- I have a recipe very similar to this one that I want to make. Usually I do it in the oven, but I need my oven for something else and I HAVE to use my 61/2 to 7 qt. crock pot. I don't have a smaller crock p..."

New Topic FROZEN OR THAWED? in Cooking Q & A

Dec 13, 2012 on

"Hello Everyone. -- I have a freezer container of left over roasted red potatoes and carrots. I would like to put them in a chicken soup or chicken stew crockpot thing -- just because it seems like it would be an easy way to add the potatoes and carrots. Would I put them in mostly frozen at the begininng or thaw them and throw them in at the end? I ..."

Reviewed Calico Chicken Chowder (Crock Pot)

Dec 5, 2012 in on

Even with only one review, I was surprised that it was given 5 stars. It was easy to throw together and I added a red pepper for color. But, it really was rather bland. If I try this again, it definitely needs seasoning to boost the flavor."

New Topic Question:Chicken Soup for the Crock Pot in Cooking Q & A

Nov 28, 2012 on

"Chicken Soup for the Crock Pot -- In reading the reviews -- given the fact that everyone said that their crockpot could not accomodate all the listed ingredients -- is their some way that I/everyone can find out the size of the crockpot that the person who posted the re..."

Reviewed Slow Cooker Chicken Stew

Oct 20, 2012 in on

I always hesitate trying an unreviewed recipe. -This SOUNDED like it would be good, but it was quite bland even given the spices. No doubt healthy as she said, but bland. It didn't even taste very "chickeny" - My husband told me to throw it away but I managed to salvage it into something tastier by adding a rope of sliced smoke sausage and two ca...

Reviewed Roasted Potatoes and Baby Carrots With Garlic

Oct 20, 2012 in on

We liked this dish a lot, but I took the suggestion of another reviewer and only used 5 cloves of garlic and found that I definitely could have used more! The garlic aside, I did take another reviewers suggestion to add Italian seasoning. She didn't give an amount so I went with 1 tsp. It was delicious!"

Reviewed Oven Baked Western Frittata

Oct 20, 2012 in on

This was quite good on its own, but I've made it twice now and liked it better the second time. I used more bacon, just shy of the full pound, 9 large eggs & no salt. Like someone else, I didn't bother with any stove top cooking and just baked the whole thing in the oven. I think my pan was a little larger, it took a little over 20 minutes to be...

Reviewed Mini Frittatas With Ham & Cheese

Oct 20, 2012 in on

I found these to be quite good and tempered what I did based on other reviews. Using 5 whole eggs worked out fine. In fact just enough - Someone said that 2 tbls. of chives was too strong so I only used 1 tblsp. Next time I will use 2 tblsps. - I may have used a "generous" 1/8 tsp. of thyme and found it to be a bit much. Maybe I will I will make...

New Topic SAUTE' IN THE OVEN? in Cooking Q & A

Aug 18, 2012 on

"Morning fellow chefs -- I have a fairly large amount of diced onion, red pepper and sliced mushrooms that I have to saute'.I was going to do it in my large electric skillet, but it died on me. Is it possible to achieve a similar result in one go in the oven? I am trying to avoid having to do it in batches on the stove top. Any ideas? Thanks -- Pam"

New Topic PORK LOIN FILET in Cooking Q & A

Jul 25, 2012 on

"Some one gave me a 1 lb. 8 oz. sun-dried tomato pork center loin filet. The directions for the oven say, cook @ 350 for 40-45 min. until internal temp is @ 155 -160. -- Should I cover it with foil for at least part of the time? And do I need to use a rack or can I just put it in the pan. -- Would cooking it on the gas grill be easier or even tricki..."

New Topic SLOW COOKER CORN ON THE COB in Cooking Q & A

Jul 7, 2012 on

"Has anyone ever tried cooking corn on the cob in the crockpot? -- Pam"

New Topic PIE CRUST COWARD!!! in Cooking Q & A

Jun 15, 2012 on

"O.K. I admit it! -- I am 59 years old and I HAVE NEVER MADE A PIE CRUST! There, I put it out there for all the cooking world to -- GASP! in dismay. -- I know it sounds silly, but I still have visions when I was a kid of watching my mother cry over more then one pie crust. -- It is true that she went on to be a wonderful pie maker -- but clearly i..."

New Topic Question:The Ultimate Breakfast Frittata in Cooking Q & A

Jun 12, 2012 on

"The Ultimate Breakfast Frittata -- How far from the broiler should the frittata be to finish it?"

New Topic BROILER SAFE? in Cooking Q & A

Jun 6, 2012 on

"Happy June One and All! -- I purchased a TIVOLI enamel over steel pan at Ross. The only information it has about oven use is that it is broiler safe. Nothing else is noted about oven temps except that the glass tempered lid is safe to 350 degrees. -- Now I figure the broiler is pretty flipping hot and I would have no problem using this pan in the o..."

New Topic FRITTATA PANS in Cooking Q & A

May 19, 2012 on

"I would like to purchase an oven safe pan to use for frittatas. (and perhaps other things) -- I have no idea what size to get. I know a lot of people love cast iron, but can you use a different material? -- Is one material better then another? - I have even seen styles that have 2 pans -- one on top, one on the bottom -- but they are smaller at 8" ..."

New Topic QUIONA in Cooking Q & A

May 18, 2012 on

"Hi Everyone -- I see a lot of recipes that use Quiona, but I have never made it. Someone told me that it could be "tricky" to cook. Is it? And if it is, what is the trick to making Quiona? Thanks a lot. - Pam"

New Topic STICKIN' CHICKEN in Cooking Q & A

May 4, 2012 on

"Good Morning fellow "Chefs" -- Whenever I do a chicken stir fry, while trying to cook the cubed chicken -- they all seem to stick together in one big clump -- and I spend half my time trying to seperate them with the edge of my spatula. I have tried cooking the chicken in smaller batches, but that takes forever when making stir fry for a large fami..."

New Topic Question:Overnight Baked Wild Rice in Cooking Q & A

Apr 5, 2012 on

"Overnight Baked Wild Rice Even though the recipe says to preheat the oven to 500 degrees and then turn it off -- Are glass dishes like Pyrex safe to use at 500 degrees, even though it isn't a constant temp? I have visions of mine cracking or exploding! Thanks. - Pam"


Mar 30, 2012 on

"Good Morning One and All -- I have a recipe that calls for a large can of fire roasted tomatoes, BUT I can't find any! Time is short. Is there a substitute for fire roasted tomatoes? Is there any seasoning that I could add to regular tomatoes (crushed) to get a similar taste? Thanks -- Pam"


Jan 5, 2012 on

"Happy New Everyone -- Costco has their thick boneless pork chops on sale this month. No matter what I do, they always seem to come out dry. I would rather not use any kind of breading on them. I was thinking of doing them in the crockpot figuring low and slow with some kind of sauce might help. Does anyone have a favorite method and recipe to achie..."

New Topic HELP, COMPANY'S COMING!! in Holidays & Entertaining

Oct 28, 2011 on

"Hello everyone -- In about 3 months, my 2 daughters, my 2 son in laws(with hearty appetites), 2 grandbabies and 3 year old grandson are coming for a week. I am thrilled to be able to see them, but I am coming up short on menues with 1 refrigerator (freezer on top) and a limited budget -- I am starting to panic. All suggestions are welcome!"

New Topic FINDING A RECIPE BY THE # in Customer Support

Oct 6, 2011 on

"Hi Everyone -- I haven't had to do this in a while, and my mind is drawing a blank. If all you have is the recipe # -- what do you enter in the search bar? I want to get to recipe # 199612 "Kittencal's Perfect Roasted Whole Turkey" -- I typed in #199612 in the recipe search bar, and it didn't work. How do you get a recipe, only having the number? T..."

Reviewed Crock Pot Pasta Sauce with Chicken

Oct 6, 2011 in on

I have to say that this is a very flavorful sauce. I did take one reviewer"s suggestion and used Italian seasoning in place of the spices listed. BUT, for whatever reason, my sauce was very thin and almost watery. I will try it again, but definitely tweak it so it is thicker."

New Topic ICE CREAM in Cooking Q & A

Jul 13, 2011 on

"Hello Everyone -- I know that this isn't technically a cooking question -- but since we are in that time of year -- Is there a way to avoid the funny taste that ice cream gets sitting in the freezer? Thanks so much -- Pam"

New Topic 2 salts --- 2 questions in Cooking Q & A

Jul 12, 2011 on

"Hi Everyone -- I have a recipe that calls for 1 1/2 tsp. Kosher salt. I don't have any Kosher salt and I need to know how much table salt I can use as a substitute. -- Which brings up another question -- What is the difference between Kosher and table salt? Thanks for your help."

New Topic BOUILLON in Cooking Q & A

Jan 27, 2011 on

"Can anyone tell me if there is such a thing as low sodium bouillon that is ALSO free of MSG? I don't live in a..."

New Topic Seeking information about:Cream of Soup Substitute Mix in Cooking Q & A

Jan 27, 2011 on

"Good Morning Everyone -- About this substitute mix -- It says to store in a storage bag in the pantry. Do you ..."

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