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Replied to Perfect French Fries Recipe : Emeril Lagasse : Food Network

Jan 11, 2015 on

By the way,I am from the south but living in the north.I have never fried potatoes in olive oil.

Reviewed Kielbasa, Homemade Kielbasa, Fresh Polish Sausage

Dec 27, 2014 in on

Is a good recipe and can get a lil messy but fun anyway.What I do is get it all mixed up and start frying some and tasting until it is how we like it.I may add more garlic or salt,etc.Once my spices are right I begin to stuff.I do it all by myself.Oh yes,we like it with brown sugar but sometimes will use white.Thank you for posting."

Reviewed Beef Enchilada Soup

Oct 17, 2014 in on

I can';t believe anyone would re-write a 6" letter of a recipe.Write your own.This is good as it is."

Reviewed Coke Cake-Cracker Barrel Style

Aug 18, 2014 in on

My ex husband';s aunt gave me this recipe year';s ago with one minor change that made it easier,I think.She would cover the top of the warm cake with mini marshmallows before pouring the frosting over it.They would melt a little and was easier than trying to spread the fluff on.I have had it both ways and to me are the same in taste.If it...

Reviewed Mozzarella Sticks

Jul 10, 2014 in on

Thanks so much for the recipe.Thursday is home-made pizza night here and I forgot the cheese sticks we like with it.I only had a block of cheddar as I used all the mozzarella for the pizza.They are very good.It only takes a few seconds on each side to cook.I mixed bread crumbs with corn flake crumbs with great results.I may try buttermilk with the...

Reviewed Best Orange Dreamsicle Cake

Apr 17, 2014 in on

If someone were to give less than 5 stars on this one I would have to think they did something wrong.I am a dreamsicle lover and this is that cake version.I changed a few things to lower the calories like sugar free jello,pudding and cake mix.Also used cool whip free.None of the changes could have hurt it any because it is fabulous.Hubby does not...

Reviewed Hg's Fiber-Ific Fried Chicken Strips - Ww Points = 5

Apr 1, 2014 in on

I make these often but also make changes.I add 1/2 cup panko bread crumbs to the fiber one.I dip in egg,roll in breading.Put in the fridge and chill.I take them out and roll in crumbs again before baking.This keeps coating on.It does change points but is better."

Saved Recipe Ruby Tuesday's White Chicken Chili by Cooks4_6

Mar 21, 2014 on

Saved Recipe Ww 2 Points - Caramel Apple Salad by mariposa13

Mar 18, 2014 on

Reviewed Chicken and Dumplings

Feb 12, 2013 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

I was very disappointed in this one.My own recipe is so much better.I just wanted to try something different but have learned my lesson.I have always added cream of chicken soup to mine but at the end after the dumplings have cooked.It gives the dumplings more room to swell and get done if you wait.It also helps to thicken it up.I also add a few d"

Added Recipe Photo to Mozzarella Ziti With Sausage

Jan 26, 2013 on

Reviewed 15 Bean Soup

Jan 18, 2013 in on

This is what's for dinner tonight.I have made this both ways,with and without ham and I have to say the favorite way is with.I have used turkey ham and just as good.I always serve it with cornbread,omg this is comfort food.Especially on a snowy night like we are having right now.No matter how you make it it is sure to hit the spot.Everyone likes ...

Reviewed Really Great Macaroni & Cheese

Jan 17, 2013 in on

This is good,I had a taste as I just put it in the oven with no changes.I have a red/white check cookbook and it is Better Homes & Gardens.Thanks for the recipe."

Reviewed Chicken Pineapple Stir- Fry

Aug 7, 2012 in on

I am on a diet and I had been craving pineapple.This was delicious.It is so much better to me than any bought product or restaurant.My bf is very picky and asked me where I had picked it up at because it even looked so good.I did not have a pkg of veggies so I threw in what I had on hand.I even doubled the sauce,we do not use or even buy sugar.We...

Reviewed Tortilla Peach Cobbler

Aug 4, 2012 in on

I have an ex that had to have peach cobbler everyday.One day we were very busy and I was tired and decided to use tortillia's.It turned out great.He was happy with it.I had not made it since we divorced.Made it last night just like this but I do cut the tortillia's smaller.It is good and quick.I had checked this one out to refresh my memory.I also...

Reviewed Heart Healthy Shrimp Gumbo With Cajun Spice Mix

Jan 23, 2012 in on

I beg to differ with simplegirl,I was born and raised in Louisiana and have made gumbo many,many times.My grandmother was the best cajun cook ever.When okra was ready in the garden I cut it for her gumbo and other dishes.Yes,she did add it in.She stewed it in bacon and onions and added it to the pot.It was used as a thickener and for the fresh fl...

Reviewed Lighter Shrimp Scampi

Jan 23, 2012 in on

WOW!! This is still on the stove waiting for dinner,it is great.I am having it over fettucinne and being on a diet did not want to add butter to it.I added Ken's lite balsamic vinaigrette dressing to the shrimp to cote the noodles.They were delicious before I added the dressing and still the same after.I will be using this one again and again.Tha...

Favorited Chef Heartsong

Jan 23, 2012 on

Reviewed Healthy Meatloaf & Meatballs With Gravy OAMC

Jan 23, 2012 in on

I love ground turkey and am dieting so made this last night for dinner.Dh said it was bland,he missed chopped onions and bell peppers which I could have added but I wanted to try this as written.It holds up really well with only 1 egg,that is the only change I made,besides not making the gravy.I was going to make it but he said he would not eat it...

Reviewed Ww Chipotle Mashed Potatoes

Jan 23, 2012 in on

Had these last night with meatloaf.They are good but next time I will add more of the pepper in adobo as we love things extra spicy.Dh threw in a big glob of butter to his as he knew these were from ww and just had to do that to me.I am trying to get him to eat healthier too but he resists.For good mashed potatoes that are good for you these are ...

Reviewed Healthy No Bake Cookies

Jan 22, 2012 in on

Thanks so much for this recipe,it is just what I needed.I am on a low calorie,low fat diet and had a sweet craving that this satisfied.I did change it tho,omitted the wheat germ and flax.I only used 1 tsp cocoa,in place of sugar I used 3 packets sweet n low.I added 1/4 c dried cranberry's and used 2 packets of instant oatmeal along with the milk ...

Saved Recipe Low Fat Chocolate-Fudge Pudding Cake by xpnsve

Jan 22, 2012 on

Saved Recipe Ww 5 Pt. Shrimp in Marinara Sauce by Nif

Jan 22, 2012 on

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