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Reviewed Grilled Cheese and Fish Stick Sandwich

13 hours ago in on

Really good. Tried dipping in tartar sauce also, and was good that way too. My only complaint is the bread burnt before the cheese ever melted - had to cover the pan for it to melt, and then scrape as much black as I could off the bottom (didn';t have any more cheese for a re-do). Usually when I toast sandwiches like this, I use a weight (like...

Reviewed This Lox Rocks!

1 day ago in on

This wrap totally does rock! The horseradish gives it a light little heat and the fennel a subtle fresh different-ness.. I followed another reviewer and used 2 tablespoons of cream cheese, and this was good for us. I also doubled the capers, since we love them. Everything combined is just perfect in this!"

Reviewed Sweet Potato Black Bean Enchiladas

5 days ago in on

Delicious! I made these with corn tortillas to make them more traditional, and less cumin for our tastes. The sweet potato, corn and black beans pair so well with the chillies and green enchilada sauce (I would not use red enchilada sauce, or canned tomatoes, it would be a totally different dish). Everything is so perfect together, you really do....

Reviewed Quinoa and Carrot Stew

9 days ago in on

What a wonderful dish! It should be called North African Quinoa Stew. It is very similar to a lot of North African dishes/soups/tagines I have made. I always toast my quinoa before rinsing it and use broth to increase the flavor, so did that here. I also made this healthier by using a quarter the salt and omitting the butter and oils (just simmer...

Reviewed Mediterranean Lamb Burger With Greek Garnishes

Nov 11, 2014 in on

All the toppings are really good on this burger. I also added some fresh Italian parsley on top too, which was nice."

Reviewed Mushrooms With Ginger and Green Chilli (Khombi Tarkari)

Nov 10, 2014 in on

Wow, greater than the sum of its parts! I make a lot of Indian food, and this was more impressive than a lot of the recipes I try. I used a third of the oil and more lemon."

Reviewed Weck's Fabulous Veggie Sandwich

Nov 8, 2014 in on

The sunflower seeds really make this special. And the carrots add something nice (and different) too. Though, all the flavors go really well together. I omitted the sprouts and used more cucumbers."

Reviewed Kalamata Olive and Sun-Dried Tomato Bagel Smear

Nov 7, 2014 in on

Loved this idea, though I did do each bagel half separately: one with sun dried tomato, and one with the Kalamatas - they were both delicious. And you';re right, using nonfat sour cream and reduced fat cream cheese still produced an excellent product. I think this would work well with good Spanish green olives too, like Manzanillas."

Reviewed Vegetable Breakfast Pizza

Nov 6, 2014 in on

Breakfast for dinner, yum! All great components, and love the effect of having potatoes on pizza, and hashbrowns at that."

Reviewed Veggie Burger From: Mel's Bar and Grill

Nov 4, 2014 in on

Used far less oil. Also made two batches of the yogurt sauce (therefore doubled), one with and one without the curry. The one without was the clear winner. The yogurt, cucumber and mint all go really well with a veggie burger - giving it a yummy falafel-like taste. You could even go super easy and sub pre-made tzatziki. (Please note: the vinegar ...

Reviewed Mediterranean Spinach

Nov 2, 2014 in on

I did alter this a bit, but we loved it that way. I looked at the other reviews and decided to add oil and lemon. I also barely wilted the spinach (and added much less, because of it), used more fresh dill and capers, and added potatoes, to make a meal out of it. The capers, dill, potatoes and feta went so well together in this. As another review...

Reviewed Artichoke and Hearts of Palm Salad

Nov 1, 2014 in on

Good salad. We left out the cranberries (personal preference). Hearts of palm are yummy and always a welcome addition to a salad."

Reviewed Sausage and Ravioli Soup

Oct 31, 2014 in on

Satisfying and a very good soup. Like another reviewer, I used a quarter of the Italian seasoning and doubled the broth (though I should have also taken up the idea of using all broth instead of water). I added less salt and pepper as well (personal preference). I think this is a very flexible and forgiving soup in that you could sub whatever veg...

Reviewed Toasted Vegan Avocado and Tomato Sandwich

Oct 30, 2014 in on

Great combo. Pretty sure I used more hummus. You are right, lots of other things would be good with this too, like cucumbers, cream cheese and/or fresh herbs (like dill or basil)."

Reviewed Kalamata Olive Spread

Oct 29, 2014 in on

This was a really good dip, the flavors are all great together, especially the dill (I used fresh, and a ton more than called for)."

Reviewed Farfalle With Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese

Oct 28, 2014 in on

It';s bagel pasta! This was a good solid dish. We love all the flavors in this, especially the capers, so added more of those (about 3 times what';s called for). I think the second to the last sentence of the directions probably means water, not sauce. You definitely want all the sauce ingredients, just not necessarily the whole half cup ...

Reviewed Suddenly I Love Suddenly Salad

Oct 27, 2014 in on

I have to admit we did not know what suddenly salad was, but we did really like this pasta salad! I added only about half of the oil from the artichokes (and it was plenty for us), but did add the juice of a large lemon to zing it up a bit. I also used just about half of the olives (and used kalamata for the black olives) and cheese for our taste...

Reviewed Mojo Chicken

Oct 26, 2014 in on

Spicy, with good flavor."

Reviewed Olivia's Garlic Spinach Sauté

Oct 25, 2014 in on

Very yummy. We doubled the tomato, and used fresh heirlooms, which really brought this dish over the top (I would not recommend using canned). I agree with other reviewers, the two of us easily ate the two small side dish portions this recipe yielded."

Reviewed Spaghetti Sandwich

Oct 24, 2014 in on

Sounded different, but interesting, and we are always willing to try combinations we have never heard of. While it was good, I think we prefer our spaghetti plain. If this is something you grew up on, I am sure it would be comfort food for you."

Reviewed Portabella Burgers With Balsamic and Blue Cheese

Oct 23, 2014 in on

The marinade and grilling make the portabellas so delicious. Even though I love blue cheese, I think it and the toppings almost distract from that wonderfulness. Still a very good burger though!"

Reviewed Healthy Green Chili & Potato Gratin

Oct 20, 2014 in on

We loved the flavor the chillies gave this and the healthiness aspect, since we regularly sub low and nonfat products with great results. I halved this except for the potatoes for the two of us for our entree, using a quarter teaspoon of salt and a bit more parmesan. It was quite spicy and a very tasty dish."

Reviewed Smoked Salmon and Eggs on Toast With Capers and Dill

Oct 19, 2014 in on

Excellent combination! I used scrambled eggs, since I prefer them over hard boiled, and probably more capers. Everything blended together perfectly, and the acid really puts this over the top (I imagine lemon would work well too)."

Reviewed Celery Seed Coleslaw

Oct 18, 2014 in on

Quick and easy, way better than the mayo kind. For personal preferences I left the sugar out; we like it tangy. Like others, I thought the celery seed was a star ingredient in this."

Reviewed Chocolate Goat Cheese Sandwich

Oct 17, 2014 in on

Gooey oozy deliciousness. It sounds like an odd combo, but you can hardly taste the goat cheese, since there is a ton of the chocolate hazelnut spread - I think you could probably halve it. I used less butter and just melted it into the nonstick pan, which worked well - and browned the sandwich about 3 minutes per side on medium."

Reviewed Robyn's Fish Stick Tacos

Oct 16, 2014 in on

First time we ate this at dinner, I would have given it 4 fours, but when I ate the leftovers I used tartar sauce instead of ranch (as another reviewer did), and it brought my rating up to 5 stars. I used Trader Joe';s jalapeno tartar sauce, so it gave it a nice kick, and it was really the bomb with it. The base recipe is really easy and cont...

Reviewed Tunisian Potato & Olive Salad

Oct 15, 2014 in on

The olives and lemon are really good in this. I used much less cayenne and half of a huge Meyer lemon. We ate this as a side dish and it served three (at the most)."

Reviewed Easy Irish Nachos

Oct 14, 2014 in on

One of those dishes that is oddly satisfying - sounds strange, but is delicious comfort food, none the less. My favorite are the salt and vinegar Kettle Bakes, and I loved the little tang they lent to this. I am estimating I probably used about half the cheese, and definitely lots of jalapenos (don';t leave those out, they are essential!)."

Reviewed Smoked Salmon Scramble

Oct 13, 2014 in on

Really good scramble. We saved the lox to put on the side, so it wouldn';t cook with the heat, and then just ate a bite of each together. We thought since we had fresh dill and capers we would just put some of those on the side to try too, and they were both super with it. A great "breakfast for dinner"!"

Reviewed Grilled Vegetable Salad With Goat Cheese

Oct 12, 2014 in on

Great salad - I served it over a bed of arugula. I thought I had white balsamic, but we were out, so I used regular. It was delicious; the taste definitely didn';t suffer from using the dark balsamic (I think it actually gave it a richer better flavor)."

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