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Shared Recipe Creamy Crockpot Tortellini Soup

Jan 16, 2015 on

"Stolen directly from The This is an awesome and easy recipe. Putting it here for safe keeping. Check out their blog!"

Reviewed Lemon Bars

Jan 2, 2015 in on

These were great. We added a bit extra lemon juice and zest from a whole lemon and didn';t cool crust like other reviewers suggested. The crust is so crispy but just melt in your mouth. The lemon flavor is right on. The only mild complaint is that the filling was a little too soft set in my opinion. Not sure if cooking slightly longer wo...

Reviewed Mushroom Stroganoff on Toast

Nov 17, 2014 in on

Really enjoyed this super easy dish. I used frozen garlic texas toast and precut mushrooms so the prep time was about 0. Gotta love it! Thanks for the great recipe Sarah-Jayne....."

Reviewed Spinach Salad with Honey Bacon Dressing

Nov 8, 2014 in on

Whole family really enjoyed this! Only thing I';ll say is it makes waaaay too much dressing. You can easily cut it in half. Otherwise, pretty much perfect. Thanks for the great recipe Hey Jude....."

Reviewed Quinoa-Stuffed Acorn Squash

Nov 3, 2014 in on

Very nice. Mild flavors. Next time I';ll punch up the seasonings. Thanks for the great recipe brokenburner...."

Reviewed Pasta With Tuna and Tomato Cream Sauce

Oct 7, 2014 in on

Great recipe! I';m giving it 5 stars for ease, low cost, and relative health. First time I made it just as written but without the tomatoes and it was quite good. What I will say, though, is I will tweek it next time. I think I';ll double the tuna and olives and maybe add some other veggies because it was mostly pasta. Otherwise, this...

Shared Recipe Portobella Mushroom Quiche

Oct 6, 2014 on

"Stolen directly from, this is the best quiche I've had. Try it, you'll love it!"

Shared Recipe Favorite Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

Sep 19, 2014 on

"Stolen directly from Taste of Home. This was so good I didn't want to lose it! Great freezable and doubleable recipe!"

Reviewed Chocolate Chocolate Chip Sour Cream Banana Bread

Sep 5, 2014 in on

Very nice recipe! Made basically as written it comes out moist and flavorful! Only thing I would say is that it doesn';t have hardly any banana flavor so I';d like to bump that up next time. But tastes like a really yummy chocolate cake! Thanks for the great recipe Miss Diggy...."

Reviewed Cheesy Tuna Spinach Casserole

Aug 25, 2014 in on

This was surprisingly good. For some reason I expected it to not be very good but it was cheesy, mild but flavorful. And, it felt fairly healthy. Would definitely make it again. Thanks for the great recipe Teena...."

Reviewed Cambodian Manor Kho to Hu (Caramelized Pineapple and Tofu)

Aug 25, 2014 in on

This was a nice and easy weeknight tofu dinner. Instead of peppers I added snap peas because that is what we had. It came out well...mild but a little sweet and tart too. Kids liked it as did the parents. Only thing is that unless I did something wrong, nothing is caramelized, so not so sure about the title. Thanks for the nice recipe Sharon...

Reviewed Sweet Chickpea Salad

Aug 13, 2014 in on

This was very easy and healthy. I had a perfectly ripe mango and so the sweetness was right on! It was sweet but not overly. I liked the snap of the vegi';s with the tart lime and sweet mango. Maybe serve it over brown rice or something for a full meal? Thanks for the great recipe Nat Da Brat...."

Reviewed Baked Ziti

Aug 10, 2014 in on

This was a good basic ziti recipe. It was cheesy and creamy and easy! I left out the meat and added sauteed mushrooms and cauliflower. Turned out great except next time I';ll season the parts a little more. Thanks for the great recipe S in PA..."

Reviewed apricot coins

Jul 19, 2014 on

This is very easy and good for a simple hors douvres. I wouldn't call it fantastic though. Nice to have among other options....

Reviewed The "Perfect" Pasta Primavera

Jul 16, 2014 in on

This was a nice summer dinner. I didn';t measure the vegies and in the end wished I had added more. This is a good basic recipe. I think next time I will play with the spices to add a punch as it came out pretty mild. thanks for the great recipe!"

Reviewed Gallo Pinto (Costa Rican Rice and Beans)

Jun 17, 2014 in on

This is nice. The flavor is a little different from what I am used to. It had a little spice and a little smokiness. I imagine it would be a nice full meal if you added some shredded chicken or pork or something. I think I';ll stick with my standard cuban black beans but this is a nice way to mix it up sometimes. Thanks for the great rec...

Reviewed Vanilla-Scented Granola

Jun 8, 2014 in on

Yum! What I really like about this is that it is kind of crispy and kind of chewy at the same time which makes for a perfect granola. Made just as written but subbing coconut oil for the oil. Thanks for the great recipe Bev....."

Reviewed Banana Bran Breakfast Bread

Jun 8, 2014 in on

This is fantastic! The kids just inhaled it for dessert calling it "cake." I made just as written but replaced butter with coconut oil, left out the raisins and added a few chocolate chips instead. Very easy, healthy, and yummy. That';s 5 stars from us. Thanks 1Steve...."

Reviewed Ranch Dip and Dressing Mix

Jun 8, 2014 in on

This is fantastic! It is so very easy, yummy, and avoids all those icky preservatives. Thanks for the big time winner Karen...."

Reviewed Big Mac Daddy Roni Salad

Jun 1, 2014 in on

Really great...and forgiving if you forget any of the veggies. Easy 5 stars from me! Thanks Sharon123"

Reviewed Pf Chang's Tofu Lettuce Wraps

May 21, 2014 in on

DH and I really liked this. The flavor was good and I just loved the crunch of the lettuce with the soft texture of tofu and snap of the water chestnuts. Based on other reviews I made the sauce in a saucepan and brought to a boil before adding a bit of cornstarch (dissolved in a little water). This added a little body but I don';t believe ...

Reviewed Spinach Pasta with Salmon and Cream Sauce

May 21, 2014 in on

This was very good, albeit a bit decadent. It was also easy (especially if using leftover salmon) and uses simple ingredients you might just have on hand. The flavor was simple and mild but not boring. Everyone ate it right up. All in all, 5 stars from me. Thanks Sharon123...."

Reviewed Tofu Tikka Masala

May 9, 2014 in on

I';m not giving stars because I totally messed up this, actually very simple, recipe. But, I write the review to warn others that the soymilk is not negotiable. I used regular milk not thinking and the whole thing curdled. It was totally inedible. Again, this was my fault completely and otherwise the recipe was easy, healthy and I think w...

Reviewed Pork Tenderloin

May 8, 2014 in on

This was great, easy and very tender. Even me, who always overcooks meat, was able to make this foolproof recipe. Thanks Jjortikka...."

Reviewed Vegetarian Portobello Mushroom Chili

May 4, 2014 in on

This is a great veggie chili. Make it just as written (although it halves easily if you don';t need quite so much). Thanks Kittencal...."

Reviewed Awesome Red Beans and Rice

May 4, 2014 in on

Yum! This took a while but it was really good. It really all depends on your cajun seasoning so pick a good one!! Thanks for the great recipe lolabitz...."

Reviewed Quick Coconut Cream Pie

Apr 30, 2014 in on

Really nice pie! I added a little extra coconut (flakes not extract) as other reviewers suggested and that was a good idea. Flavor was good and it was certainly easy. Only problem was that mine just didn';t hold together like a pie. It was more like a thick pudding but we ate it so fast it didn';t really matter. Thanks for the great ...

Reviewed Graham Cracker Crust

Apr 30, 2014 in on

This is a really nice crust. I used it to make a coconut cream pie and I would say given the sweetness of the coconut cream it was a little too sweet for me (having said that I used the brown sugar). I think it would be best with a super sweet pie (like a mocha mud pie or something) or a not very sweet pie (like a cranberry). Otherwise this cr...

Reviewed Hungarian Tofu With Noodles

Apr 25, 2014 in on

This was pretty good. Certainly easy and inexpensive and pretty healthy too. Gets 4 stars from us because as written it really needed some more seasoning. I added a bunch more paprika, some salt, some seasoned salt and pepper it was pretty good this way. Would be interested to hear others spice additions. Thanks for the great recipe the 80sr...

Reviewed Ranch Chicken Thighs

Apr 22, 2014 in on

Great! Easy and delicious. I needed about double the breading for 8 thighs but otherwise the recipe was perfect. Thanks so much KeyWee...."

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