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Reviewed Smoked Salmon and Eggs on Toast With Capers and Dill

22 hours ago in on

Excellent combination! I used scrambled eggs, since I prefer them over hard boiled, and probably more capers. Everything blended together perfectly, and the acid really puts this over the top (I imagine lemon would work well too)."

Reviewed Celery Seed Coleslaw

2 days ago in on

Quick and easy, way better than the mayo kind. For personal preferences I left the sugar out; we like it tangy. Like others, I thought the celery seed was a star ingredient in this."

Reviewed Chocolate Goat Cheese Sandwich

2 days ago in on

Gooey oozy deliciousness. It sounds like an odd combo, but you can hardly taste the goat cheese, since there is a ton of the chocolate hazelnut spread - I think you could probably halve it. I used less butter and just melted it into the nonstick pan, which worked well - and browned the sandwich about 3 minutes per side on medium."

Reviewed Robyn's Fish Stick Tacos

3 days ago in on

First time we ate this at dinner, I would have given it 4 fours, but when I ate the leftovers I used tartar sauce instead of ranch (as another reviewer did), and it brought my rating up to 5 stars. I used Trader Joe';s jalapeno tartar sauce, so it gave it a nice kick, and it was really the bomb with it. The base recipe is really easy and cont...

Reviewed Tunisian Potato & Olive Salad

4 days ago in on

The olives and lemon are really good in this. I used much less cayenne and half of a huge Meyer lemon. We ate this as a side dish and it served three (at the most)."

Reviewed Easy Irish Nachos

5 days ago in on

One of those dishes that is oddly satisfying - sounds strange, but is delicious comfort food, none the less. My favorite are the salt and vinegar Kettle Bakes, and I loved the little tang they lent to this. I am estimating I probably used about half the cheese, and definitely lots of jalapenos (don';t leave those out, they are essential!)."

Reviewed Smoked Salmon Scramble

7 days ago in on

Really good scramble. We saved the lox to put on the side, so it wouldn';t cook with the heat, and then just ate a bite of each together. We thought since we had fresh dill and capers we would just put some of those on the side to try too, and they were both super with it. A great "breakfast for dinner"!"

Reviewed Grilled Vegetable Salad With Goat Cheese

8 days ago in on

Great salad - I served it over a bed of arugula. I thought I had white balsamic, but we were out, so I used regular. It was delicious; the taste definitely didn';t suffer from using the dark balsamic (I think it actually gave it a richer better flavor)."

Reviewed Assorted Polish Canapes

9 days ago in on

Simple, but elegant and delicious. I made the lox canape, and went heavy on the dill, which was superb with it (I left the radish off, since I don';t really care for them)."

Reviewed The Ultimate Junior: Southwestern Burger

9 days ago in on

Confessing here I have no idea what ultimates and juniors are, both I did like how this dressed up our veggie burgers."

Reviewed Avocado Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

Oct 9, 2014 in on

Nice appetizer. I added less bacon."

Reviewed Spicy Lime and Cilantro Turkey Pita Fajitas (Grilled)

Oct 8, 2014 in on

Halved the spices in the rub (except the cayenne, which I quartered) and the peppers in the sauce, and this was still a super spicy dish!"

Reviewed Crudites With Lemon-Pesto Goat Cheese Dip

Oct 7, 2014 in on

This was a very good dip for crudite. I spread the leftovers on toast, and it was super good on them too. If you love goat cheese, you';ll love this dip!"

Reviewed Easy Nachos

Oct 6, 2014 in on

I like that the chillies give these a different flavor than using salsa or jalapenos. I used less cheese and more of the canned chillies, since they are so mild."

Reviewed The Greek Pizza (California Pizza Kitchen)

Oct 4, 2014 in on

Wonderful pizza, with tons of flavor from all the different ingredients. We only added half the chicken, and vegetarians could easily leave it off and still have a very satisfying meal. The other alterations we made for personal preferences were omitting the sugar and using only feta cheese (but at double the amount)."

Added Recipe Photo to Grilled Corn and Tomato Salad

Oct 3, 2014 on

Reviewed Grilled Corn and Tomato Salad

Oct 3, 2014 in on

Grilling corn never disappoints, it gives it so much flavor. I added more basil to this and for personal preferences left out the sugar and used a quarter of the oil. We thought this would also be just as good without the cheese."

Reviewed Jammy Cream Cheese Sandwich

Oct 2, 2014 in on

Used raspberry jam, since it';s my favorite. Like another reviewer, I used small sized bread and halved the toppings. Really good combo."

Reviewed Chili-Topped Baked Potatoes

Oct 1, 2014 in on

A quick and easy meal, that also tastes great. I doubled the chili amount. The cheese really brings something extra to this. You could also top it with green onions or even finely diced onion."

Reviewed Cherry Tomato and Herb Omelette

Sep 30, 2014 in on

We enjoyed these omelettes. I always use milk, so did that here. I think next time I would add more capers, since we love them. Nice combination of ingredients."

Reviewed Green Pasta

Sep 29, 2014 in on

Very Ligurian, and definitely delicious. Make sure to make your own pesto or buy one from the refrigerator case that you know to be high quality (the jarred stuff just won';t do). Easy to put together, great flavor, transports you back to the Italian Riviera."

Reviewed Don't Want to Go to Town Fish Sandwich Longmeadow Farm

Sep 27, 2014 in on

What a great idea! We loved how everything came together in these. I have to admit I cheated a little (and didn';t go to town), using Trader Joe';s jalapeno tartar sauce, which we love. I was glad to find this quick and easy recipe on the home page seafood feature right now. It was true comfort food."

Reviewed Dried Fig, Goat Cheese and Arugula Salad

Sep 26, 2014 in on

Subbed fresh figs (as we love them) and skipped the honey. The goat cheese, arugula and figs paired very well together."

Reviewed Indian-Style Grilled Vegetables

Sep 25, 2014 in on

Indian spices and grilled vegetables are both favorites, so together they did not disappoint. I think you could use other variations of spices in place of the garam masala too, like curry powder (my favorite is homemade: Recipe #174350) or even just cumin seeds and it would still taste great."

Reviewed Red Potatoes Roasted With Lemon Caper Sauce

Sep 24, 2014 in on

Excellent dish. As other reviewers have mentioned, the capers really are special in this. We love them, so used much more than called for (also used more shallot and less butter like others) and just a sprinkle of the salt. All the flavors went really well together to make this super delicious. We had this as our only side dish, so it served about...

Added Recipe Photo to Lemon-Blueberry Bars

Sep 23, 2014 on

Added Recipe Photo to Lemon-Blueberry Bars

Sep 23, 2014 on

Reviewed Lemon-Blueberry Bars

Sep 23, 2014 in on

I made a half batch of these in a brownie pan and that worked well. The lemon filling coverage is a bit thin, so the blueberries are really what stands out here - you could probably double the lemon part and still have it turn out fine, with a little more lemon punch, but I have not experimented with that, since I only made the one half batch. The...

Reviewed Salad Stuffed Pita Sandwiches

Sep 22, 2014 in on

Yummy, but quite messy. I only used half the dressing and hummus amounts, since it was so much. I also doubled the cucumber and used 2 huge leaves of romaine. These are all really great flavors together, you just can';t go wrong. This is versatile enough that you could get away with making these in tortillas or on bread as well. I think this ...

Reviewed Peanut Butter and Jelly Pizza

Sep 20, 2014 in on

Left the jam off, since it didn';t really match with the others for my tastes. I wouldn';t skip the optionals, they are what bump this up from 4 to 5 stars. I think caramel sauce would be good on these too, either as a sub for the fudge or in addition. All very yummy together."

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