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Added Recipe Photo to Cinnamon Crisp Cookies

Nov 9, 2014 on

Shared Recipe Cinnamon Crisp Cookies

Nov 9, 2014 on

"Light, thin, crisp cookies, with oatmeal, pecan & cinnamon. Not at all like your average oatmeal cookie. This is Mom's recipe. They are fragile & don't keep more than a week, so I halved the recipe, making some of the measurements a little odd/picky. I like to press them with a glass, you want to get them thin, they do not spread/thin-out very ..."

Shared Recipe Chipotle Dressing

Aug 14, 2014 on

"Easy dressing to jazz up anything. Can use regular or greek yogurt, or sour cream depending on what will suit what you are putting it on. I suppose you could use mayo too, but I have not tried it. Also, I pick the vinegar to suit what I am putting it on, I've tried: white, apple cider, malt, red wine, rice, and they were all good. I take the e..."

Shared Recipe Savory Corn Cake Stacks

Aug 12, 2014 on

"This was inspired by an appetizer we had @ Garrett's Café that looked great, but fell far short. This is my interpretation of it. Served with a little chipotle dressing."

Shared Recipe Encilbasta Skillet

Jul 20, 2014 on

"One dish meal with Kielbasa, Enchilada sauce, & Pasta. My combination/variation of several recipes from Pinterest. One of our favorite weeknight meals. If you can find turkey kielbasa, that is really good too & I usually use fat free half & half."

Shared Recipe Chicken Marsala Orzo Bake

Jul 3, 2014 on

"Adapted from a Rachel Ray recipe"

Reviewed Microwave Tuna Casserole

Jun 29, 2014 in on

I did indeed do this in college, less the lemon juice, but I usually added hot sauce. It tastes good, not fabulous. But it is simple, cheap (we always used generic ingredients), & satisfying. If we were feeling fancy & had the funds, some ad- ins we tried, handful of frozen peas, any leftover cooked vegetables, handful of shredded cheese, or t...

Added Recipe Photo to Gourmet Mac & Cheese W/ Lots of Variations

May 20, 2014 on

Reviewed Gourmet Mac & Cheese W/ Lots of Variations

May 20, 2014 in on

This was good, not fabulous. I had a 6 ounce chicken breast, but I was the only eating so I made one serving of the recipe. Afterwards I realized the system didn';t scale the cream correctly, it called for 1/4 of a quart, 1 cup, which I reduced to 1/2 cup. I think if I did 2/3 cup down to 1/3 cup it would not have been enough sauce. I did...

Saved Recipe Restaurant Teriyaki Sauce by JuniperNW

Dec 31, 2013 on

Saved Recipe Restaurant Teriyaki Sauce by JuniperNW

Dec 31, 2013 on

Shared Recipe My Tetrazzini

Dec 31, 2013 on

"Read the recipes & did it my way. Must have sherry & Worcestershire to make it tetrazzini. Should not have any green veggies, & the cheese should be white cheese. I poached chicken breast in chicken stock & used the liquid as the broth in the recipe."

Shared Recipe Mike's Fave Manwich Copycat

Nov 11, 2013 on

"Mike loved this. I read numerous recipes online, then did it my way. I hate ketchup & wanted to avoid using it, I think the balsamic adds the vinegar that you miss from the ketchup with a little extra sweetness & flair. I have an extensive spice rack & pantry, so substitute if needed."

Reviewed Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

Oct 27, 2013 in on

This is fabulous!!! The chocolatey-est ice cream I have ever had. I followed the recipe exactly, except I warmed the milk in the microwave while melting the chocolate. It was just warm - not even hot or boiling. This did ease the mixing a little. OF course the chocolate will want to solidify again when adding a colder liquid, but you need to...

Saved Recipe Dark Chocolate Ice Cream by Dee514

Oct 18, 2013 on

Saved Recipe Kittencal's Easy Gnocchi by Kittencalskitchen

Oct 4, 2013 on

Reviewed Basic Batter Waffles

Sep 27, 2013 in on

Perfect!! Followed the recipe without the condensed milk & maple extract. These were great!! Lightly sweet, hinting at vanilla, slightly crisp on the outside, without being hard or crunchy, tender on the inside. It is exactly what it says a basic batter for waffles. The people who said bland can make other waffles because they are wrong!! if ...

Saved Recipe Basic Batter Waffles by Roxygirl in Colorado

Sep 27, 2013 on

Saved Recipe Amish Noodles by JiliBean

Sep 22, 2013 on

Saved Recipe Pulled Pork (Crock Pot) by duonyte

Sep 22, 2013 on

Reviewed Mustard Pork and Mushroom One Pot

Sep 1, 2013 in on

I only used 5 pork chops, but they fit perfectly in my pan. I used close to the full amount of broth & about 3/4 of the other ingredients. We loved the flavor, the hint of mustard was perfect, very flavorful, I served with mashed potatoes, which I thought was perfect. Mike wants to try it with orzo next, I might humor him, but the mashed were...

Saved Recipe Oh My, Chicken Pie! by evelyn/athens

Sep 1, 2013 on

Shared Recipe Buffalo Chicken & Bleu Grits

Aug 26, 2013 on

"Hubby recently discovered he loves grits (he hated them several years ago when I made him try them, sshhh don't remind him of that). We have had a couple chicken & grits recipes that were spicy, one Mexican, one Cajun. He said something about Buffalo chicken with grits, rather jokingly. Since his favorite way to each chicken is buffaloed, and h..."

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