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Saved Recipe Peppers and Steak for Crock Pot by Dana-MMH

Mar 5, 2014 on

Saved Recipe Crock Pot Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken by Mirj

Mar 5, 2014 on

Reviewed Pumpkin Gnocchi

Dec 31, 2013 in on

9 stars for taste and 1 star for ease. That averages to five stars. These were a major pain to make. "The dough will be sticky" doesn';t begin to cover it. "Generously flour the surface" is an understatement. I made a double batch of these for Christmas dinner and let them sit on what I would have called a generously floured parchment lin...

Saved Recipe San Francisco Pork Chops by Manda

Oct 1, 2013 on

Reviewed Orange Marmalade-Ricotta Cupcakes W/ Marmalade Buttercream Fros

Jun 10, 2013 in on

The recipe for this cupcake produced a divine, moist, tasty little dessert. However, I trashed the frosting. It was gritty and way, way too sweet. I ended up using an orange cream cheese frosting that I had made before that was far superior. I will make these again (substituting my own frosting recipe) and next time would like to try a ricotta...

Reviewed Curried Cranberry Chicken Salad

Jun 10, 2013 in on

As if you need one more 5-star review... this was to die for. Used it on croissants for a luncheon I catered for some of my mom';s friends. They all raved. I made it pretty much exactly as stated, except that I used fully fatted mayo. There didn';t seem to be quite enough moisture so I added another 1/2 cup of mayo, 1 T lime juice and...

Reviewed Tropical Honeymoon Cupcakes

Apr 18, 2013 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Just made these for work to rave reviews. Couple of things... I never did get my flour/butter mixture to form a ball. It had more of a meal-like consistency... but it didn't seem to matter. I doubled the recipe as 12 was not going to cut it and I found that I needed to increase the cornstarch in the mango filling. 1 T and 1 t. might be fine fo"

Reviewed Cream Cheese Pineapple Pie

Mar 14, 2012 in on

This was pretty good, but lacked a little flavor for me. Too much cool whip maybe? I strained the pineapple through a fine sieve and then patted it dry with some paper towels. The consistency was just okay... maybe I drained it too well. It was a little stiff and could have stood to be a little creamier. If I make it again, I won't be so cra...

Reviewed Butterfinger Pie

Mar 14, 2012 in on

Oh my... this is way too easy to be this delicious! I used an Oreo cookie crust. I put the Butterfingers through the food processor which pulverized most of them, but left a few chunks. The chunks I saved out for the top and just cut them up into slightly smaller chunks. I also had a tiny bit of hot fudge left from making a peanut butter pie ...

Reviewed Raspberry White Chocolate Cake

Mar 12, 2012 in on

I made this cake for a co-worker's birthday. She is a big fan of raspberries and white chocolate. I saw another recipe on here that was very similar except that it used a lot of raspberry extract and no preserves. This recipe appealed to me because I personally find raspberry extract to be very artificial tasting and reminiscent of cough syru...

Reviewed Chocolate Peanut Butter Cream Pie

Mar 9, 2012 in on

So easy... and delicious. I used an Oreo cookie crust. I also cut up some mini-PB cups for garnish on the top. It turned out awesome!"

Reviewed Beef-Barley Soup

Jan 24, 2012 in on

Wow! This was both delicious and super easy! I made a few modifications based on necessity... like other reviewers, I didn't brown the meat ahead of time and it seemed to come out just fine. I used 2 cups of fresh green beans instead of the 1/2 cup of frozen and I omitted the corn entirely (more on that in a minute). I also used fresh plum to...

Reviewed Awesome Apple Crisp

Dec 6, 2011 in on

Made this instead of the traditional apple pie for Thanksgiving. The family raved. Easy and delicious. I will be making it again for Christmas!"

Reviewed Dry Rub for Chicken or Turkey

Dec 6, 2011 in on

Let me start by saying that Thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday of the year. It means spending hours in the kitchen and being too tired to move by time dinner is served. Not to mention the fact that I dislike turkey... I can almost stand the dark meat but forget about the dry, tasteless white meat. And frankly, the dark meat isn't much b...

Reviewed Quick and Easy No Bake Chocolate Cookies

Dec 6, 2011 in on

My daughter has celiac disease and she LIVES for these cookies. You just have to be cautious about the oats you use to avoid cross-contamination. Otherwise, they are naturally gluten-free! Thank you so much for this awesome recipe."

Saved Recipe Eggs Benedict Casserole by BecR

Feb 3, 2011 on

Saved Recipe Eggs Benedict Casserole by BecR

Feb 3, 2011 on

Saved Recipe Tortilla Pinwheels by Pvt Amys Mom

Jan 12, 2011 on

Saved Recipe Cranberry-Sauced Franks by mailbelle

Jan 12, 2011 on

Saved Recipe Cranberry-Sauced Franks by mailbelle

Jan 12, 2011 on

Saved Recipe Grape Jelly Meatballs by Little Bee

Jan 12, 2011 on

Saved Recipe Fruit Salsa and Cinnamon Chips by Sharon123

Jan 6, 2011 on

Saved Recipe Cherry Bars by IAcupcake

Dec 22, 2010 on

Reviewed Cherry Bars

Dec 22, 2010 in on

A friend of mine just gave me this recipe. It is exactly the same except that it also adds 1 teaspoon of almo..."

Saved Recipe Cheesy Onion Hash Brown Casserole by ARathkamp

Dec 21, 2010 on

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