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Reviewed Coffee Bavarian Cream

Dec 4, 2014 in on

This would be great too with other extracts like maple or orange or no coffee. This is a very versatile recipe. Thanks."

Reviewed Slow Cooker Clam Chowder

Oct 21, 2014 in on

This really does not need cornstarch when using potatoes. It will be too starchy. Also, celery nd carrots are important seasonings that it really needs for more flavor. The sodium is really high, so I will find ways to reduce it. 1500 mg is the daily recommend limit for those over 50 years of age.
Since we have transitioned to full ...

Reviewed Stove Top Tamale Pie

Oct 15, 2014 in on

This recipe is really high in sodium for a small piece, 2024 mg in this recipe. 2300mg is the daily intake for most people. If one is over 51 or has hypertension it is about 1500 mg per day. I suspect the extra sodium and sugar is in the taco seasoning, packaged corn mix (sugar), canned beans and tomato sauce. Low sodium types are available ...

Reviewed Bacon Bourbon Caramel Popcorn

Oct 8, 2014 in on

You had me at bourbon and popcorn! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!"

Reviewed Easy Fried Rice

Oct 8, 2014 in on

Too much margarine for us. I always use butter or coconut oil. Since I started using them, we have lost weight.
A couple of other tweaks that really make this more authentic Chinese style I think are using sesame oil. I sometimes use the sesame/pepper oil or regular sesame oil.
Also, to avoid sticky rice, you can make this t...

Reviewed Beef Enchilada Soup

Oct 1, 2014 in on

If you want traditional Mexican enchilada sauce such as that served in many Mexican restaurants leave out the tomato products completely. We live in Texas but for our Mexican family to have authentic traditional Mexican food, I have to make it at home or end up with Tex-Mex food in our small town. When we go to the larger cities we can more eas...

Reviewed Steak with Blue Cheese Butter

Aug 12, 2014 in on

I often eat my BBQ steak and hamburgers this way. Blue cheese or Roquefort and meat just go together. I use grass fed Kerrygold butter though and no garlic. Amazing!"

Reviewed Hot German Potato Salad

Jul 22, 2014 in on

Good recipe but I don';t use eggs. The bacon fat and potatoes will thicken the dressing. The secret is to toss the potatoes a lot after pouring on the dressing. The action of tossing releases the starch in the potatoes and it will thicken especially if you do this while the mixture is hot. Just keep tossing until your happy with the coating on...

Reviewed Real English Fish and Chips With Yorkshire Beer Batter

May 22, 2014 in on

@catfuzz and those who cannot get the batter to stick to the fish. Dredge the fish in flour first then the batter. Make sure the cooking oil is super hot so the fish will cook quickly and thus not be oily or greasy. If you don';t want to use beer, seltzer water works very well. Also, I use cornstarch with the flour and that makes for a ...

Reviewed simple perfect enchiladas

Jan 25, 2014 on

Love Pioneer Woman but canned enchilada sauce, Pleaaaase. Homemade sauce is so easy and we make ours according to our family recipe. Recipes are online, find the ones with no tomatoes. Absolutely no tomatoes, they ruin the consistency and are a Tex-Mex alteration. Traditionally, only corn tortillas are used for enchiladas and flour for burrit...

Reviewed Spaghetti / Pasta Sauce

Jan 15, 2014 in on

This is a great recipe that I used often but the nutmeg or spice is a great addition. I have heard of cinnamon being used and I have read it is a Greek addition. My mom used to put it in her sauce once in awhile. Thanks for posting!"

Reviewed Real Authentic Italian Tomato Sauce (No Can's Here)

Jan 14, 2014 in on

This is a great sauce! Adding the fresh basil at the end is perfect. Cooking it will cause flavor loss. This is a good slow cooker recipe I think. I guess I would make a big batch and divide it up and freeze to use when I needed it. I would leave the basil out and add it right before serving. I usually top my pizza right out of the oven with...

Reviewed Jenny Gentile's Pizza Dough

Jan 14, 2014 in on

I always use the no knead process to make my pizza dough. I make it the night before, cover it with plastic wrap and let it rise in the bedroom where it is warmer. This dough is so forgiving. The next day I just let it be until I am ready to bake. The best dough should be proofed for 8 to 24 hours. The longer it proofs the better the flavor....

Reviewed Low Carb Pizza

Jan 14, 2014 in on

This is a brilliant pizza! Since we are diabetic it would be great to have this once in awhile. I make a no knead crust that is out of this world but this certainly looks worth having as well. Thank you for posting this wonderful recipe! I think I could eat pizza every day!"

Reviewed Chocolate Bread

Dec 26, 2013 on

This is a terrific recipe and I always use Sugar sub and buttermilk. It is fine the way it is but we have to watch our carbs. This is a delicious bread exactly what I was looking for! Thanks Paula!

Reviewed Chocolate Bread

Dec 26, 2013 on

This is a terrific recipe and I always use Sugar sub and buttermilk. It is fine the way it is but we have to watch our carbs. This is a delicious bread exactly what I was looking for! Thanks Paula!

Reviewed Cranberry Scones

Dec 24, 2013 in on

These are delicious. Don';t overbeat these scones for a more tender batter. Also, I used orange oil and orange flower water. Buttermilk offers the best scones in my opinion. Someone said they were more like a muffin. Well in Britain, that is pretty much what they are! I am not sure what the expectations were. Scones are like a quick bread...

Reviewed Chorizo and Egg Burritos

Dec 10, 2013 in on

Best breakfast . . . lunch . . . snack . . . dinner there is : )"

Reviewed Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Cookies

Dec 10, 2013 in on

How cute are these! They made me LOL too. Made me feel like a kid again. Whimsical and adorable. Just what was needed. Thanks for posting! : )"

Reviewed Uncle Bill's Whipped Shortbread Cookies

Dec 10, 2013 in on

I can';t wait to try these. I have a new stand mixer coming in a few days and I have to catch up on my Christmas baking. I, also, have a new sugar free product to try, Swerve confectioners sugar to ice my sugar free sugar cookies. Just bought a lot of green and red cherries for breads so this will be perfect. Thanks for a great recipe that...

Reviewed Louisiana Pecan Pie

Nov 19, 2013 in on

To make this diabetic friendly use sugar free maple pancake syrup and Splenda for the sugar. Hubby could not tell the difference and it can be had guilt free."

Reviewed Pear-Walnut Salad With Artisan Bleu Cheese

Nov 12, 2013 in on

This looks wonderful and I think I will try it with apples and pecans that we usually have on hand. Thanks for this."

Reviewed Bread Stuffing

Nov 12, 2013 in on

This is the best stuffing. My mom used to make it the same every year and so do I. I am happy others like it too."

Reviewed Pork Schnitzel

Nov 1, 2013 in on

I would suggest using coconut oil to fry these. Coconut oil can take the higher temps without burning or smoking. I use less and can cook my meat longer making sure it gets cooked through. Veg oils alter to cholesterol when heated at high temps. Even olive oil. Here is the 411:

Replied to Passover Fruit Crisp with Coco-Loconut Topping

Oct 27, 2013 on

From what I have read from various sources, coconut oil has been found to be one of the most healthy oils. It does not burn or smoke at high temperatures and I find I need less when I am cooking. In fact, hubby and I have both lost weight since I switched to coconut oil. Many oils, including olive oil, degrade when heated and become unhealthful...

Reviewed Apple Fried Pies

Oct 27, 2013 on

These are a fast and great dessert, Of course, we use sugar subs and they come out just as good. I think everything is better fried. I use coconut oil and have actually lost weight since switching to it and hubby too. Go figure! Love you Paula!

Reviewed Caramelized Butternut Squash

Oct 27, 2013 on

For all who are diabetic or watching their calories, we use sugar free maple flavor syrup mixed with a little Splenda or Nectresse. Nectresse is especially good with this recipe because it has a little fruit flavor to it. We also make pecan pie with sugar free maple syrup and Splenda. I made it for hubby and he could not tell the difference between...

Replied to Zucchini Parmesan Crisps

Oct 27, 2013 on

Your tips are right on. I use a Japanese pickle press (online, inexpensive) to press the water out of summer squash and eggplant in particular. I generously salt the slices, put them in the press, screw the press down and wait 1/2 hour or so, pour off the brine and rinse in fresh water, dry, then bake. It is really easy and the final product is...

Reviewed Sublime Scrambled Eggs by Gordon Ramsay

Oct 9, 2013 in on

I use heavy cream and make mine in a sauce pan. I can';t remember the chef I saw make them this way but it is my favorite and the flavor is divine."

Reviewed Crunchy Noodle Salad *Award Winning*

Aug 7, 2013 in on

I love this recipe! I think the ramen is a much healthier choice than chow mien noodles which are fried and go stale quickly. I think it is appropriate to mention that some package ramen has from 500 to over 3000 mg of sodium per package! One package can be 1/2 to triple the daily recommended maximum of sodium. Just a note for those on a low ...

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