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Reviewed Spinach, Bacon and Mushroom Quiche

Dec 6, 2014 in on

My daughter-in-law was the first to have me taste this delectable quiche and it has become my absolute favorite.!!I I have made quiche since the 70';s when it was not popularly known and this is by far the BEST, fluffiest, tastiest of all! Follow the recipe exactly and you will get RAVES from your guests. Yum...yum."

Reviewed Yeast Free Bread

Aug 29, 2014 in on

Horrible! Looked nothing like the picture. Came out DRY, brittle, like crackers. And I reduced the baking time to 30 minutes and it was almost burnt. Will never make it again!"

Added Recipe Photo to Corny 'n Spicy Cornbread

Nov 29, 2013 on

Shared Recipe Corny 'n Spicy Cornbread

Nov 27, 2013 on

"I love cornbread but it usually is a little dry for my tastes. To avoid that this recipe is made with 1/3 cup mayonnaise and 2 eggs and baked in a 10" cast iron skillet. Serve w/ your next Southern meal or turkey dinner, or just as a breakfast food. And yes, the recipe calls for FOUR teaspoons of baking powder (not an error)"

Shared Recipe Apple Oat Crisp

Oct 25, 2013 on

"Always a favorite - from my high school days till today and so easy you can make this with your eyes closed. NOTE: I always use turbinado or raw sugar instead of processed white sugar. I also use regular oats but you probably could use quick oats as well."

Added Recipe Photo to Italian Rustic Spinach Bread

Oct 25, 2013 on

Shared Recipe Italian Rustic Spinach Bread

Oct 22, 2013 on

"This is a great treat we've enjoyed for each Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's a recipe I developed when I owned and operated Le Petit Gourmet Food Shop in Milford, CT. The bread was so popular it was difficult keeping up with the demand, especially during the holidays. NOTE: It's extremely important to make the dough with bread flour and NOT al..."

Added Recipe Photo to Corn 'n Blueberry Muffins

Oct 4, 2013 on

Shared Recipe Corn 'n Blueberry Muffins

Oct 3, 2013 on

"Here's an easy, ultra moist, muffin recipe that will become one of your very favorites. The addition of fresh blueberries make them extra yummy adding color and a little more sweetness. Instead of oil I used a combination of yogurt and mayonnaise. I like to use my LARGE 6-cup muffin tin which I find makes them much more moist. I've never made ..."

Added Recipe Photo to Boston Battered Fried Fish

Oct 1, 2013 on

Shared Recipe Boston Battered Fried Fish

Oct 1, 2013 on

"Growing up in Boston, we love fried fish! There I said it....and hope you enjoy the way I created this very easy recipe for delicious "FRIED FISH".
I use Tilapia but any white fillet would work. You can also use this recipe to make Fried Calamari. Yum!"

Reviewed Shortcrust Pastry

Sep 16, 2013 in on

I was somewhat disappointed. I followed the recipe exactly and used the pastry to line muffin tins for mini quiches. I found the crust to be very crunchy and more "cookie" texture than "flaky". Will not be using it again."

Shared Recipe Healthy Apple-Raisin Oat Bran Muffins

Sep 9, 2013 on

"Low fat, moist and delicious! For the apple I only use Granny Smiths."

Reviewed Unbelievable Baked Buffalo Wings

Jan 15, 2013 in on

A slight adjustment: After boiling them as directed I first tossed them into the sauce and let them marinate for a few hours before broiling them. Then just before serving, I tossed them again in the sauce. Yummy!"

Shared Recipe Spicy Thai Chicken Wings

Dec 18, 2012 on

"If you want a delicious spicy appetizer or for a tail gate picnic, try these. I also included a recipe for homemade Sweet-Hot Garlic Chili Sauce for dipping."

Added Recipe Photo to Italian Christmas Spice Cookies

Dec 16, 2012 on

Shared Recipe Italian Christmas Spice Cookies

Dec 14, 2012 on

"While growing up in Boston, every Christmas my Neopolitan auntie would make a delicious chocolate round cookie spiced with cloves. She called them "Todors" (phonetic spelling). It's been 50 years since I've had them as no bakery seems to make them. Finally, after much research, I was able to locate a recipe that sounded just like the real thing...."

Shared Recipe Addictive Lemon Bars

Aug 4, 2012 on

"By adding the zest of a lime, it gives these addictive lemon bars a tangy, sweet and slightly tart taste. WARNING: You cannot eat just one."

Shared Recipe Chocolate Marble Cheesecake

Aug 4, 2012 on

"If you like cheesecake that's creamy, yummy as well as very easy to make you'll love this! You'll need a 9" spring form pan.
Chef's Tip: The cake has to chill in the fridge for at least 4 hours before serving, so plan ahead."

Shared Recipe Gnocchi

Apr 8, 2012 on

"Gnocchi can be found in your grocery stores but it's a far cry from homemade. This dough is made with fresh eggs and Parmesan cheese. You can serve it with butter or your favorite white cream sauce, or a marinara sauce; all will be delicious. Note: Be sure you "dimple" each piece when preparing so that the sauce is cradled inside."

Shared Recipe Italian Almond Crescent Cookies

Dec 30, 2011 on

"Yum! Yum! Just like when I was a child when my dad took me to the Italian neighborhood to buy these delicious Sicilian cookies."

Shared Recipe Goat Cheese Tartlets

Dec 30, 2011 on

"Serving brunch? Here's a delicious alternative to quiche using phyllo dough. Remember phyllo dries out quickly so unroll the bulk sheets, take what you need and cover the rest with a damp cloth"

Shared Recipe Christmas Biscotti

Dec 21, 2011 on

"Here's a delicious, authentic biscotti. Perfect for Christmas brunch or just snacking with espresso when opening those Christmas presents."

Reviewed Chicken Marsala

May 20, 2011 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

This dish was just OK...not delicious. I will not make it again. I found it to be a little bitter. Perhaps it was the addition of the "Essence", which is not typical for this dish. It's usually made with just flour, salt and pepper, Marsala and chicken stock. "

Shared Recipe Tomato-Basil Sauce

Apr 26, 2011 on

"Using fresh basil leaves gives a wonderful fragrance to this sauce. I used petite diced tomatoes which I puls..."

Shared Recipe Wild Mushroom Sauce (For Gnocchi or Pasta)

Apr 26, 2011 on

"Here's a delicious recipe for your favorite pasta, i.e., penne, shells, or gnocchi.
Instead of heavy cream I ..."

Shared Recipe Baked Spicy Chicken Tenders With Honey-Mustard Sauce

Apr 25, 2011 on

"This is a delicious and spicy appetizer that does not contain all the calories of the usual fried cousins you ..."

Reviewed Potato Gnocchi

Apr 25, 2011 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Delicious,! I served this for Easter and everyone couldn't get enough - they came out pillow soft and delectable. In making them, I used only one whole egg and one egg yolk. I boiled the potatoes starting in cold water unpeeled, until fork tender. The dough was VERY sticky and needed 2 cups of flour in order to roll out. I did not have succes"

Reviewed Potato Gnocchi

Apr 25, 2011 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Delicious, however, I used only one whole egg and one egg yolk. I boiled the potatoes starting in cold water unpeeled, until fork tender. The dough was VERY sticky and needed 2 cups of flour in order to roll out. I did not have success using a fork to "dimple" them, therefore, I used my thumb after dipping it into flour.

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