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Reviewed Sausage-and-Basil-Stuffed Tomatoes

Oct 9, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

A bit labor intensive; not a dinner to make in a hurry after working all day....BUT, well worth it. I also added a bit of salt and pepper to the stuffing. I think the "sauce" was there for steam flavoring or something; not sure. I paired this with the ROASTED GARLIC CROSTINIS (October issue/Food Network mag) and it was a big hit. I loved the t"

Reviewed Open-Face Vietnamese Chicken Sandwiches

Sep 6, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

At first I was like, "that's it? no accompaniments?". But once I tasted it, I realized this baby can stand on it's own. So filling! You can't go wrong when the recipe includes "shredded rotisserie chicken". The Asian chile mayonnaise really kicked it up a notch! A great lunch or dinner with little fuss!"

Reviewed Broken Lasagna With Zucchini-Tomato Sauce

Sep 6, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Once again, Food Network kitchens, met the three criteria: fast, inexpensive and easy! Keeping lasagna noodles intact has always been a weakness of mine, so being able to break them ahead of time almost made me giddy. I agree with the added garlic - I mean, we're bordering on Italian, right? And you can't make Italian without a little garlic. "

Reviewed Asian Asparagus and Mushrooms

Sep 3, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

This was a very tasty and creative way to pair my two favorite things: asparagus and mushrooms. That is the true test of a recipe for me; marrying flavors of the ingredients and spices and oils. I paired it with Rib Eye Steaks with Stilton Sauce (Ina Garten recipe, see review) and it was phenom! Great job Food Network kitchen!"

Reviewed Rib-Eye Steaks With Stilton Sauce

Sep 3, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

One question: why am I just finding out about Stilton sauce? It MAKES this recipe. I am already dreaming up other things to put it on. Leave it to Ina to create something so simple, yet mind blowing! "

Reviewed Tofu Reubens With Salad

Sep 1, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

This was my first foray into the wilderness called "Tofu" and it was not the fiasco I thought it might be. No one will mistake this for corned beef, but it was tasty. I dressed it up with a bit of sauerkraut - what's a reuben without it? I give it three stars for ease, healthy and tasty. But, it fell short of the true taste of a Reuben."

Reviewed Chicken Enchilada Skillet

Aug 21, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Have mercy! This was good! I used rotisserie chicken as the shredded chicken that was called for, so we were half way there. Right? But, I got to admit. While I was tearing 12 corn tortillas, I was like, "I don't knowwww". Ro-Tel needs to stop being No-tell and give up more of these recipes! Thanks Food Network Magazine for choosing great s"

Reviewed Ravioli and Vegetable Soup

Aug 21, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Nothing beats soup on a rainy day; which is when I chose to make this soup! The ravioli was a yummy change up on noodle vs no noodle. The escarole was so good; turning comfort food into "I feel good" food. Loved my parmesan sprinkled on top. Served it with the wheat baguette as suggested; but toasted a little cheddar on top. Hey! I can't be "

Reviewed Beef and Mushroom Stir-Fry

Aug 21, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

As Rachel Ray would say, "Yum-O!" I may never order Chinese again. This was perfect and so healthy! The Swiss Chard added just enough bitterness to know I was getting some good greens in there. The mixed mushroom and tenderized onions blended perfectly with the succulent beef. And that sauce! Straight out of the Savory Lovers Handbook!! Mad"

Reviewed Philly Cheesesteak Pizzas

Aug 21, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

This was a great idea, fast, yummy and convenient; my favorite combo. I spiced it up a bit with a spicier pepper on the pizza, but I'm cool like that :) Definitely a keeper for my crew. More ideas like this please!!"

Reviewed Low Country Shrimp Chowder

Jun 5, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Three stars because it was easy and inexpensive to make. However, for me it was terribly bland. Not wanting to overdo it on the salt, I think water, milk and tsp of sherry don't begin to visualize savory, much less arrive there. However, I consider it a good base that just needs some work to become a rainy day favorite."

Reviewed Four-Bean Relish

May 24, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

I have found my new go to take it to the picnic/block party dish! Thank you, Guy! Normally, he can be a little spicy for my taste, but this was actually quite mild. In fact, I might add a little red pepper flakes next time to play with the sweet "relish" taste. And any dish I can use peppadew peppers in...Winner!"

Reviewed Grilled Pork Tenderloin With Corn on the Cob

May 24, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Okay, I cheated (no grill, but even in the oven it was so very tender and succulent. And you can never go wrong with corn on the cob. Great combo, good eatin'!"

Reviewed Rib-Eye Steak With Herb Butter and Charred Peppers

May 24, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Skimped a few corners (no twine, no bone in and no grill, BUT...fabulous. Love the herb butter and the mushroom stuffed in? Wow. Did not do the peppers either, but fixed Guy's Four Bean Relish for a side. Really complimented the steak. Very good!!"

Reviewed Ham, Swiss and Apple Wraps

May 23, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Really good and very little prep work. Kiki like!! I switched it up a bit and used spinach tortilla wraps, but yummy!! Can never go wrong with ham and apples, but that dressing/sandwich spread combination and tossing the ingredients in it versus spreading on the tortilla - genius!! "

Reviewed Lemon-Garlic Chicken With Creamed Corn

May 23, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

So good! So easy! This one is a winner. Sealing in the flavor before placing it in the oven to soak up that yummy lemon and word: succulent. Now that I can make creamed corn that is smack your grandma good and in 20 minutes. Paula Deene, move over!"

Reviewed Egg and Hash Brown Tacos

Mar 14, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Okay, yum! I love breakfast for dinner, although the rest of my family does not. But this pleases everyone! So filling and so good. The eggs with the hash browns gives just the right consistency and the black bean salsa....winner!""

Reviewed Shrimp Scampi

Jan 30, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Not as "scampi" as I would have liked. More butter or garlic oil or something. However, it was tasty and it is very fast. Therefore, the four stars. Perhaps salted butter as well. Good base to experiment with :)""

Reviewed Bok Choy and Shiitakes

Jan 21, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

First time I ever had bok choy and I don't know if it is just this good or this recipe made it shine, but kudos. Great as a side dish, but would be great over sticky rice as well. In fact, got to use jicama for the first time, which in this dish reminded me a bit of parsnips. Sauce was divine! Definitely going in my arsenal of side dishes/mai...

Reviewed Chicken Egg-Drop Soup

Jan 21, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

This did not remind me of egg drop soup which is what I was hoping for. I like the combination of flavors, although it was a little bland for my taste. The addition of watercress was a good one. However, I think the cornstarch called for, both on the chicken and in the soup made for a much thicker consistency than I would have hoped. The temp...

Reviewed Seafood Salad

Jan 21, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Oh my goodness, was this good! And the dressing? 'Bout knocked my socks off. That dressing is DEFINITELY going to be cheating on the seafood salad and stepping out onto some other salads, for sure! Great combination of flavors, super fast to make and makes such a big amount of it. Wears the crown for dinner salads in this house for awhile. ""

Reviewed Chicken and Broccolini Stir-Fry

Jan 21, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

So very, very yummy. My husband would have like to have seen it served on rice and I may do that in the future for his sake. But I thought it stood well and tall enough on it's own. I have been looking for stir fry dishes that I don't need to pair with rice to soak up the sauces or make it more filling. Looks like my search is over!""

Reviewed Light Baked Spaghetti

Jan 21, 2012 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Just the right mix of veggies and the chicken sausage really makes for a tasty substitute for ground beef! Somehow, angel hair pasta doesn't feel as guilty as regular spaghetti. I was a little skeptical about just plain crushed tomatoes, but the marriage of flavors was a good one. From one Southerner to another, Paula, I will speak our languag...

Reviewed Mexican Rice

Nov 17, 2011 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Great taste, hands down. However, using the rice recommended and the water recommended at the recommended temperature, yielded hard rice in a very tasty soup. Turned up the temp and then proceeded to make a kind of mexican risoto, adding more and more water to get the rice to soften up. Will try again with a different rice, because the taste i...

Reviewed Pasta and Lentil Soup

Oct 18, 2011 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

I found it rather bland as was. I did add 1 tbsp red wine and 1 tsp Worcestershire sauce and a bit of salt to it. I also added some Italian mild sausage to it because in this house a meal without a meat in it (per my hubby) is an appetizer. Once I tweaked it, it was very good. But three star rating for as written. Will have the revised versi...

Reviewed Bibb Salad with Basil Green Goddess Dressing

Oct 16, 2011 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Never heard of this dressing before this recipe and I must say, I feel as though I was robbed of such richness. I've never heard it in the list of dressings available in even the finest restaurants. But I now have the know how to say, "Don't have it? That's okay. Just point me in the direction of your kitchen and let me rock your world". ""

Reviewed Savannah Tailgater Chili

Oct 16, 2011 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

I look for three things in a recipe: Ease of preparing, Taste factor and cost of ingredients (not necessarily in that order). When all three ring the bell, it earns five stars. This will be "my" chili from now on. The biggest indicator was that my husband and adult sons had seconds and thirds. The corn was a great addition and I appreciated ...

Reviewed Chicken Bouillabaisse

Aug 8, 2011 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

The tastes were very good. However, the times were off, I think. I followed the recipe to the "T", even going so far as to spend about $33.00 on a bottle of Pernod (gulp). But neither the chicken nor the potatoes were done in the alloted time at the alloted temperature. Even after putting back in the oven for another 20 minutes - no go on the...

Reviewed Sausage and Broccoli Rabe

Aug 6, 2011 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

Okay, I cheated a little. I added fire-roasted tomatoes to this recipe and it was FABULOUS! With a little shredded parmesan on top (oh yeah, added that too). It was fast and I may never eat grown-up broccoli again. But the tomatoes added enough juice to sop up with a piece of garlic parmesan french bread. Did I not mention I added the bread?...

Reviewed Pork Marsala With Spinach

Jul 26, 2011 in Food Network Community Toolbox on

One of my family's favorites! The marsala sauce is so rich and savory blending perfectly with the meat and buttery texture of the mushrooms. Searing in all the juices before placing in the oven is the key that I will use for other tend-to-be-dry meats. This is one recipe that my sons ask for again and again."

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